Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friekishly Monsterous Tooth Fairy Pillow

What is it?!

Last night I stayed up way too late b/c I started thinking about a monster squishie that I saw in the book, Plush-O-Rama.  I thought it might make a perfect tooth fairy pillow for my son, since he should be losing a tooth sometime soon.  No loose ones to report yet, but I'm sure it's in our near future.

I set out with some fleece, and an idea in my head from the pic in the book, but no pattern, and well..

May I introduce you to Mr. Tooth-Eating, Money-Puking Monster.  

I used small scraps of leftover quilt batting to fill him, so he's a bit lumpy and grumpy.. He has no arms, oversized ears, hap-hazard-pinked red polka dot lips and a black eye.  (Buttons courtesy of my grandmother's button jar-even the large metal square one, which is my fave.)

He is not above sticking his tongue out at you.. I told you he was grumpy--

--and when you let him eat your lost tooth, if you're lucky, the tooth fairy might throw a spell on him while he's sleeping and turn said tooth into a few coins.  

Which he will promptly puke out for you the next morning, but only (and I mean ONLY) if you're a good boy.


I think it turned out so ridiculous, but fun and it made my sweet boy laugh when I showed it to him this morning, which made it totally worth staying up late and making something so silly!  He loves it!!

Right away he found a pen and some paper and told me he was going to put a note in its mouth for the tooth fairy to find. Eventually.. when he actually loses a tooth..

I think Mr. Kindergarten is going to be sorely disappointed, don't you? hahaaha The (2) wasn't there at first.. he told me there was some space between (me) and (100) so he added a (2) and changed the word 'bill' to 'bills'.  As if one wasn't far reaching enough.. (eye roll) Can't blame a kid for trying I guess.  We then had a conversation about how the tooth fairy has to visit millions of kids and is no where near being that loaded. :)  Never a dull moment!

Reubenita is smiling on the outside, but she remains appalled at his very existence, and is glad he is moving straight into my son's room. :)

Hope you're having a great week.. still working on those swap blocks over here, scrappy ones this time .. two more weeks before the deadline.  I saw a sneak peak of the settings today, and I think they are going to turn into some really fun quilts!!


What a clever idea! He looks like something from Monsters Inc, or Toy Story!

Raewyn said...

How Fun!! I wish I'd thought to make something like that for my kids!! (Love the note to the tooth fairy!)

Allison said...

I love the monster's tongue! and your son's note to the tooth fairy is super cute - we had to have a similar talk about how much the tooth fairy can afford to bring :)

Leanne M said...

That's hilarious! I absolutely love it.

Lisa Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! Ha ha ha! That's one scary looking scary lookin' tooth fairy!

Aoife said...

You've made me laugh. He is such a great idea, for anyone. I kind of want one. I love that he can stick his tongue out! Heading off now to show this to my husband :)

Barb said...

Made me laugh....looks like you had fun.

Shanna said...

I cannot help but smile when I see your creature! Thank you so much for sharing!

Brandie said...

I think that's the cutest thing I've seen for a tooth! It will become an heirloom. It's wonderful!

Leonie said...

Hahaha - that made me laugh - what a clever little monster!

How fun! He's absolutely adorable!
When I was growing up I had a tooth fairy tooth holder, but it was a cat. I much rather would have had this, so fun!

Your monster (the tooth fairy one) is so silly and cute! I have three kids in their 30's and they still remember things like this. Good job Mom!

Studio V said...

Those are stinkin' cute!! I love them!!

CeLynn said...

ROFLOL! You crack me up :0) Kids are the greatest!

Wendy said...

Such a fun post, the tooth monster is gorgeous. What a great idea, just perfect for a boy.

Marit said...

Funniest thing I've seen since the iDonkey!

Hilar! Love it. And the note. Classic. G has yet to lose a tooth either, but finally one of her top fronts is loose. She's thrilled, I'm totally skeeved. I hate the whole toothless/toothloss/flappy dangly loose ones barely holding on by a thread stuff. This project might make it easier on me.

This was such a funny post. I made a tooth fairy pillow for my granddaughter--it looks like a pink tooth which is dressed up as a ballerina. Kinda weird.

So cute!! My daughter is only 3 and already talking about loosing teeth. Thanks for linking up to Artsy Corner:)

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