Sunday, February 17, 2013


Lots of exciting news this last week.. but first, some photos..

My sonny wrote this word all by himself..  He saw it in a book a few days before.  It cracks me up! And he got the spelling right. ahahaha  I keep it nearby b/c it makes me laugh.  I feel like some days, I make so many silly mistakes, I should laminate this and wear it as a badge. hahaa

Also I've been making progress with some blocks lately.

Envelope #3 Taking Names swap blocks done in shades of brown with the provided blue background:

Envelope #4 finished last night, black and white with bright yellow background:

The strips that look like solid black are actually black with white pin dot.

Time to start on envelope #5.  Four more to go, but three weeks to do them.

Made one more block for the impromptu quilt last night, here it is before being dissected:

I went around and around with the choice for background fabric for this, and so far I'm just so-so with it, it's not too exciting.. :/  But I'm interested to see how it looks in the end, and I think it will go with my Bro and SIL's decor so fingers crossed.

In exciting news, Riley Blake pinned my heart block as the cover pic for their "Mystery Blocks February" board on Pinterest..I was scrolling through their Pinterest boards one day and saw my block.  What?! Such a minor thing, but so fun!

Also, Lynne @ Lily's Quilts wrote a post about her flickr group, and included Jumbo Jack.. so flattered.  And my Sugar Block Club block appeared in Amy's post over at Stitchery Dickory Dock. As if this wasn't enough excitement,  last week, my Rainy Days and Mondays quilt top was featured over at Sewing Barefoot for getting the most views.  It's so fun to be surfing around online and suddenly see something you've made.  Do you agree?  Or am I just a big ole' dork?  Or shall I say nincompoop. ;)

In other happenings, my hub hung the valance I stitched up last week and now I'm itching to get some other things fixed up in there.. I will be sure to post pics when it's "all done" but I'm sure it will be a while.

And.. don't stray too far away b/c I'm planning a big giveaway soon to celebrate passing 600 followers.  How did this happen?! It still blows my mind, but I appreciate all of you who follow along, and stop by with your sweet comments.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


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Bev C said...

Hello Kelli,

Congrats on all your sewing achievements. Your son's writing is one that you must keep. A real treasure.

Happy days.

I run across a lot of nincompoops in my line of work, but, I don't think you fit the role of one! I seriously need to try some of those envelope blocks! Congrats on your exposure too!

Leanne M said...

Not only did Riley Blake feature your block, they also commented on it - you are a crafting rockstar now girl! You are not the only one who gets excited to see others pinning or posting your work, it's a bit of a thrill, isn't it? Your son's handwriting is just adorable, definitely one you must keep.

Lol, I can vividly remember my mum trying to teach me the word scrumptious, which was in a book I was learning to read when I was 4, who on earth vets what words appear in kids books?!

Busy, busy on the block front, hope the impromptu quilt grabs you soon...

sunny said...

Wow- you're becoming famous! I'm glad to say I knew you 'back when'. Congrats on all your 'honors'.

Lisa Lisa said...

Look at you go, girl! It's so exciting to see your stuff everywhere, Kelli Q! Maybe one day I'll be popular like you! :)

Pokey said...

Just the fact that it has "poop" in it is enough for a boy to aspire to write it, lol! That definitely needs a frame and a great spot to view it, and smile ~

Melody said...

Such a fabulous word. Love that blue and brown together.

bichonpawz said...

Hey Kelli! Stopping by to say hello and wish you a Happy Monday!! Looks like you are keeping yourself busy with crafting and too!! Hugs to Buster!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

Amazing achievements Kelli! I love the blue and brown triangles! Looking forward to the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

your little boy is so funny and cute,i love it,thats one to keep for his 21st,lol.xx

....LOL....too funny!! I've used this word before but never thought about how it would be spelled, now I know!!!

Wow, you are getting soooo famous!! I can say I knew you when!!! Congrats on all the accolades!!

Myra said...

LOL! Nincompoop! I haven't heard/used that in ages... Cute!!
Love the Taking Names swap blocks! Fun stuff!!
Thanks for visiting my blog...
Happy stitching!

Anonymous said...

I love the black, white, and yellow! And cute quilting block! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!


If you are a nincompoop for enjoying seeing something you've done posted somewhere, then we are ALL nincompoops! Cool!

jen said...

One of the best words ever! I do that too with some things that Gracie writes down. Keep it close by when I need a smile:)

visiting from sewing barefoot. I love the triangles. Sounds like fun

Michele said...

LOL!! How cute :-) I've got a few cute sticky notes saved that my son wrote when he was younger, so I certainly don't blame you for keeping that :-) Congrats on the Mystery Block of the month board :-) Don't things like that make you smile :-) Such fun!

Kids can say and do the cutest stuff that can make us laugh for years. Congrats all seeing your stuff all over the net - it is really exciting!

You sew the most beautiful things - Thanks for linking up to The Weekly Creative!

Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

Haha. I agree. How fun would this be as an embroidered framed piece or on a pillow. :D
Thanks for sharing.

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