Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday~Kickin' Stash and Taking Names

While the Rainy Days quilt top is resting (still a little burned out on machine quilting after Jumbo Jack..), I decided to work on not one, but TWO new projects.

You might remember Beth's (EvaPaige Quilt Design) group quilt/pattern test, "Kickin' Stash", from last year. (still my most viewed post EVER!) Well, she is doing it again this year, except this time she is "Taking Names". :)  Kicking Stash and Taking Names! ;)

Look at these blocks I worked on tonight.  They go together so fast!  

Each of the participants had to choose a background color (I chose a minty solid) and cut several strips..

..bag and label them...

 ..then, our background fabric strips will be sent out to the other participants, along with our chosen focus color(s) info.. I chose scrappy.. and in the end, we will all receive enough blocks (along with making 12 of our own) to make a twin size quilt!  Fun, fun. :)

Above are the three blocks I made tonight in no time at all.  And I am using scraps from here..

Feels good to use some of them up.  And fun to use some Rainy Days and Mondays scraps, too.

I see lots of Taking Names blocks in my future.  I love the minty solid for the background since it reminds me of all of the scrappy vintage quilts that my grandmothers and great-grandmothers made.  

The other UFO-ish WIP that I've been working on is the Impromptu pattern, Circa 1934 layer cake that I started cutting out last summer I think.. but never finished cutting out the background.  UGH.  Now I know why.  It's a huge quilt, 90x90 and calls for 6.5 yards of background fabric..  strips and strips and strips.. eight different sizes of strips.

I thought I'd never finish!  I love the pattern though, and would like to finish this big beast by next Christmas for a gift to my bro. and SIL.

Staying busy with these two things, along with helping my son with his "100 days of school" project, where he has to collect 100 of something (or something he already has, etc) and find a way to bring it/display it on the 100th day of school.. 

We decided to collect 100 leaves from our yard.. (I also caught him with his little scissors snipping at my houseplants..gasp!) ;) Turns out Elmers glue doesn't work with leaves, so I had to break out the hot glue gun and help him.. 

He drew the trunk and branches and I hot glued them on for him.. or I should say completely burnt the finger print off of my left pointer finger! Ouch.  But look at his cute tree.. he drew a face on it, gave it arms and hands and it's holding a balloon with the number 100 on it.  And artfully signed. *swoon* Kindergarten is so fun!

Gonna link up with WIP Wednesday. Thanks for dropping in!



Love the scrappy triangles! That these is SO cute!

moira said...

i like the minty solid - it really works. And Austin's tree is a masterpiece

Your triangles are lovely, can't wait to see more!
P.S. Love the tree!

You are so well organized to think of Christmas already! I like your triangles too but what I like best is the fancy signing of A. Too cute!

Sounds like a fun idea to stash bust. Loving that tree!

Lisa Lisa said...

Do you sleep? Oh my goodness! You've been a busy girl! I love the triangle blocks! And that piece of art by A is awesome! Love the autograph :)

You are ridiculous for my ego. I think your minty solid is going to be perfect! I worked on another participant's last night (because I can, because they are all in my house :) ) and it was to be green and brown batiks. It is flipping GORGEOUS! I truly cannot wait to see all of these finished and am thrilled with the response to the block so far. On another note, have you learned NOTHING from me about Jewel-it?? Save your fingerprints. I am constantly saying "Jewel-it is like hot glue, but cold" because it is. Anything it will glue anything three dimensional to fabric or paper. However, the fact that you ignored my love for JI does nothing to decrease my love of the tree. I think the balloon is my favorite part.

quiltmania said...

The Taking Names blocks are wonderful, but the star of your post is your son's collection of leaves. I see an artist developing!

Love what you are doing and I love your sons project. It looks great.

CeLynn said...

Bet he gets that creative streak from his mama ;) Love your blocks and the mint color.

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