Sunday, February 3, 2013

First FPP Attempt & 'Impromptu' Quilt Progress

It's a good thing that this BOM pattern from the Sugar Block Club is so cute, otherwise I might have put this sweetie through the shredder and called it a day about halfway in, since I could not stop making silly mistakes. *sigh* The seam ripper got a good workout. 

This was my first ever FPP.  EPP, yes.  FPP, no. Hadn't ever tried it, and as a newbie, I made every mistake you can make with this block.  It was a Murphy's Law kind of block.  But the end is all that matters right?  I was not going to be conquered by a 12-inch quilt block!!!  Even though about halfway through, I sliced my finger with my rotary cutter.. :(  I'm a nurse, I've seen plenty of blood, so that didn't stop me.  Broke out the bandages and kept on going.  Hoping my next FPP experience goes a lot smoother. ha!  But happy to have tackled it.  

First FPP and first experience with a rogue rotary.. the really good news is that my finger finally stopped throbbing a couple of hours ago (a whole day later) and I didn't bleed to death! Yay! :)  I felt really dumb, but I can't be the first person that's ever tried to lop off a finger with a rotary cutter, can I?  Please tell me not. Because then I could feel more normal and less dumb. I feel like such an idiot.

Other weekend sewing progress included getting all of the large blocks bordered for the impromptu quilt.

There are 12 of them..

The rest of the blocks consist of turning five inch squares into large 9-patches and deconstructing them and setting them with strips of background.

I made two and then finished them to see what they would look like.. only 11 more to make. The center of that one there is a little off.. don't look too close..

They are huge blocks.  I think I mentioned it before, but it ends up to be 90x90 in.  That's bigger than Swoon!  We'll see if I'm brave enough to quilt it myself or not.

Drop and Give Me Twenty has officially kicked off @ EvaPaige Quilt Designs.. so I'll be sewing 20 minutes (at least) every day in February. :)  Or talking to my friends or emailing or texting about sewing.. that counts, too, right? :) 

Here's the BOM collection so far.. waiting for the Feb. Riley Blake one to come out.

Hope you had a great weekend!!


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Anonymous said...

wow Kelli if that is your first time you are going to nail this,your blocks look awesome,well done.xx

Josie said...

Wow! That FPP block is fabulous. Worth almost amputating a finger for... do you think it needs stitches! ;o) Looks like you had a great weekend despite your injury.

Ellen said...

Seriously...I had to look up FPP...duh! Your blocks look great. Sorry about your finger, hopefully, it will heal quickly.

JoAnne said...

That block is really cute--I'm glad you persevered! I've had experiences like that, too, when everything you do is wrong... I've also cut the edge off my index finger. Seriously, it was back in the late 90s and my left index finger is "pointier" than the other to this day. It wasn't all my fault, though, the rotary cutter broke while I was using it.

I agree that block is super cute and almost worth a missing finger ;) Hope it's healing well. Every time I use my rotary cutter I think I'm going to cut myself, it terrifies me!

Lisa Lisa said...

You've been so productive! Everything looks great! Now that my quilt room is organized, maybe I'll catch up on my blocks. You motivate me!

Marit said...

Yupp, been there, done that with the rotary cutter. I had to ask someone I knew who's a nurse after a few days if I should be worried it was still bleeding... Well, the block is very cute and looks like you didn't get any blood on it:)

quiltmania said...

Your blocks all look great! Hope your finger heals quickly. And no, you aren't the first to cut your finger. The very first class I taught years ago, I had someone cut their finger. I've even had someone in a class cut me with their cutter. It is a dangerous weapon. But, where would we be without it? Have a safe sewing day!

Glad you got through the FPP in the end (I do have an idiots guide on my blog mind you, just sayin' ;o) ) I can't comment on the rotary cutter incident *ahem*

Nic said...

I haven't tried foundation piecing, but I can't say I've ever been tempted :)
You did a good job for your first go.
No to the rotary cutter, but I have chopped of a piece of my finger tip once. Took three days to stop bleeding. I did it while chopping spinach. Exactly! I have no idea how. It eventually grew back though. Mostly :)

Kelli said...

I actually love FPP because of the accuracy you get. Yes, I keep my seam ripper right next to me and yes, at least once every time I sew the fabric backwards and have to rip it and I've done quite a bit of FPP. Oh well--can't be perfect! ;) Hope your finger heals quickly.

That´s a fab FPP block! Good that you continued!
Hope your finger is healing well!

Kate Brown said...

All your blocks look great!! You are not the only one, I have had a few slices with the rotary cutter :) Am contemplating getting one of those safety edges!! hehe

Beth said...

Yep, I have cut my fingers many times with the rotary cutter. I just take band aides with me to quilt classes now. And keep a stack in my sewing room.
That's nothing to when I tried to learn tree grafting . . .

Nancy said...

Your block is fabulous! But it looks very, very complicated. I would have been like you, having to unsew many seams. What was EPP and FPP stand for? (I'm still working on the quilting acronyms.) ;-)

I hope your finger heals quickly and well. You didn't need stitches? When I first got a rotary cutter years ago, I was working on the floor. I laid it face up without the guard on thinking I was protecting the floor. Wouldn't you know, my toddler daughter walked by, tripped, and landed right on it. She had a sad gash in her hand. I felt horrible! We're all safe if the blade is covered but it's hard to cut with a covered blade.... Accidents happen to all of us. Take care.

Kathleen said...

Been there, done that (cutting fingers while using rotary cutter) don't have to do that again. Crossed that off my list of things to do. Hope you did not need stitches.
XX Kathleen

Lyndsey said...

Your blocks are great and no you aren't the only person to try to amputate your finger. Like you I'm a nurse so the blood was no problem but the throbbing went on far too long.

Your blocks look nice. I wouldn't worry about being too absolutely perfect, the little mistakes make it a real handmade quilt rather than something mass produced.

Lynette said...

FPP is not at all easy the first time around, and that was a complex block for a firsty! You're right, though - it's super cute. Love the collection together so far!

Oh! And you are no way the only one with rogue rotary history! lol

Your first FPP block is adorable! Sorry about rotary cutting your finger. Who said sewing wasn't a dangerous hobby - LOL? I put a needle in my finger while free motion quilting.

Carolyn said...

Your block looks amazing. Everyone has a rotary cutting issue at one point or another. I did mine when my sister was visiting and it must have been a funny sight with me laying on the floor freaking out and her throwing paper towels at me.

Great blocks and your paper piecing looks wonderful! Sorry about the finger, that must have really been some cut! Thanks for sharing.
Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

I love the FFP block. You did so good on it. And I love the fabric. So glad you joined the Drop & Give me Twenty. Listen if talking, looking and emailing count for the 20 mins. I've been doing it for years! :-)

Good Luck with the GMT in February. Your blocks are looking great.

Kelli ~
Your work is fabulous! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Working with that ├╝ber big rick rack had its own challenges ... but totally worth it!

Thanks again ~ Mary

You'll get paper piecing. Of course, you started with a harder block (like I did), but, keep at it, and you'll get it down quickly. Sorry about the cut.

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