Friday, October 19, 2012

Fresh Baby Top

A while back I found some Riley Blake Farm Fresh at Tuesday morning.. a discount store here in the states.. I couldn't leave it there.  So it came right home with me.  Even though I didn't really have a plan for it.  One day I just started playing with it.

It turned into a..

      quilt top.

Because what is a baby, if not fresh?  Brand new, innocent.. 

Remember these shots from a few posts ago?

Yesterday, I got the borders on, and it looked a little plain so I started adding things.  

And now it's a top.  

It has some ric-rac that I found in my stash of inherited goodies sewn into one corner.. this ric-rac came from my MIL, it was her mother's or grandmother's.  Look at how much it cost back in the day!  25 cents!!!

I cut out some animals for the top border..

And now it needs to be quilted.  (AFTER the Jacks.  I need to get back to those ASAP!)  

I think I'll back it with the same dots that I used for the letters, and bind it in the same red dots that I used for Swoon.  IF there's enough left after also using them to make the binding for the Jacks.  Good thing I had way too much of those red dots.  They are coming in handy!

It has otherwise been the busiest week ever, and working on this yesterday was the only sewing I've accomplished this week.  VIP week at school for my son, his birthday, my hubs multiple dental appointments for a cracked tooth, helping parent day at school, teacher conference, field trip today, and harvest festival tonight, along with a couple of other scattered appointments in there somewhere.  UGH.  I am so looking forward to some sleeping in tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!

p.s. Thanks for entering the giveaway at my previous post.  The winner is Sue who blogs over at My Quilting Addiction. :D  Congratulations, Sue! Have fun with your prize!


Anonymous said...

Kelli your baby quilt is gorgeous,well done and boy you are going to be busy.xx

Angela said...

That is a super sweet and fun quilt! I love it.

Very cute, perfect baby quilt

Lisa Lisa said...

That is so cute!! I can't believe you found Riley Blake at Tuesday Morning!!! I wanna shop at YOUR Tuesday Morning!

quiltmania said...

Your quilt is adorable.

Cath said...

I think the baby quilt is gorgeous with a lovely vintage feel which is all the rage right now! Did you see that I received my fabrics from fqs?
cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Melody said...

Cute fabrics and such a delightful quilt.

Melody said...

Cute fabrics and such a delightful quilt.

Love the baby quilt! It's do cute! Maybe I need to go to Tuesday Morning more often!!

Brandie said...

Completely FRESH. I love it and I think any baby would also.
Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully a bit of sewing.

Jody said...

Very creative--way to go!

I love that fabric line and this is such a cute quilt!!

Wendy said...

Love your new baby quilt, very sweet. Your photography is great too, especially the photo of the ricrac and containers, hugs Wendy

Adorable baby quilt, but I do have to point out that babies are often anything but fresh (smelling). :) Love the rick rack, and the fact that it was from at least one or two generations back. It gives me hope that my fabric and notions will get used someday in the far future too!

Marit said...

Super cute quilt top! I didn't know those bargain places had fabric (not that we have anything like that in Norway anyways...).

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