Monday, January 14, 2013

Manic Monday/Dog Park, Sewing, Giveaways, BOMs

Exciting things are happening here in 2013..

First, the sewing, then some newsy things.  On my design wall (er, carpet) today is a UFO. :)  After Jumbo Jack, I was dying to start something new, but I'm glad I didn't.  I've missed this one. The Rainy Days and Mondays quilt.  Having fun sewing some of the diamonds together.  I can't get enough of this fabric with all of the dots and the umbrellas.  I kind of hoarded it for a while.

Here they are laid out in the floor, trying to figure out the placement.

Such a cheery line of fabric.

Onto the newsy things. 

One of my sponsors, Skye Reve Fabrics is having a super-huge, so-many-prizes-you'll-pass-out giveaway right now.  When you're done here, you'll want to head over there to their blog.  The link is right there in my sidebar below the button.  And.. most especially if you're the mom of a little girl, or know any little girls that are special to you, you'll want to enter.. so many cute prizes! Even a $100 gift cert. to Skye Reve!

Second, my friend Lisa at Lisa Lisa and the Quilt Jam brought to my attention a Block of the Month for 2013 over at Stitchery Dickory Dock.  And get this.. it's only $7.95 for the entire year. How cool and affordable is that?  It's called the Sugar Block Club.
2013 Sugar Block Club

Third, I just found out this morning about Riley Blake's Mystery Block of the Month for 2013 that is FREE. :)  And, there is an instructional video on their blog. :) The first block is cute!

Last but not least, we hit the dog park this weekend for some Buster fun!

And discovered that he will now do some of the things on the agility course without his leash on!

There was some playing with other dogs, too.. until one of them got feisty with him, and we brought him to a tree to settle down.. but the dog still wouldn't leave him alone!

So we took him back into the agility area.  All of the barking scared A.  Who spent the rest of the time here. With his faithful guardian. :)

Time for a family photo. 

Thanks for dropping in.  Happy Monday!

p.s. linking up with my friend Jen for Monday Mischief, and  Design Wall Monday


Lol, daft dug ;o) Looking forward to seeing all those supersized diamonds together!

Loving the Rainy Days quilt! I managed to pick up a few of the umbrella FQs but hadn't seen the whole fabric line - so cute!! Going to be a fab quilt!!

Dee said...

Oh that quilt is so much fun! Diamonds are a challenge for me, but yours look like they're coming along so nicely!

Thanks for a visit to the part with you all! Love the smiles and sunshine!

Teri said...

I have some of that RB fabric too. Perhaps something with big pieces is what I should do with my fabric that I have been saving. Yours looks fabulous.

quiltmania said...

Buster is adorable, as is the rest of your "family."

Cath said...

loving the new quilt and nice to see Buster pics.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Nancy said...

Your Buster is such a BIG boy! He looks fabulous on the agility equipment. Good for him to do it without a leash. Cute family photo! Happy stitching to you.

Carla said...

Oh I agree! Darling fabric

Anonymous said...

Kelli your quilt is going to look wonderful,i love the fabrics and what a fun family day.xx

jen said...

Oh you just made me smile so big seeing Buster doing the agility course!
I don't think either of my dogs would do that! Nice job Buster!

Bev said...

LOVE your big black baby! He's adorable! I started the Riley Blake 2013 quilt today by doing the chevron block. I love these because I can do a block each month. I love Rainy Days fabric too. I don't have any left though. So fun! I did a bad thing with my chevron block. In the middle I did 2 rows from the same value fabric. I don't even know what I was thinking but I had gone so far....Let's keep in touch! Cheery wave! Bev

Nic said...

Looks like Buster was having fun on the course. Good to see the dog park has one. One day I want a big enough back yard to build my dogs an agility course. These would be the dogs I don't yet have because I don't yet have enough space for them.
Cute fabric. Looking forward to seeing the diamonds sewn together

Maria said...

Loving your quilt...
What a fab day out.. Boy your B is a big boy....

Noela said...

I'm with you. Love that umbrella fabric. Hugs....

Anthea said...

Wow the quilkt will be another stunner Kelli.
Love the Family photo! x

I love the umbrella fabric. Just right for spring which is just around the corner. We did agility with our dog before, so much fun! Not so nice when owners don't control their dogs but it happens.

Brandie said...

Cute Fabric!
Cute Horse!
Cute kid!
Love it all!

it's going to be a gorgeous quilt! Are they folds in the pieces or have you stitched two pieces together and exactly matched the pattern?

I didn't realise that dog parks were so much fun - Archie would love to revisit his agility training days! Is there a see-saw? That was his favourite!!

CeLynn said...

That rainy day fabric is too cute! Looks like all managed to have a great day at the dog park,in spite of the other dog :) Thanks for all the info!

Melody said...

What a fabulous post - full of fabulous things and great information.

Wonderful dog - is he a Newfoundland? Just found your blog through DaGMT. I have been considering a Newfie for a while now - it is one of the three breeds in my finalist list.

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