Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jack Attack QAL

After finally finishing the Triangle Massacre, I was so excited to start on the Jack Attack QAL over @ Lily's Quilts.  

While waiting for these yummies to arrive from FQS.. (they came yesterday--YAY!)

..I decided to look for some fabric to make a practice-Jack.  So I found these fabrics at my local craft store, and set out to make block A.

I was so happy that the seams lined up correctly!  I'm liking how these fabrics go together, and after this stellar review from Lynne, "OMG, this red fabric is BRILLIANT!!! And then the blue is the Thames running through.  You have to make the whole thing in this!"..  I may have to use practice Jack on the front of the quilt. :)  Originally I was thinking about incorporating him into the back somehow, if he turned out okay. I hadn't thought about the blue relating to the Thames, but now that she pointed it out, I love it even more. Thanks, Lynne!  

Anyway, then came block B.. it was all going swimmingly well, when I realized I had sewn the B blocks backwards with the wide strip on the large triangle, instead of the small one.  Both of them. :(  So ripped them apart, cut new strips, and after lots of extra time, now have two A's and two B's.

And b/c of my mistake, I have to go back to the store tomorrow, and look for a little bit more of the blue fabric. If I can't find any maybe I can just incorporate one of my other blue fabrics. ?  But hopefully they still have it.

Originally, I had thought about making the quilt in Willow by Riley Blake but my Welsh bestie keeps mentioning how she'd love a red and blue Union Jack throw pillow or something to remind her of home.. so blue and red it is.  Maybe if I make another one for myself sometime, it will be out of Willow.  I think it would be really cool in soft colors.

For now, I'm trying to figure out which of my red and blue fabrics look the best together for the second and third Jack.  And I might make a bonus one to do something with on the back. This is going to be FUN! 

Hope everyone is having, or has had, a wonderful weekend!



Cat said...

Loving your fabrics xxx
And gah last night was my night for mistakes/errors

Anonymous said...

lovely fabrics Kelli.xx

tartankiwi said...

Could your fabrics be any more perfect!

Leonie said...

Hate having to fix up mistakes! so frustrating! your fabrics and blocks look perfect! x

It's fabulous!!! Hope they've got what you need when you pop back today!

Cath said... way! I was FQS shopping today with the gift voucher you sent me and I very, very nearly got those fabrics, infact, in the end I did buy .5 of a metre of the union jack fabric. All up I spent over $100....TG I won you give-away!!
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

I love your fabrics! I had never thought of the blue being significant of the Thames before.

Hilachas said...

Nice fabric choices. I always manage to make a mistake somewhere. Well, in lots of places because I think I already know what I'm doing and am not careful, haha.

Maria said...

Your practise block looks great Kelli...

Oh lovely! I do like the Jack in red, white and blue - just seems so "right".

It is really fun using the UK fabrics. Love them.

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