Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rain Dance Progress and New Fabric/Pattern Fun

Last weekend, over the three day weekend, we went to my inlaws' in Santa Rosa, and stopped in Sonoma at my most FAVORITE quilt shop EVER, Broadway Quilts.  I couldn't help it, the car just veered into the parking lot on our way through town. :)

And OH MY GOODNESS, look what I found!  I have to hurry and finish a UFO so I won't feel guilty about this..

This Kate Spain pattern/project sheet was only $1.99 (Honey Honey).. I had to, right?  And then I fell in love with these prints.. most of them from the same line, Capri, but I picked out three additional FQ's.

I particularly love that inset bee block.  And I'm drooling on the yellows and grays.  I need a couple more with aqua though, I think.  Oh I can't WAIT.  But I'm NOT going to start something else until I finish something..

Namely.. this one.  I have one more row sewn on, so here is my progress so far. Onto some more sashing tonight.

The diamonds are rather beastly, but it's still fun to work on because I love the fabric so much!  I think it will be worth it in the end, and I'm getting better with the diamonds.  I guess I'll never get better without practice.  This is lots of practice!

Other future plans include maybe an apron with this little nugget, also found at BQ.

..and a St. Patrick's Day wreath (since my little Mr. is obsessed with St. Patrick's Day-that might be its own post).  Using some socks, yes, socks.. very cheap ones.. :)

and a basic wreath.. 

..a cheap, kid friendly, and hopefully fun project that he can help me with.

Looking forward to tomorrow night's Friday Night Sew-In!

Happy Thursday!

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~Carla~ said...

Loving the grey & yellow fabrics!! :)

I'm desperately looking for a *Modern* FQ or 1/2 yard fabric bundle all in purples... any suggestions as to where to look?

moira said...

your diamond quilt is looking great - keep up the good work :)

Cath said...

seriously, you are a one woman quilt factory. I love the diamond quilt but can't wait to see how the new one is going to turn out. I am also intrigued by how you are going to turn socks into a wreath!
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

The car just deviated all by itself, huh? ;o) Looking forward to seeing the new creations!

CeLynn said...

Oooh,loving your fabric picks up there! Your diamonds are looking quite nice too :) Interested to see how your wreath turns out also.

Would you mind sharing the addy for BQ? I am going to be visiting family in the Clear Lake area in early Feb,and would love to check out this store,if I get the chance!

Lisa Lisa said...

Love the fabric that you picked out! And those diamonds are looking pretty sharp! I'm super curious about that St. Patrick's Day project....can't wait to see that one!

Claire said...

Love the fabric and that pattern is gorgeous. Funny how your car just drove into the car park of the quilt shop, mine does the same thing!

Mistea said...

Pretty diamonds.
Naughty fabrics hopping in your bag like that! Very nice selection.
Enjoy sewing.

I love putting greys and yellows together. The honey honey pattern is beautiful, no wonder you had to buy it!

My car has a mind of its own, too... LOL!!! The diamond quilt is looking great!

Sandy said...

OMG you just helped me out so much. A friend is doing her nursery in yellow/grey/teal and I think I just found the fabric line I will be using!! Thanks so much for sharing it :)

I have some of that kinda texty fabric third from the left--I just adore it! I can't wait to see your st Patrick's project !

Can't wait to see what you do with the socks.

Kelli said...

Oh my goodness, love your gray and yellow bundle!! LOVE!

Glad that you are helping the economy by supporting a local quilt shop. VERY IMPORTANT thing to do. Such cute umbrella fabrics in the diamond quilt.

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