Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIP Progress.. Union Jack and Fresh Baby

After yesterday's i~Donkey post, I thought I'd post a more serious WIP post today and link up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.

The two WIPs on my mind lately, and on their way to being finished are Jack Attack and Fresh Baby.

I've managed to quilt a few more lines on the Union Jacks, but it is getting more difficult as I get closer to the center of the quilt b/c my machine throat space is so small.

I'm about halfway into the second Jack.

Then just one more, and it will be quilted.  

Whew! That is one accomplishment I'm looking forward to.  This thing is so big it's been a real challenge.  Doesn't help that my spray basting keeps coming loose, grr.  I've tried pins, and spray, and prior to this quilt, I had better luck with the spray.  I think I just need more practice with both.

The Fresh Baby quilt is almost quilted.  Straight lines for that one, too.. but on the diagonal.  Instead of just quilting it out and using dots for the binding, I tried something new and made a ruffle with satin blanket binding. 

Then I layed the batting on the floor, put the backing on top right side up, and the top on top of that right side down.  

Stitched around, leaving a gap, flipped it right side out, and it worked out pretty well!  No spray or pins this time. 

Just quilting on the diag, and the edges are finished with a ruffle.

I like how the ruffle echoes the ric-rac and adds a sweet touch.

The quilting is about two thirds done, so it should be done soon. Like maybe tonight? I probably just jinxed myself by saying that. ;)

Here is a close up or two of the quilting.  I'm loving straight lines right now. Easy, clean looking.

Hopefully I will have one or the other done and ready to enter into the Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side.  

Happy Sewing!! 

Amy's Creative Side


Kirsten said...

Love the fabrics in your Jack Attack - the Farm quilt is really cute too!

Lisa Lisa said...

I gotta make a Union Jack quilt!!! I can't wait to see yours all done! And that FRESH quilt....oh my! Cute! You are so creative, Kelli. Your donkey stuff is crackin' me up :)

Anonymous said...

hi Kelli i read somewhere that they use hairspray for basting,love your fresh quilt and nearly there with your Jack one,well done.xx

Allison said...

Jack Attack is looking great! My machine has very little throat space, too. Everytime I quilt, I start dreaming of a machine with more space :) I'm always so relieved to hit the half-way point so I can turn the quilt around and start decreasing the amount of quilt stuffed in there. I've been trying to get decent pictures of a quilt for the festival for the past few days - hopefully tomorrow is the day :)

quiltmania said...

Love the blanket binding ruffle. I'll have to try that!

Your jack attack quilt coming along great... I am afraid of straight line quilting.. I am not sure yet how am i going to tackle it..

Maria said...

OMGosh you are doing sew well with the quilting on the Union Jack and Baby quilt..
I really love the ruffle.

Hi, Kelli. Adorable baby quilt with neat fabrics and I like the inclusion of "Fresh". Luv'd your donkey phone cases! I must say, however, that I don't quite get the Union Jack popularity. It seems to be going around. Maybe I'll get it sooner or later.
best, nadia

Adorbs with the blanket binding.

I am a 505 whore. Love the stuff. What spray baste are you using? If it is 505, I bet you need a new can because yours is defective. I have never had a problem! Oh wait, yes I have. Some fabrics need to be prewashed to work better with the 505, mostly cheapo ones that have too much sizing in them. That could be a problem. Also makes sure you are spraying the batting, not the fabric. Likely you know all of this already and are all "shut up", but I like to impart my professional wisdom anywhere I can just to feel important.

Brandie said...

That ruffle is wonderful! What a great idea! Babies always love that satin edge on their blankets. Great idea!

Marit said...

Love how that satin binding gives your baby quilt a vintage/country flair!

verpa said...

I love the union jack pattern, you used great fabric

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