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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mickey Mouse Hot Pad

It's hot pad fever over here at my place.

I finished the second one for my SIL for Christmas.. er.. hope she is in need of some new hot pads this year.. if not.. hope she likes them anyway! :)

I got this idea from a tutorial over at Quilt Taffy, though I changed it up a bit, and added small finger pockets on the back in the same backing fabric but a different color.

This is the front, used up the rest of that vintage red ric-rac.

So I quilted it in a grid around the tickets to make them stand out, and when it came to the binding, I had planned to just use red bias tape..

Until I found this left-over binding from an old project.  

The only problem was that it was cut straight and not on the bias, and getting it around all of those curves was nearly impossible.  So I put a gathering stitch in both edges and gathered them slightly, and it worked out well.  

Don't know how useful this little feature will be, I just thought it'd be cute and fun. :)

Here it is hangin' out in my kitchen..

I think it looks enough like Mickey that my bro. and SIL (who are actually going to WDW again in December!) will recognize it.  It's a small finish but a finish nonetheless. 

I think Buster has caught wind that Thanksgiving is coming up, and is already waiting for his leftover turkey. :)

Happy Weekend from the furry beast himself!


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So gorgeous, and the furry beast is pretty cute too!

Kathy said...

Pleased to see Buster is on the job. Your mitt looks pretty cute -and very Mickey :)

Beth said...

Both are really cute!

Cunning plan on the hot pad binding :o)

Bwahahaha, love the turkey craving beast!

Kat said...

It turned out so cute! My family goes to WDW at least 3-4 times/year (we live within driving distance) and I think it looks like something they'd sell for $20 in one of the gift shops. Nice job! (I love the little finger spots in the ears, too!)

quiltmania said...

The hot pad s cute, and Buster makes me smile every time you post a picture. Have a wonderful day!

Kelli said...

It's cute! And that binding idea was ingenious! You are on a roll, girl!

That is wonderful. Everyone always needs new hot pads. I was thinking myself that I need to make my self a few.

M-R said...

Very cute! How smart of you to think of gathering the binding -- brilliant!

LynCC said...

Mickey Mouse pads!! How cute can you get? :)

Pam said...

Very clever, Kelli!!! Love the fabric you've used to make Mickey Mouse.

Janine said...

Your hot pad looks great. It'll make a fab present :)

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