Thursday, December 6, 2012

Really Random and Busy!

Hi! Long time no blog! Life has been really randomly busy lately, so this is going to be a quick, picture-y, Really Random Thursday post. 

Here's a bit of what's keeping us so busy.. aside from shopping, wrapping, and cleaning in anticipation of house guests for Christmas..

FINALLY made the Advent Calendar from the kit that I won a while back from Blueberry Park.  I decided to change it up a bit though, add some fabrics and quilt it out, instead of just hemming around all of the edges.  Also, instead of hemming the edges of the numbers, I pinked them and quilted them on in ticker tape fashion, leaving the tops open for the little gifts.  

Someone is in love with it. :)  (and I used up only fabrics that I had on hand.)

That's about it on the sewing front.. although, I do have Jumbo Jack 3/4 of the way bound.  Only one more side to finish.  Yay!  And I finished up the hot pad for my MIL.  Seems like sewing has taken a backseat to some other creative things recently..

Like our yearly gingerbread house kit..  last year and the year before we made the gingerbread train, but couldn't find the kit this year, so we got the mini village one. Each little house is different and about as big as a coffee cup.  There are four of them..  Someone is always really excited at the start and then ends up just eating all the candies while I finish them and do most of the work. This year, I put them on my favorite cake stand that I found a while back at a home store for dirt cheap, as it was missing the center of the flower.. I fixed that by gluing one of my grandmother's vintage buttons in the center.  It warms my heart now. :)

Here's the roof sprinkler enjoying himself after he put sprinkles on each roof.  Playing in and eating the candies while I finish them up.

Then there was the rain.. and wind.. which blew most of the leaves down, as not that many had fallen yet.  Causing all the drains to clog and the streets to flood temporarily.  But the leaves are still beautiful.

Buster's funky fire hydrant..

The beast himself relaxing after a swim in the lake..

Oh, and super random.. the storm blew a honeycomb into our yard.. haven't quite figured out where the hive is yet, but really neat to see it up close, there's a bee still on it.. it's full of honey.

And the Christmas tree is up, trimmed and lit.  Now, to only get the rest of the house cleaned up!

After a few more games of (kindergarten) Scrabble, where we bend the rules and let Mr. Sonny try to spell words by himself.  It's most entertaining to see what he comes up with. :)  Here are my three favorites.. I died laughing (on the inside so as not to give him a complex about trying to spell-so cute!)  Can you guess what they are?

answers: volcano, zebra, quiet (I guessed quit) :)

Happy Thursday!!!  Off to clean and get some more work done before school pick up time.


p.s. Come back on the 9th for the Blog Hop with Giveaways! :)

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Wendy said...

Life is busy in December isn't it! Love all your makings, my teenagers are still the same with the gingerbread house, it's more about eating the candy! Loved the bit about the scrabble words, so good that you have documented such a cute moment, hugs Wendy xx

Life does get busy. I guessed the last one a quilt too! Great effort on his behalf. Enjoy the festive season. hugs

Lol, love what's been keeping you busy!

I love your little gingerbread Christmas Village. It's too nice to cut up!

what a lovely post. Thanks for sharing everything with us....what a gorgeous cake stand and aren't you clever to fix it and at the same time make it your own....The Scrabble King will someday probably be able to beat us all! Your Gingerbread Village, Advent calendar and other decorations look wonderful

Jody said...

The child spells better than some adults!! I had no problem reading the words (and I LOVED seeing the last one!!)

LOVED the Scrabble board. That's very good sounding out.

Your tree looks beautiful. This is always such a busy time of the year. It's too bad we can't spread these holidays out a bit more.

Maria said...

So nice to see you pop up and read what you have been up to...
Love the Gingerbread Houses and the Scrabble is great. At least he is really trying hard to spell.

Lisa Lisa said...

Very random, indeed! Lots going on in your life these days. I remember those days with a little one....oh so long ago. Makes me a little sad :( but happy for you :) Such good times and you're making great memories. Love the Advent calendar and the gingerbread houses. Looking forward to the blog hop!

Kathy said...

Sounds like perfect Christmasy fun at your place. I love Busters hydrant.

Sounds like a great December!

I love your idea of kindergarten Scrabble! never thought of it and I have to remember if I ever get to be a grandma to play kindergarten) Scrabble :-)

No wonder someone is excited about the advent calender, it´s fab (I especially like the polka dot binding)!

Aw.. your little one´s spelling is too cute.

Been missing hearing from you on your blog. As soon as I saw the sender, I hustled right over to read it, check out your pictures and see what was keeping you so busy on the home front. Great advent calendar - I can see why he is so excited by it! You cake platter is fabulous and your gingerbread houses are adorable! I'm glad it was good things keeping you busy!!

Anthea said...

Kelli what a bumper post!
You have been very busy girl, would love to see the Jacks progress.
Love your son's spelling - it reminds me of how my daughter spelled rainbow: r-a-m-b-o-w...
Happy Christmas Preparations!
x Anthea

This is such a great post! Seriously I'm always excited when you link up to Really Random because you have one of the best blog names. Ever.

LOVE the scrabble--too cute. And oh that cake stand. WOW! What a find!

Kris said...

I guessed quilt but not volcano!! Sounds like life is just wonderful out there in California, Kelli!! Staying busy is a good thing, especially when you are busy with so much fun and love in your life!!!

Sew Sister said...

Love your doggy and wonderful gingerbread houses :) I want to make your advent camera too it's very nice!

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