Saturday, March 30, 2013

A New Member of the (extended) Family..

I'd like to introduce you to Maude.  Or as her official birth certificate says, "Mauderately Messy". :)

She belongs to my bro. and SIL in Nashville, and I want to go visit her so badly!  Isn't she the cutest?  So sweet.  She is a 4 mo. old Old English Sheepdog. She's already weighing in at 30# I think.. she will be a big girl. But isn't she adorable?

It all reminds me of the day we brought Buster home.  And A. was only three. Time sure flies.  His KG year is almost over!

Love at first sight..

The eyes say it all.

And then they grew!

And grew...

And grew some more..

Which is so much fun.. but I still miss these little faces. ;) And wish time would slow down just a teeny bit.

One more photo.. of Maude.. What a cutie.. she will be twice as big in no time!  She looks like a little stuffed animal. *swoon*

Happy Easter Weekend!  Have been sewing on the stuffed owl and she is turning out super cute, but I can't show her yet.  Here's a little peak, though. ;)

Thanks for reading while I went on about the furry people in my life. ;)



Aww, I want a Maude! I have no room for her, but I want one lol

O!M!G! Big ole' fluff balls! I am glad I am not the only one that thinks of my girls (Boston Terriers) as people! I constantly have to remind my mom that they don't know they are the d-word! LOL TEASE! (Concerning Olive!)

Awesome photos, time is just going too fast.

Bev C said...

Happy Easter, Maude will grow right before your eyes.

Happy days.

sunny said...

Great post! I'm in love with Maude!!

Carla said...

I want Maude! Sooo precious

Your Buster is rather large compared to the Buster who lives here but's a nice dog. and your bro has a cute dog. Reminds me of the movie with the sheep dog that Tim Allen plays in. :D and those dogs get huge.

Claire said...

Oh Maude is just adorable! Who could not love that face???

Cath said...

I love to read anything about little people, furry babies and all things crafty/quilty. Your post fit the bill just nicely. Maud is gorgeous, as is Buster! hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Anonymous said...

Hi and Happy Easter! Thank you for a lovely puppy post! I love dogs and Buster and Maude are both super cute! I have two dogs and one cat. Sunny wishes from Greece!

Eileen said...

What a great name - Maude! So so cute!

mail4rosey said...

Aww, both dogs are beauties and I like the pictures of your son and his doggie growing big together. That's a neat perspective. :)

I am with you, time really does go too fast and all three are adorable. hugs

Two cuties - have to go and cuddle my ball of fluff now :)

java diva said...

OMG Maude is so stinkin cute!! I can't take it! And Buster! It's probably hard to believe he was ever that small! ;)
Thanks for sharing the pics!

I cannot show Greta these photos or she will be impossible to live with; wants a dog so badly, but, well, you know our deal. And if you don't, I'll be happy to tell you privately, but I fear I would horrify your readers. :)

Awww, she's gorgeous! She already weighs more than Archie!

I not only get inspiration from your blog... but I get to have a dog "fix" also... and today's extra special sweetie... your brother's dog is so so cute!!!

Lisa Lisa said...

Cute, cute pics! You should get a pic of A and B side by side each year. Buster is SO big!

Nic said...

Aww, look at that face. She's beautifully cute and I want one too :)

Unknown said...

Maude, what a great name for such a cutie...I have a real soft spot for dogs and your photos make me want to run over and love on her! :D

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