Monday, September 24, 2012

Vintage Fabrics & Sewing Space & The 100 Day Hustle

Oh, the vintage scrappy goodness.. 

This last weekend, I took a short little break from the Union play with these.

*someday I will get a real camera and stop using my cell to take photos!*

Just having some fun, cutting them into varying widths and lengths, whatever I can get out of them. Some small pieces, some tiny, some of good size.  But these aren't just *any* scraps.  These were my grandmother's scraps.  I've been missing her lately, and playing with these bags of scraps makes me happy!  

*If I didn't know better, I'd think these dots were "MODERN".. I LOVE them.*

These aren't the scraps I inherited when she passed away, these are some scraps she gave me a few years ago, b/c she was going to throw them out.  

*Is this a vintage 30's print?  It kind of looks like it to me but I'm not sure.*

They were all bunched up in a trash bag, and had been in a trunk in her sewing (catch-all) room for who knows how many years.  Some even belonged to her mother or other relatives.

*This one is interesting..*

When I brought them home, I had to wet them and iron them like crazy to get them unfurled.  It was nuts, but it was so worth it.  I found lots of treasures.  They have been in gallon zip-loc bags since then.. I'm so glad I let them come out to play.  I had picked up five yards of this perfect vintage-y green a while back at my local craft shop for next to nothing, sale+coupon and all that.  I thought maybe I could do something with it and these scraps.  

In case I ever second guessed whether I chose the *right* color of green for the background for these scraps, I found a scrap of solid in one of the bags in a near-identical color. :)  

Here is another and aqua.. swoon.

So I'm thinking (obviously my quilter's A.D.D. has kicked in as I'm dreaming of starting more projects) that I'd like to eventually maybe make a modern-y, vintage-y, bookshelf-y quilt out of some of the scraps..  "Granny's Bookcase" maybe..

But for now, I'll just have fun cutting them into strips, when I need a break from sewing other projects.  I treasure these scraps that connect me to the bond I had with my grandmother. :)

Oh, and I found a couple of fun things last week to hang in my sewing space..

*cool hanging basket from a discount shop*

 *cool photo/card/quilt pattern hanger from a home store*

 Now I just want to hang out in there all the time. :)  And play! And that's a good thing.. b/c I am joining in the 100 day hustle over @ Kelsey Sews.  Click over to read all about it.  Or click on the button in my sidebar.  You have until Tuesday evening to enter.

Some things I'd like to get done in the next 100 days..

1. Swoon Binding
2. Jack Attack QAL finish
3. Label for Triangle Massacre
4. Lose 5 lbs. Does that count?  Maybe I'd better stick to sewing.
5. Get background fabric cut out for Impromptu quilt.
6. Cut some more strips out of the above scraps.

Now, it's back to Union Jack #3 for the Jack Attack tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday!!

*linking up with fabric tuesday and tuesday treasures and freemotion by the river and WIP Wednesday*


Cat said...

squeeeee look at those fancy vintage fabrics LOVE

Wren said...

Lucky you to have a collection from the past! PS, I use my Ipad to take pics for my blog.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful way to feel close to your grandma,thats so special.xx

Maria said...

Beautiful vintage fabrics you have from your Gran...
Your sewing room does look very organised and clean....
Can you please come over here to do my.LOL

Cath said...

I have to agree that those are some of the prettiest fabrics ever! How lucky you are to have them. Enjoy! btw....I really like the paperclip wall "thingamajig"
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

What a wonderful collection to have! Once it's done, you'll treasure your "grandmother's" quilt :)

Fantastic scraps! The bookcase looks great :)

I am so happy you took out those wonderful scraps - touched them, gave them some life back. What a great treasure.

Beautiful fabrics and how neat that they belongs to your grandmother and you are now using them! Thanks for sharing.
Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

How special to have such fun reminders of your Grandmother.

Wonderful scraps from your grandma and I bet she'd be so pleased that you are using them!

What great colors you've found to play with. Have fun!

Remington said...

Your sewing studio is AWESOME! Great fabric too!

Kelli said...

I have fabric from both my Grandma and Great Grandma and I love to mix them in when I'm making baby quilts for other people. It makes my heart smile to know a baby will be loved in part by fabric that my Grandmas touched. Enjoy playing with these scraps!!

Raewyn said...

How special to have fabrics your Grandmother sewed with. It will make your heart sing when you use them (or just play with them!)What lovely reminders of her.

Kelsey said...

All of those scraps are awesome!! Thanks for hustling along with us :)

What fun to get to play with :o) Good luck with your list (I'm steadfastly ignoring that whole 100 day thing, head firmly in sand ;o) )

Melody said...

Fabulous fabric and a treasure indeed.

Wendy said...

I so enjoyed your post Kelli, I love the fact you have took the time to sort through your grandmothers fabrics, they are beautiful. Love how your sewing room looks too.

Wendy said...

What a lovely way to remember your grandma. Good luck with the hustle, it seems achievable!

I'm so glad I read this. I love that you have these scraps from your grandmother, what a lovely thing! they all look like awesome fabrics, and yes I'd agree that the one looks like vintage 1930's. and those dots! how incredible. love what you picked up for the sewing room and good luck with the hustle!

Sandy said...

What a wonderful collection of scrappy memories! Those vintage fabrics look like a lot of fun.

Karen H said...

Your grandmother's scraps are real gems..... I love vintage fabric. :)

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