Friday, May 4, 2012

Little Sewing & Lots'o'Life

It's been a busy week and a half, and I've missed reading everyone's blog posts--I've barely been able to keep up with the May for Me Bingo words, but things are getting back into a routine now.

The only sewing thing I've finished lately is this Bee Block #5..

This one didn't go together without its problems, though..
See that?  This one wasn't as easy as removing a whole strip and flipping it around.  It was just this little square.. so some dissecting was required.
And then I ran over a pin, which my machine decided to suck all the way down into the bobbin case.  Half of it was still in my fabric on top, and the other end was bent and sticking out the bobbin area, requiring a minor outpatient procedure with the needle-nose pliers.  While trying to bend the pin to get it out, it finally broke in half and I was able to get both pieces out. UGH. Does this happen to other people?   

In other news, in the last week and a half:

  • A. is in love with his blah blah pillow case.  So angelic when they're sleeping. Though he seems to be entering a new stage where he doesn't prefer to be so angelic when he's awake. lol  Definitely getting more independent. 

  • Tee Ball has started--first practice.. this is his first time to play.

  • First game..

(having an after game snack with one of his friends, who's on the same team)

  • During "W" week at preschool, the teacher asked my hub to come in and talk about wings, and airplanes in general.  He set up a mock cockpit for the kids, and gave a little talk.  It was fun.  The kids' five year old questions were so cute and funny.  "Mr. Chris, what if the wings fall off the plane?"  "Mr. Chris, what if the compass on the plane breaks and you forgot to bring one with you?"

  • Oh, and it was our anniversary last weekend, too, so we celebrated in San Francisco, dinner and a show.  We saw comedian Jim Gaffigan perform.

  • Oh, and my parents flew in last Saturday to stay for two weeks. As I type, there is some kind of "paper airplane championship" happening downstairs in the living room.  
I'd better run!!  It's been a busy few days, but hopefully I'll get some time to blog surf later. Happy Weekend!! :)

If you need a laugh:


Brandie said...

Jim Gaffigan, hot pockets, LOL!

Wow you have been busy creating memories in your home ... you had better get back to see who wins that Paper Aeroplane championship :o) hugs

Anonymous said...

wow you have been busy,lots of stuff happening with you all,lovely post love the kiddies questions so cute.xx

Angela said...

Snacks were always my kids favorite part of rec league sports:) It's nice to have weeks that are full of so many good things. Happy anniversary!

Happy belated Anniversary! :) Yes other people do those kinds of things too ;) Enjoy your Family time!

Maria said...

Wow Kelli you have ahd a very busy week.
Yes I do have the same mishaps as you. Sewing blocks the wrong way and broken needles stuck in the bobbin case...But we just keep plodding along ah!!

Pleased you had a lovely Anniverary Dinner and your little one is getting out there and play Tee Ball.

Barb said...

Happy Anniversary....

I hate running over fun.

What a cutie you have there.

Ugh on the dissection!

Yay on the anniversary, congrats!

Have fun with the family :o)

quiltmania said...

Your tee ball pictures bring back such sweet memories. Enjoy your time with your kids, they grow up so fast! Have a great day.

Thanks kelli for you're lovely comment looks like you had a great weekend too, congratulations on you're anniversary nice projects

Patti said...

Whew! I am exhausted just reading your post, Kelli! No wonder you dont have time to sew! Happy Anniversary!Glad you got to do something fun to celebrate.

Sandy said...

Goodness! You have been busy! Happy Anniversary!

Yep, I have broken a few pins over the years with my sewing machine. I got a lecture from one sewing center shop owner when I took my machine in for maintenance. I try not to do that anymore!

Wow you have been busy...Happy Anniversary!...nice block even if it did misbehave a I run over pins and they bend and break needles but I've never had one (yet) go down into the bobbin case!! good thing you know how to operate needle nosed pliers and perform emergency surgery...the childrens' questions made me laugh...the things they think of!...enjoy your parents' visit...

Bev C said...

Hello Kelli,

Loved hearing about your sewing adventures and operations, the things we do. Life sounds just perfect at your home, congrats on your anniversary and loved hearing about your hubby's time at pre-school.
Have a happy day.

Happy Anniversary!! I'm seen Jim before - too funny! Your son is so darn cute. Love the picture of him as a fielder. Thanks for sharing about your husband and the pre-school kids. Really sweet isn't it? Did you run downstairs and make a paper airplane that flew the best? LOL!!

Jody said...

Great post--thanks for sharing a glimpse into your busy life!

Pin outpatient procedure - absolutely done it myself. Love the photos of Mr. Chris at W day. I too would love to know what the plan would be if the wings fell off the plane, but unfortunately I doubt that is covered in annual training.

Love Jim Gaffigan. The block is darling. I really like it. Fun stuff. Hate pin sewing.

Snoodles said...

Happy anniversary!! Love the questions from the five year olds...brings back memories! I bet your airplane won!!

Michele said...

You certainly have been busy! We are busy with sports too! So many fun times to come :-) Ah, yes I have certainly had my share of sewing maching mishaps.....sometimes my fault and sometimes it is the fault of my machine! I hope it didn't see me type that LOL!!

Hi, Kelli. And I was in San Francisco May 2--our paths almost crossed! Really liked your pillow cases with the cool fabrics, especially the blah fabric (clever). And I sew over pins all the time, occasionally they break, but I've never had one go into the bobbin case. Your bee block is really cute, too--adorable fabrics.
best, nadia

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