Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Giveaway Time Again!! :)

It's that time again!!  I love giveaways.. hosting them, entering them, and, once in a while, winning them! :o)

Michele at the Quilting Gallery is having a Back to School--

It's so fitting b/c my son just started kindergarten on Wednesday. 

I missed the last blog hop giveaway party, but this time I'm giving away a little pre-cut pack of fat quarters from my stash.  Twelve of them.. 

..along with a $20 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop.

I love the FQS!!  :)  I will ship internationally, and you can enter anytime before Tues. September 4th.  

Just leave me a comment letting me  know you follow.  For a second chance, if you wish, you can tweet, facebook, or share on your blog and link back, leaving me a second comment letting me know.  I will post the winner sometime on Tues. Sept. 4th.  :)   For other giveaways, click the button below. The list of participating blogs will be listed there sometime after midnight, EST on Sunday morning, Aug. 26th.

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

Good luck and have fun!!  

P.S.  Here is my little one and his 'Here I am at school!' pose..
..when did he get so big? 

I miss these chubby legs, and big cheeks. Has it really been 5+ years?

..And here he is walking into the rest of his life. ;) *sniff, sniff*

I think I need a tissue.  And some chocolate. I love watching him grow into a kind, tender-hearted little boy.  But I'm sad that it's going by so fast!!

Good luck in the giveaways!  Have a great weekend!



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barb said...

I am a new follower via gfc great giveaway

barb said...

I am a new follower via gfc great giveaway

barb said...

I am a new follower via gfc great giveaway

Sarita said...

What a generous giveaway! (And I love the FQs too! *grin*)
I'm following now.

Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

sarita0818 at comcast dot net

Elisabetta said...

I am your brand new follower via Google and e-mail too

Elisabetta said...

I G+ and tweeted as well, here is the link

Judi said...

Awesome giveaway! I'm a follower

Judi said...

I tweeted your amazing giveaway :)

daylily45 said...

I just signed up to follow your blog I look forward to reading your posts.

Britany said...

I now follow your blog. Love flat quarters, so I will have to check out that shop!

Tricia said...

I am GFC follower for a short while now.

Thank You for the chance to win your yummy fabrics and FQS gift certificate.


I'm already a follower. IT was hard seening the kids off to school, I so would rather they stayed home. At that time Homeschooling was not an option, but boy I would jump at it now!

Irina said...

hello! I follow your blog. Your little man is really cute and he's lucky to have a crafty mama like you! they do grow up too's like having a walking clock around you all the time...

CeLynn said...

The clock never stops,mine are 20 & 24 this year! Enjoy Kinder year :) I am a follower ;)

Tiffany said...

I'm a follower.

My 3 year old starts school next Wednesday. I might be a crier hopefully I don't make it harder on him!

Lisa said...

I'm a new follower! :)

Lisa said...

I also tweeted the giveaway. Here is the link -! :)

Peggy said...

I love the FQS too.

Peggy said...

I'm a new follower. Thanks for a chance to win.

Tamie said...

What a generous giveaway. I'm following. Thanks for participating in the blog hop.

I am a follower! Great giveaway!
My son starts school next week and I think they'll be tears from me too :(

Pokey said...

I bet the little guy will love Kindergarten this year. You are right, they grow up way too fast. I am teaching second generation students, so hard to believe!
I am a follower, and your giveaway is too cool to miss, thank you Kelli ~

Mara said...

I started following you, I live in Greece.

Mara said...

I don't know if this counts but I follow you on Pinterest also, if not just delete this comment. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

Bossymamma said...

I'm following through GFC

Sandi1100 said...

What a nice give away and thanks for the chance to win. Your little boy looks so cute going to school. They sure do grow up fast.

Myself said...

I'm your follower (by e-mail). Thanks!

Sandy said...

Hi Kelli,
you have such nice giveaways!
Yes, it is hard with the children! My "little" one is suddendly 13 years old and as big as I!
And the older one is 21! Was it yesterday that they were babies?????
But is good to know that it is al over the world the same!!!

beaquilter said...

cute giveaway, When my 2nd one started school, I was HAPPY= freedom for mommy, this year my oldest started middle school, 2nd is still in elem. school and then I have a 2 wk old baby- so NO freedom for mommy for a while! LOL.. but I do have swing etc set up in the sewing room, so I can still quilt!

legato1958 said...

I am a follower.
thanks for the giveaway chance


legato1958 said...

I am a follower.
thanks for the giveaway chance


legato1958 said...

I am a follower.
thanks for the giveaway chance


Sandra said...

Oh man - kindergarten, Did you cry? It has to be hard to let go. Boy, aren't you the generous one with those giveways. Some one will certainly be making one beautiful quilt. Thank you for joining us in the Blog Hop and giving all of your new friends and followers a chance to win this awesome giveaway.

Sandi T.

They all grow up so quickly and are out the door as adults before you know it. I am a follower :) Thanks for the opportunity to enter your wonderful giveaway!

I am a follower. Your lil guy us growin up.. My babies were big.. 17 pounds at 3 months..they were the same, just 2 years apart. Thanks for the giveaway.

Anne said...

Hi Kelli -- Your son is very handsome. It is hard to believe how quickly our kids grow up. My 23- year-old son signed a lease on an apartment yesterday. I know it's time for him to move out on his own, but his dad and I will miss his company.

I am a new follower of your blog. Such a nice giveaway!

Thanks to this Blog hop party I found your blog to add to my list to follow!

Sue said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I am a follower.

Wonderful giveaway and how fast they grow up!!

Karrie said...

I tweeted here:

Thanks for the chance to win! Awesome giveaway!

gfc follower:nicolesender & e-mail subscriber.


Crossed fingers!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for sharing your lovely fabric and your family!

Lori said...

I am a follower, thanks for the chance to win!

Been following. Just send daughter number 2 off to University:(. House is becoming emptier every time I turn around! thanks for the blog hop

Anonymous said...

I'm TRYING to email subscribe. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm getting error messages. I'll keep trying. My monkies just started back too, and the 4 YO makes me cry! LOL So grown up!

Trinity said...

My youngest started Kindergarten this year too! Then you come home as ask yourself "What am I going to do now?"

I guess your followers don't show, but I am a new one!
Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love fat quarters!

Lisa said...

(am a new follower)

e said...

Hi, I have signed up to follow you via gfc. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Mhairi said...

I follow with GFC. Great blog.

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