Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scrap Quilt Progress

First, I just want to wish a hearty "WELCOME!" to you if you're a new follower from the Back to School Blog Hop Party w/Giveaways over at the Quilting Gallery.  It's always so much fun to meet other quilter/bloggers from around the world.  Or down the street.  Or wherever. Hope my little slice of blog land doesn't bore anyone silly. :)

If you haven't entered my giveaway, go here to enter. :)  It will close on September 4th.

It's been a busy few days getting used to the Kindergarten routine, etc., and trying to get some sewing done in between other appointments (like the DENTIST-ACK!--just a cleaning, but I still do NOT enjoy the dentist--too many tiny sharp tools. Too close to my face.)

I've also been trying to finish this quilt top:

It's called Fields and Streams.. It's for my husband, who asked me to make it for him about a year ago, or even longer.. out of a book called Quilts for Men.  That he picked up when he was loitering in a quilt shop with me. lol  I cut out all of these triangles out of scraps that I already had:

Each block has 20 triangles in it.  Ugh.  When I made a couple of blocks originally, they weren't coming out the right size.. and I got frustrated and put it away.  

Lately, he's been asking me about it, kind of hinting.  Every time I finish something, he says, "What ever happened to Fields and Streams?"  So I figure he's feeling left out and wants me to make something for him.  Esp. since he asked for this one.  So I got it out again and the goal is to finish it by Christmas.  I only have a few blocks left to finish, so if I get it done early, it will have to be hidden away as a surprise..  He still doesn't know that I ordered this for the backing:

Lucy's Crab Shack Orange Creamsicle Cruisers.  *swoon*  It has special meaning, too.. b/c my hub is in LOVE with cycling.  Mountain biking, road biking.. he loves it all and can ride for miles and miles and hours!  Our garage is full of bikes and bike parts.  So even though he's seen the top being made, he will be surprised with the backing. :)  I just love this fabric!!

I also had a wild moment and decided to join a quilt-along.  Jack Attack over at Lily's Quilts.

Lilys Quilts

I've been drooling over Union Jack quilts on Pinterest for so long, and also over at Nanette's Blog, Freda's Hive.  It's high time I try one.  And this one only has three large blocks.  I think I might be able to handle three blocks! :)  (Nanette also has a really great London-2012 quilt in the works right now, too.)

I also joined a charm square swap.

Low Volume Swap
Click the button, there are still a few spaces left for that one!  I am thinking this quilt (click here for recipe) from the Moda Bake Shop would make a cute quilt with the charms I receive.
Neighborhood Charm.

Plus, it looks super simple, too. My kind of project!

Gonna go link up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced. And Thursday Think Tank @ Making Rebecca Lynne.
Have a great rest of the week!


Love the neighborhood charm quilt, what a great idea! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wed!

Anonymous said...

love that backing you got for hubby's quilt.xx

Barb said...

Your husband is going to love his Fields and Streams....

Love your idea for your LV charms - I'm eyeing up the same pattern for Christmas houses...

Brandie said...

Your Husbands scrappy quilt is going to be beautiful or should I say handsome, when finished. He'll love it and it's special meaning.

Looks like a few projects to keep you busy there :o) Good luck!

Dude I LOVE that creamsicle bicycle print. I almost bought it for the LV swap...but wasn't sure if it was low volume enough. You can imagine my drool when I saw it on your post! Agh!

Patti said...

What a nice surprise that will be for your hubby! The backing fabric is perfect!

Pokey said...

You'll get your honey's quilt done this time, you have a completion goal that is worthy, and you have grown in your quilting abilities in a year's time! (That's what we will tell honey...)

Hey kelli!! i think that pattern would be perfect for your low volume swap charms, great idea!

Your husband will love his quilt!

I made a quilt for the man´s birthday last year- I think he liked it, because since then he keeps telling me at every finished quilt: very nice but mine is prettier! Hm. I take it as a compliment ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kelli, I am going to use the Fields and Strams for a quilt for my husband who has complained for years that I make them for everyone else by not him. As I was searching for this pattern after seeing it a book, I found a page that gave some corrections for the pattern. Of course now I can't find it but I wonder if that was the problem you were having. I know it will be great however it goes together. Deb

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