Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Triangle Massacre

..and a giveaway winner!

I labored this Labor Day Weekend, over my hub's man-quilt, which I've affectionately nicknamed Triangle Massacre.  For two reasons.  Number one, it's a nice manly name.  Number two, I've murdered every perfect point there was to be had on this quilt. hehe No, really.

*sigh* So sad. I'm so ready to be done with triangles.  That being said, I managed to finish all of the blocks and lay them out.  My scraps are a little bit more vibrant than the colors used in the quilt in the book.. BUT, they are just that.  Scraps.  It is 100% made of scraps.  

It is lap size, and is made up of 554 triangles. The good news is that my sweet hub doesn't care about perfect points.. and wouldn't even know what they were if I hadn't told him.  :)  I think I made a cutting error of some sort.. I'm sure I double checked and double checked again before cutting, but oh well..  Lesson here:  make a test block before cutting 9000 triangles. I think it will look okay in the end, though, if I can get them all sewn together without it being too far off.  

This sentiment made me feel better, too:

The top is half sewn together, with some coaxing and fudging.  

Hope I can get the second half sewn together and still have it look okay.  

And I can't wait to quilt it with the cruisers on the back. *swoon* 
At least if the top goes haywire, the back will still be super cute.. er.. handsome. :)

Thanks for stopping in.  Last, but not least, the winner of my giveaway in the:

..is...Cath @ Bits 'N Bobs.  Yay! Congrats, Cath!! Thanks for entering.  I will be emailing you. :)  Thanks to everyone for entering and playing along. xoxo

P.S. Linking up with Fabric Tuesday over at Quilt Story and WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.


Maria said...

Who's looking for perfect points??????????
The quilt has been made with lots of love and hubby will love it too.
Sew many lovely bright colours...
I LOVE the name you have chosen for the Quilt.....

Anonymous said...

Kelli i love it and i am sure hubby will too,well done.xx

heather said...

I love bright scrap quilts. I think it looks great.

Gene Black said...

I think your quilt looks lovely - and really perfect points ARE over-rated. Only other quilters really care! (I strive for them, but don't get all stressed about it.

Congrats to Cath.

Heh love that quote. Hate triangles. Little bastards...

It looks great! Love that quote!!

Al said...

Those triangles! I swear it's a constant war with them. I think that overall it's looking really stunning. And I murder points too. That's a *ton* of triangles. You're braver than I am.

Patti said...

Points are the nemesis of all quilters, I think! As Katy says " little bastards"! Your quilt looks fantastic!

love the quilt...great fresh colour

Brandie said...

Bravo! That is a Handsome quilt!

Mary said...

Awesome quilt! Love the color combination and scrappiness. I'm sure your hubby will enjoy every minute he uses it.

quiltmania said...

Done is better than perfect! I'm sure your MAN will love his MASSACRE quilt.

and not only what all of them up there said.......you used ALL scraps! That is an accomplishment! The colors are great and you are the only one futzing about the points.....It looks great and hubby loves it. I rest my case.

Terri said...

It's a lovely quilt. Hubby will love it.

giddy99 said...

I labored and labored on my first quilt block ever to get all of the points to line up, and my husband had NO IDEA why I was so excited about it.

He then pointed out that those same points would be lost when I cut out the circle for my tree (this is going to be a tree skirt).

Well, then.

Emily said...

Totally cute quilt! I love the bikes for the back to!

Absolutely love your quilt! Scrappy and bright are fabulous! I don't see messed up points, I see a happy, beautiful quilt!!! Don't all quilters have to fudge???

Nancy said...

Scrap quilts are my favorite and I think this one is fabulous. I love the colors you chose. And I think you're adventuresome to seq a quilt with all triangles. (Or at least I would be venturesome to try it.) It looks great, Kelli.

Anonymous said...

I love it! And quilts always look better after they are washed :p
And I hear you on not cutting out 9000 blocks without trying them first. I printed a 60° triangle template off the web then proceeded to cut a gazillion only to later realize why the center of my blocks wouldn't lay flat. One smidge x 6 triangles equals 1/4" off... Another WIP waiting to be fixed...

I think it looks great and all those scraps and points?!! You're brilliant! That name deserves an award too :)

The top looks great. I love multi-colored scrappy quilts. I was checking out the thumbnail sized photos on WID and yours caght my eye right away because of the colors! I like your quote about perfection too, and I toatally agree. My guess is a little quilting and it will be great! cheers, Claire W.

It's lovely and will look even better quilted. If you're having trouble with trimming, try spray starch and be sure to work with the straight of grain first before starching and cutting. Thanks for sharing. Hugs to the sweet, adorable pup.

Raewyn said...

The quilt is going to be perfect - with or without its points!!!! Sometimes we stress a bit too much about those and I really don't think your hubby will enjoy using the quilt any less with them massacred!! I love it's scrappiness!!

Cute quilt. The idea is to have a useful, pretty quilt, not perfection. People never get to 'use' those perfect quilts. If I've spent that much time on a quilt, I want it to be used!

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