Thursday, September 27, 2012

Still Attacking the Jack Attack

After my break over the weekend to play with fun scraps, I was slow to get started on my third Union Jack.  I eventually got started on it yesterday, and I finally finished it tonight!

This one had its setbacks,though.. ran out of white fabric, so had to stop today and run out to get more, somehow botched up the cutting of the red and blue flag fabric for the stripes and had to piece it together to have enough. As in sew small scraps onto the center vertical strip to make it work without ordering more.  Luckily that fabric is busy, and you can't even tell.

The dining room light is not doing it any favors, it is much prettier in person!  

And then there were THREE! Yay!

My next dilemma is what color to sash them together with.. white? a lighter grey?  mottled grey?  lighter blue?  I haven't decided.

I also haven't decided if I am going to use the tea cups for the backing yet or not.

Feels really busy, but I do love them. That's what I'm thinking about this week, along with helping all day in the Kindergarten class yesterday.  Going back to help out again tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll get the sashing color all worked out soon, so I can finish this top. Hope you're all having a great week. Thanks for stopping by!


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Love that shot of the three laid out! You are killing it! Looks awesome...

Anonymous said...

looks wonderful Kelli,well done.xx

What a rockstarquilt!! I will have to make one for the man of the house one day so his musicroom looks cooler.
(His musicroom is also my sewing room so the manly coolness and guitars are hidden under piles of fabricscraps and polkadot cuteness most of the time.)

How big is each block? I can´t wait to see what sashing and backing you will use.

Yay, congrats on getting the giant blocks done, and you can't tell there was any piecing on the vertical bit

Brandie said...

Looking good! If you hadn't said anything about piecing in to make the block larger, we would never have know. Brilliant!

wow.....that is delightful!!

I love how this is turning out. AND great job saving the Jack! I really like the tea cups for the back. One reason is because when I was in London we found tea cups for sale and I think I bought 4 different ones.

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