Monday, August 20, 2012

FNSI (lack of) Progress Report

Here is a picture of what I accomplished during the recent FNSI:

Yah.  I forgot about it. AGAIN!  That makes twice this year!  I had such good intentions, too.

BUT.. life happens, and things take priority, and in all of the goings on, I forgot!  I had planned to work on this quilt: (WooHoo--It's DONE!)

Get it all quilted and bound, and washed and dried, threads clipped, etc.  But didn't get to it.. so I finished it last night.  It is all done and ready to go.  I don't know whether to call it 'Pretty in Pink', 'Painfully Pink', or 'In the Pink'.  One thing is certain. You can't miss the pink.

The quilting was kind of random, "figure it out as I go" type quilting.. and pretty soon I had a pattern forming that I just repeated and it ended up looking kind of argyle-ish.  Which is more my style than zebra and leopard so it has a little of "me" on it.  

This is the largest quilt I've machine quilted with something other than lines going from one side to the other. It was great practice, and managed to get even more practice with the spray basting.  

Quilting on back.. *not experienced with picking quilting thread colors.. went with a light pink for the back.. might have looked better in another color-live and learn*  The back is black pin dot, just like the pink pin dot on the front background.  I bound it in the black pin dot, too.

Had to keep shoo-ing my son off of it b/c he sees roads in everything he looks at. ;)

I'm happy with how it turned out. Those strips that I really really didn't like at first really won me over in the end.  I hope it finds a happy home via Phoenix Quilts.

The things distracting me on Friday?

Well.. this little almost kindergartner and I were talking in the car...

 (one of the best places to talk) and he admitted to me that he was a little nervous to start his new school.  "None of my friends from my old school will be there." :(  The way he said it was so sweet, and kind of sad and anxious. This might explain the handful of meltdowns we've dealt with in the last week or two.. 

So we stopped by his school, to look at his new playground through the fence.. we have been walking to school and back home in the evenings.  The first time we walked there he held onto my hand so tight.  The next time, still held onto me but not as tight.  One day the gate was open so we went in and found his room #.  He got to see the door of his classroom.  The next day we drove past the school that I went to KG at, he thought that was cool.  

*sigh* And tomorrow morning we are going for orientation and to meet the teacher.  Wednesday is the first official day of KG. Wish us luck. *sniff* lol

During all of this, Buster decided to get another hot spot.  Poor dog.  I think they are caused by allergies.  And can be common in larger breeds. :/

It is on his hip. :(  So have been trying to nurse the poor, giant cone-wearing dog back to health, too.  He hates that cone.  Just lays around looking so sad.  This afternoon I took it off for a while, but if you don't keep your eyes on him diligently with it off, he will start biting his hip.  It's actually looking way better. 

Hopefully he can ditch the cone in the next few days.  He's so big, he can't even walk around without bumping it into everything.  It truly is the size of a large lamp-shade.

That's a little snapshot of life over here right now.. always something keeping us busy!

OH!  Be sure to tune in on the 25th for the Quilting Gallery's Blog Hop Party with Giveaways.  I had so much fun last time, I'm joining in again.  

Now I just have to figure out what to give away.  Fun, fun. :o)

Happy Monday, have a great week!

*linking this quilt up with 100 quilts for kids*

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways
Swim, Bike, Quilt


Anonymous said...

what a lovely vibrant quilt Kelli,well done and the littlies grow up so quick.xx

Leonie said...

Well done! I've just purchased a free motion and walking foot and am going to attempt quilting... you are an inspiration though :) Good luck little man, and poor doggie - hope they are both happy and smiling soon! xx

You really can't miss the pink! I picture this quilt for a teen girl. It would be perfect.

We are fighting a hot spot on our golden retriever right now, too...with antibiotics, prednisone (steroids) and some sort of anti-bacterial spray. They shaved it and said that helps a lot in healing, since it keeps it from being, well, hotter. It looks awful to me, but the vet looked at her today and said it's getting better :/ I made that same block, but arranged it differently, I think the pattern is called Unwind? Loved making it though...and think you lucked out with your bargain fabric!

Cath said...

Oh so sad for your son but you have dealt with the situation so well and he will make friends again really quickly. I hope Buster recovers soon. My Golden Retriever used to get those all the time and it looks so sore.
Love the quilt btw.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Maria said...

Yep I would call your quilt "In te Pink" Great finish Kelli. LOL your son thinks so too as it makes a great road...
I am sure he will find lots of great frineds when he gets settled in his new scholl...
Hope Buster is better quickly...

Argh it's the pink again ;o) I usually forget FNSI even when I am sewing - doh!

Hope both son and dog are feeling more themselves again soon!

Karen said...

You sure can't miss the pink, that is one fabulous quilt! Hope all is well soon with your two little ones.

Love the pink quilt! I hope Buster gets better soon and that orientation, etc. goes well for the little one - it's a big change for him and I wish him lots and lots of luck and lots of new friends!!

Barb said...

What an awesome finish and great track to play on...HA!! Sorry about your dog, hope you find out what causes that.

Awesome quilt, it's so cool! "Painfully pink" is too funny, but "pretty in pink" seems more fitting! Hope the little one adjusts to KG well, he'll surely have a blast. And poor dog! Hope he heals up :D

Unknown said...

Kelli, this quilt looks great! Thanks for sending it to Phoenix Quilts! I can't wait to see it in person! The thing about kindergarten I've found with my kids is after about 5 minutes of being in class they forget all their apprehension! It was always me who was crying! :) Hugs!

Remington said...

Great quilt....poor Buster....I hope it clears up soon....

I remember the time we had to put a cone (the cone of shame) on our golden retriever ... she hated it and her pitiful face just broke my heart. ;-)

So, how did the first day of school go? {{hug}}

Your quilt is beautiful! I would go with the name In The Pink. Great quilting and I think the light pink on the backing looks just fine.
Your son is so cute and I'm sure he is enjoying KG.
We have a dog with skin allergies and they are not fun to deal with.
Have a wonderful rest of the week - even if there aren't many days left.

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