Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sponsorship and Union Jack

I have forever loved the Fat Quarter Shop and that is why I am so excited to say that they are my new (and first ever) sponsor!

As the logo says, something new everyday!  

In fact, (don't tell my hub) I ordered some things from there last night for the Union Jack quilt-along.  Otherwise know as the Jack Attack. :)

Lilys Quilts

I was having a hard time deciding which fabrics to use.  I was leaning toward Willow, which I think would make it really soft and gorgeous.

But, the quilt will be for my really, really great friend, who happens to be Welsh.  And moving into a new house soon.  And she gets homesick sometimes.. and she mentioned that she would love to have a red & blue Union Jack pillow on her couch when we saw one in World Market. So I think she'd probably love a red & blue Union Jack quilt.

So, it will be red and blue.  In British-y fabrics.  I haven't decided on the final combos but this is what I've ordered. We'll see which ones go together and which don't. 


Also, I ordered it late last night, and have already received my shipping notification letting me know when it will ship.  And it's the weekend!  The service at the Fat Quarter Shop is the best.

Not to mention the selection.  And the website.  And, if you scroll to the bottom and click on the About Us tab, you can read all about how they got started, and read a short bio/interview on every employee.

Happy Weekend to you!  Today is our family day so we are going to church, and then out to lunch (usually something fast and simple) and then we always end up at Target, b/c we are always in need of milk or something, and Pet Smart, b/c Sunday is adopt a pet day and my son cannot get enough of visiting the dogs from our local shelters. :)  Fun Family Day here we come! Gotta go get ready.  Thanks for stopping by!



Maria said...

Yes Fat Quarter Shop is fabulous. I even get great service down under..
Nice British fabrics Kelli.
I am sure you all had a great family day.

Cat said...

ohhhh I do love those British fabrics ooohhhhh
I've never shopped at Fat Quarter shop hmmmm

Mrs A said...

I think your welsh friend will love her quilt :) Fat quarter shop have the best selection in fabric, and they get her in Oz in 10-14 days which is better than anyone else, and they do have the best customer service!

Barb said...

I love their shop the fabrics!

Melody said...

I love the fat quarter shop. How fabulous to be sponsored.

bichonpawz said...

Good for you! Glad you now have a sponsor!!

Yeah, a sponsor!! I love your fabrics for the Jack Attack, your friend is going to be thrilled!

Ooooh! So exciting with the cool sponsorship! Love the fabrics and I have to share that one of my BFFs and I were musing recently that what with Britian throwing a wedding, a Diamond Jubilee, and the Olympics all on time and under budget and with huge acclaim within 3 years, we wonder why we ever wanted to be free of them and their organizational skills. But anyway, I look forward to seeing your anglo-cool creation.

Michele said...

I'm sure you had a wonderful family day :-) Somehow I end up at Target a lot too! Congrats on your new sponsor :-) I'm certainly a Fat Quarter shop fan.

Congrats on the sponsor - how fun!!

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