Tuesday, October 23, 2012

i-Donkey Phone Case

When Erin of Missy Mac Creations asked if I wanted to guest post for Donktober 2012, I was afraid to say yes.  I didn't think I could finish Reubenero, Reubenita's boyfriend, up in time to debut him for it.  And I didn't know what else to make.  

Then I saw a cute little donkey key chain on Etsy and was inspired to try something completely new and out of my comfort zone.  So I thought I would try to make a donkey phone case...  Without a pattern. ? I learned that I'm not good at making up my own patterns.. what was I thinking anyway??  

It was a learning experience for sure, and with all of the supplies I burned through, I'm glad I was using the cheapie felt from JoAnns. ;)  Although, if I perfected a pattern, I would definitely use something nicer.  The first attempt, well, it looked okay but in the end didn't fit my phone in it!! Just about a quarter inch too small!  The second attempt, well he didn't look so much like a donkey.. more like a horse and a monkey had a baby.  By the third attempt I was running out of supplies, but it finally fit my phone into it, and it FINALLY looked like a donkey!! 

I give you..

The i~Donkey Phone Case
*disclaimer:  phone used in photos is not an actual iPhone*

Ahahaahahaa~go ahead and laugh.  I know you're laughing with me and not at me. I wish I had time (and the talent) to line it and finish it up a little more before  posting.  He is more of a *prototype*, if you will. ;) In the end though, yes, he is in my purse, and yes, he is carrying my non-iPhone.  And, yes, everytime I see him in there I laugh.  And THAT's a good thing!  

Thanks for inviting me to participate, Erin!  What's that?  You're dying for a tutorial?  Okay, here it is:

1) Draw a rough sketch of a donkey. 

2) Gather way more supplies than you think you'll need.  Well, that is, if you're me.  If you're more talented, just gather what you think you'll need.

3) Wing it. (or buy a pattern!)

The horse/monkey amazingly looks a lot like the above sketch.  I'm much happier with i~Donkey.  In fact, the two of them got into a bit of trouble last night and here is their mug shot..

Happy Donktober 2012!  Hope you had a laugh with my i~Donkey shenanigans. :)

And stay tuned for another sponsored giveaway coming very soon!! :)  Happy Wednesday!!

HeeHaw, donkeys forever!! hehaheha


JoAnne said...

They are both really cute and fun! Hey, we all try to make things that we don't have a clue about sometimes and I think your results are awesome! I really love the use of the rickrack, too! I love them!

Ahh I love it!! That'd make me smile every time I saw it too! Fantastic!!

You're having waay to much fun. Is Buster joining in on these shenanigans?

Cath said...

Oh goodness me, yes I admit to having quite a giggle! But I give you a big gold star for having a go
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Maria said...

Oh I do love them both.. A much nicer cover thatn those boring plan ones.. Well done Kelli.

Kelli said...

Way to try something new! I know that I am not good at creating my own patterns. It's a fail, but good for you for trying something new. I think they're cute!

Hats off to you, you made the donkey look adorable - you do have talent. I tried making an owl stuffed pillow, it was okay but my panda pillow came out better.

Anonymous said...

oh kelli i think with a bit more time you would make a good designer your idea was good and i think your phone cover turned out great,well done and a big cheers to you.xx

He he he. I love the iDonkey! His teeth made me giggle. Thanks so much for playing along Kelli. You rock! x

Mrs A said...

Good one, does it makes you laugh eeaaww ?! I was going to say its not an ass either ! Hey an i-ass cover, could catch on!! giggling at myself now! Really he looks great, well done!

Wendy said...

Fun post Kelli, I had to laugh at your monkey-donkey description! Your final donkey is pretty cute.

OMG all of them are amazing! You have a trio of donktabulous donkey's!! Or is it donkies? Anyways - these are brilliant and they would make me chuckle too if I had one ringing in my bag. Did you change your ring tone to be a 'hee haw hee haw'?? Now THAT would be hilarious!!

This totally made me smile. You definitely have to have some swag and personality to pull off using this cover - it would definitely be a conversation starter though. Love it!

Bwahaha, love him! (And I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing near you ;o) )

Kat said...

These are adorable, they definitely made me smile! :-)

Marit said...

LMFAO! (Pardon my french)

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