Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I love a KitchenAid Mixer!

Jumbo Jack is still awaiting its binding, because I've been distracted by this little WIP.

It all started when I ordered an Everything Nice four-FQ bundle from Skye Reve Fabrics.  I LOVE it, and knew I wanted to make some hot pads with it for Christmas gifts.

Because I love my KitchenAid mixer (though it's just white) and because my SIL (who is a breast cancer survivor-woot!) loves all things pink AND because I was inspired by the mixer in this print.. (which I'm using for the back of the hot pad)

I decided to try and do an English Paper Pieced KitchenAid-ish mixer and turn it into a hot pad.

So I grabbed a pencil and paper, (my first ever draft of an EPP pattern) and looking at this little pic from Google search..

..I came up with a sketch..

which turned into this..

and then this..

I fussy cut the word 'bake' for the contrasting strip..

..and used one of my grandmother's vintage scraps for the whisk/beater..

..and now it's all done, except for the binding! I fussy cut the binding, too.. hope it works out! Fingers crossed that my SIL likes it.

Hoping this little finish (when it actually gets finished) will give me the momentum I need to get on with binding the Jacks.  

Speaking of Skye Reve Fabrics, they have generously offered a half yard bundle of The Simple life in aqua to one lucky winner, if you haven't entered, and would like to, click here.  You have until Saturday. :) Two and a half yards of yumminess.  Thank you Skye Reve!

Happy Wednesday!  Linking up with Patchwork Times, Freemotion by the RiverFabric Tuesday and  Freshly Pieced. Thanks for stopping by! xo


Too cute and nice work on drafting your pattern. And I love my Kitchen Aid too...she's a scarlet lady!

Wow Kelli that is adorable! It will be the cutest hotpad!

Chez Roo said...

Wow! Awesome job! I love my kitchen aid too - I'm a little envious!!

Charlotte said...

so cute!!! Well done - I am most impressed!

Mara said...

Your SIL will LOVE IT! totally cute!

Jane said...

That is so cute! Fabulous job. I'm impressed you made the pattern up yourself.

Mandy said...

well done! What a great job you've done! If your SIL doesn't like it I do! lol

Wendy said...

This is so weird, because I was just printing off a pattern I had found on line about a year ago. Because I was printing off several copies I needed to be able to paper piece, I was reading emails and what do I read on your post but hot pads with a kitchen aid on it. That is exactly what I was printing off! I thought it would make a great little gift for my daughter because she bought herself a shiny new red KitchenAid with money her Grandma left her. Love it!

Ellen said...

So,so cute - your SIL will love it. Congrats on creating such a wonderful design!

heather said...

Great job drafting the pattern. It looks great.

Celine said...

Lovely block, well done! My kitchen mixer gets a lot of use too.

It's so cute!
And I loved seeing the mixer in progress!

Josie said...

Wow! Pattern drafting... that's impressive! Love the mixer it's so cute. Great job.

That is so darn cute! I think it could have been done with traditional paper piecing too, which makes it great for those who like one over the other. Of course it also makes you have to write the pattern both ways. Look at me telling you to write a pattern. Hmmm.

verpa said...

I don´t often see the old english way of sewing patchwork. Love it.

Lisa Lisa said...

OMG! I love it! I'm SO impressed!!!

Julie said...

Oh my goodness this is fabulous!! I love everything about it! Good job!

Patti said...

I love that you have the design chops to do this yourself! It is fantastic and the fabric is perfect!

Fantastic!!! I don't have the patience to make a pattern myself....lol. good for you!!!

Maria said...

You are very clever designing your own foundation peiced block.
The mixer looks fabulous....

Your mixer block is awesome - I would totally buy a polka dot mixer! Thanks for th give away!

Raewyn said...

Oh so clever - and a brilliant idea. I KNOW she will love it!!

Svetlana said...

amazing!!! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

Lisa C said...

Love it! That is exactly how I approach things! I remember going to my mom's several years ago where she presented me with a sheet cake iced in white. It was my nephew's birthday and he wanted a dump truck on his cake. I approached it the same way you do - picture - drawing - outlined in a toothpick, etc. I wish I was your SIL!!!

Kristan said...

Oh my, that's adorable! I just bought a FQ of the print you're using for a backing at a quilt festival this weekend. No reason, I just wanted it. :)

Anonymous said...

This is ADORABLE!!! Dropping in from Freemotion by the River, and I'm SO glad I did!! (squeegeatc@aol.com)

WOW, Kelli, that's awesome. Love everything about it! Your SIL is bound to be thrilled. xo

What a great PP mixer! You did a wonderful job designing this! Thanks for sharing.
Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

this is ridiculous. my favorite piece of kitchen equipment is my kitchenaid mixer - love it!

Michele said...

That is so cute! You did an amazing job! I'm sure your SIL will be thrilled with it! What's not to like? My Kitchen-Aid mixed is just white too!

Gayle said...

Very nice work, beautiful project.

Anonymous said...

This is just too cute! What a wonderful job! You SIL will love it!

Well, you are one clever girl!! W-a-y too cute!!!!


awesome sauce! that turned out so killer cute. yay!

Marit said...

Very cool and cute at the same time!

Your SIL will LOVE it. I´m sure!

Very cute, and love the fabrics

Anthea said...

Yay Kelli that is super-clever! Well done on such a great design & those fabrics are perfect... Go You!!

Rhonda D. said...

I absolutely love your mixer!! Great job on designing your block.
I love my red kitchenaid mixer.

bets said...

Darling...have not ever paper pieced...could I do it??? Love to try and love, love the material!

Carolyn said...

This is really super cute! Love it!

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