Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To Bee or Not To Bee

I've said it before and will  probably say it many times over again.. What took me so long to join a Bee?!?  All the usual reasons were looping through my head, I suppose..

  • I'm not as talented as everyone else.
  • I don't have time.
  • What if the recipients don't like what I make?
  • I don't like to be under deadlines, pressure, etc.

The actual reason, I guess, boils down to my own insecurity.  But then one day I commented on Cat's blog about how gorgeous her Bee Blocks were, and she answered and told me round two was coming up and asked if I'd be keen to join.  In a moment of complete and reckless abandon, I said yes.  And the rest is history.  So glad I decided to try something new in 2012! :o) And so glad Cat asked me to join. Quilters and esp. quilt bloggers are soo kind.

I had no idea how the Bee was going to work.. pick colors?  Focus and Background?  Pick a block?  Cat and Leonie were so kind to answer all of my questions.  I'm such a greenhorn.

I also had no idea at the time that I was the only one from the U.S.  Everyone else comes from AUS or NZ so the international mail excitement factor at our house has been through the roof.  It's so exciting every time a block comes! I mean, it's exciting to get any quilty mail, but esp. quilty mail from around the world!

I say all this to say.. if you haven't joined a Bee, or have been hesitant for some reason, just DO IT!  You won't regret it.  Wait.. I was probably the last person on earth who hadn't joined a Bee.. ever in life.  Which makes this whole post silly.. :o)  Nevermind.  Just ignore my mindless babbling.

I do want to share a photo or two of the Bee goodness that I have been blessed to receive.  I may have posted photos of each one when it rolled in, but the other night I put them on the floor all together, and took some pics. I was in love. So glad I picked bright rainbow colors and gray background (b/c I didn't know what else to put down as my colors-hadn't given it a lot of thought..*greenhorn, remember?*) Each one is so unique and cool.  Thanks Hive-mates!! 

And since I took that photo, two more arrived.. one I showed you a pic of in my last post, and one just came today.  Here they are together.  

I CANNOT. WAIT. to put all of these into a quilt when I collect/make enough of them.  I am so grateful that this Bee found me.  Or I stumbled into it.. or however it happened. :o)  Thanks Cat and Leonie for organizing it!
I promise not to be the broken-record-girl that only blogs about the same Bee blocks over and over. But that's what's on my mind right now.  So thankful to have this particular Bee to be my first one, and have it be such a pleasant experience, and *meet* such nice people.  Here's to casting aside the silly voices in your head that tell you not to try new things!!

Happy Wednesday!  

P.S. You know how little kids love bright and colorful things?  Well, this one has loved each and every arrival of a new block.  "OH, I LIKE that one, MOM!!" :o) And insisted on being in a photo with them.

P.P.S. Here he is with his magic courage-giving swimming goggles. 

See what I mean?  :o) He's jumping to his teacher.. so proud of his braveness.. I was such a chicken about water when I was a little girl!

Now, if he can just learn to swim by the end of the session, that will be fab!


Anonymous said...

such lovely blocks Kelli,well done on joining in.xx

Anonymous said...

You are one brave woman. I've never joined a bee...it looks like amazing fun! And the quilt will be lovely!!

Leonie said...

Go little man!! It might surprise you to know that this is my first bee too! Your comments have been so kind and generous considering I am just as much a "greenhorn" as you! So glad you joined and to have met the lovely person you are x Oh and the blocks look great!

tartankiwi said...

Round one of the bee was my first one too! I am gutted that I can't take part this time round, but things are just too busy around here at the moment.
So glad that you had fun and that you love the blocks that you have received. I have just been laying out all the blocks that I have made and received so far- its getting really big and really exciting.
P.S. Love the picture of your wee man with the blocks. My daughter is also really excited by all the fun packages arriving in the post.

Sounds like you are having a ball...well done...great blocks...

Hilachas said...

WTG! I've been toying with the idea of joining a BEE but haven't yet for all of the reasons you've given. Now to find one...

Carla said...

Have fun with your Bee. I am sure glad I joined one : )

Hey, that is just fantastic. I've joined a swap before and it was as you described, the people were friendly, it was fun to make the blocks and receiving from different place around the world was so exciting. Great picture of "The Jump". Swimming lessons are so much fun.

The blocks look fantastic!! I joined my first bee recently too and I love it :)
Your son looks like he's having a great time!

bichonpawz said...

The blocks look fabulous Kelli!

Sandy said...

I love the bright blocks! They are so unique and yet will fit well together in a quilt.

Nice action capture of your son jumping into the pool. I probably would have missed the shot because my eyes were closed!

Love all the blocks you have coming in :o)

Angela said...

I like the colors you picked for your blocks. And it IS fun to get mail from across the ocean:) If your son is jumping in, he will be doing well by the end of the summer.

Unknown said...

georgeous blocks!!! I am learning to swim too. hugs

I love all your bee blocks and I'm so glad you're enjoying your bee!

Notchka said...

Hi Kelli. I'm so pleased you joined and that my block got there!! Yay for Bees, they can be good to push you outside your comfort zone in terms of colour and blocks and stuff - I sure did learn lots. They look really great together. Also - go your son in his goggles. My wee girl won't wear hers, but she hates getting splashed in the eyes - *sigh*

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