Sunday, July 15, 2012


Friday Night Sew-In sure does sneak up on a person..  I've been such a bad blogger this spring/summer.. so much busyness going on.. but I just happened to read a couple of blogs one day last week, and noticed that FNSI was coming up.. just as I had cut out a bee block.. so that is what I worked on.  Friday was an extremely busy day, though, and I faded before finishing it, so I finished it yesterday..

This block is called Pathways and is from the Modern Blocks book.

It's the block I chose to make for Cat's Modern Sampler Bee-round two. This block is the last one I had to complete for it.. it is my block, so I went all haphazard with the scraps.  The colors I chose were bright rainbow-y colors, with gray as the background.

That's it for my FNSI accomplishment.. :/  Sad, I know.  But in other Bee news..

Here are the last two -- prior to that-- that I had to make for round two.  Honeysuckle and mustard with cream background, and pink, blue, yellow and green with white background.  I hope they like them.

Round two was so much fun, I promptly signed up for round three.  Because of.. you know, all the free time I have. lol  But, I chose a fairly simple block this time.  Riverbank from the Modern Blocks book. They went together so fast, that I have all four of the Bee blocks done, along with my own block, too!  Five blocks.  In two weeks time.  It's a miracle!

Two people chose bright rainbow-y colors this time (I also stuck with my original color choices) so I made two blocks, and then used the leftovers from those blocks to make my block..  fun times!!
I love the randomness of this block.
I think that's why I was able to sew them up so fast.. not a lot of measuring..

And.. Ta-Da!  I used the leftovers from each of the blocks to make my own block.  So simple and I love love LOVE the bright colors!!

Here is the one that goes with the pink, yellow, green and blue color palette.

And this one requested word print with a mix of solids.. I had a hard time with this one as I haven't worked with solids very much at all, but I enjoyed the challenge, and hope the recipient likes it.  I had lots of fun making these blocks!

And last but not least.. my mailbox has gotten some love from the Southern Hemisphere this last week!  WHY did it take me until this year to join a Bee?  It is soo much FUN!  And everyone is so nice!  This block is from Debra.. THANK YOU thank you Debra.. I love it!

And this one from Nin.. Swoon! Thank you Nin!

In other news..  my Swoon top is quilted!  Picked it up last weekend.. Lit off fireworks this year with my son for the first time (hubs was working) and didn't burn the house down! :) Little Mister started swimming lessons four days a week.. Have been doing a couple of other crafty things.. Pics of these things will most likely show up in future posts.  The next time I crawl out from under my rock to write a post! Again, if you made it to the end, thanks for reading!  I miss all of you!!  Sorry I haven't responded to comments lately, and I hope to be a better reader/commenter myself VERY soon!!

Happy Summer!


Bev C said...

Hello Kelli,

Welcome back, great to hear that sewing and the little man have you busy as a bee.

Hope to see a picture of Swoon!!!!

Happy days.

Happy summer to you too :)
What a lot of great blocks - I love the rainbow ones you made, looks fun!

Mary Ann said...

I love your modern blocks!

I love all your blocks - your needle must have been smoking after all that sewing!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back!
Very bright blocks!
FNSI? uhmmmm, I think I marked the date on my blog... missed another one! :-o

I´m glad that you are back and can´t wait to see your Swoon quilttop!

Don't worry about posting or comments, we all get busy! So happy that you are doing fun stuff. And swimming lessons are so fun (and important). I would love to see the swoon quilt. (when you have time)

Gayle said...

All the blocks are beautiful. Glad you are back.

Leonie said...

Wow wow wow Kelli! I am so stalking our mail man now! They all look awesome! xx

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