Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day, Blog Changes & Donktober

I was just blog reading and came across this post @ Missy Mac Creations.  About Donktober.  

Which reminded me that I won a  pattern for a little stuffed donkey a while back.  Reuben the Donkey to be exact. You can find the pattern here. How cute is he?  Someday I will make him.. if not this Donktober, then one of these days!

pic from Vintage Ric-Rac

I didn't get a lot done this weekend, but I did work a little on the Jack Attack sashing, and a LOT on some blog changes. UGH!!

It started innocently enough, looking at cute free blog thing led to another, and I found THE perfect template *swoon*, and in the process of importing it I managed to "break" my blog.  Yes, you can do that.. it kept saying blog broken and just showing a big broken blogger symbol on the screen...Eventually I was able to rescue it, and long story short, it's a whole new place, and I went a bit crazy with tabs.  So many possibilities!  I stopped just short of adding a "What I had for dinner.." tab. ;)

Almost done with the Jack Attack sashing, only three more strips to sew on, and then the top will be done.  If you've never done a quilt-along with Lynne @ Lily's Quilts, you totally should!  It's been great!  Going to go and link up with her for Fresh Sewing Day. September flew by!

Lily's Quilts

Happy Monday!!


Anonymous said...

kelli that donkey is so cute.xx

I agree - September flew by! I love seeing all these Union Jacks!

Collette said...

oh how cute is that wee donkey! x

I think I'm seriously in shock at how fast September went! Cute donkey - hurry up and make one!! ;)


Ellen said...

Your blog looks great - I love the picture of Buster at the bottom! I had a very challenging September and I am looking forward to a fabulous October.

Kristan said...

The blog looks great! That donkey is really adorable. I need to get in gear with my Jacks!

Debbie said...

Oh I like your Jack blocks! Very fun!

I love the changes you made to our blog. And the donkey is adorable! :)

Remington said...

The donkey is SO cute!

You have got to sew up that donkey, absolutely adorable. :)

Patti said...

Fantastic job on your blog makeover, Kelli! Love the donkey too!

Maria said...

I agree you do need to make that cute donkey...

Oh yes, you must make that wee donkey! Erin's given Laura a donkey to bring on our trip, but with me bringing Jack, we're a bit worried we're going to end up with a herd of little bonkeys... ;o)

Jody said...

Bog looks great, as do your blocks!! Your experience is why I have changed NOTHING on my blog for forever!! (I'm a quilter, not a computer literate person!)

I like your new fresh blog layout (and it´s good for you that you live so far away because I might be tempted to 'borrow' your Jack Attack Quilt *lol*)

Your blog looks great--glad you got it fixed. Union Jack looks really cool! And speaking of cool, if it is really October why is it a stinkin' 102 degrees in California??

Michele said...

Sorry your blog was looks great now. I've had something like that happen before, so frustrating! That is one cute donkey :-)

bichonpawz said...

Hi Kelli! You are right...September did fly by! Love the new blog look. Yes, I do know what you mean...finally I gave up and had someone with a bit more html experience help me out. Love that donkey! Hugs to Buster!

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