Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fun Fabric Photos & a Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter Weekend!  Look at these yummy Easter-ish Oakshotts that I won in a giveaway a while back ..

Thank you and a shout out to Todd over at This Guy Quilts for these! I love his blog, and esp. his recent quilt top, Scrappy Speckle. He is an amazing quilter. And he has a very talented dog, Heidi, and you know I love a blog with a dog. :) I have never tried Oakshotts and look forward to sewing with them!

And a tiny thank you to the wee formerly-homeless leprechaun who visited us over St. Patrick's Day and left his mini-shopping cart behind for photo ops. ;)

Wow.. the printer needs a good dusting now that I see it in pictures. Yikes.

I almost hate to take the fabrics out of the little cart and use them.. they fit so perfectly and look so yummy that way.

Happy Easter, and thanks again, Todd!



That is so cute and we know that fabric is so pretty...I am going over to check out Todd and his quilts now. Happy Easter.

Love those solids... and the shopping cart! Hope your Easter was happy!

Claire said...

no point in dusting - is just comes back and you have far more important things to do, like sew with those gorgeous fabrics!

Very pretty. I say use those, but replace them with more!!!

Don't worry about the dust......we all have it whether we think we do or not! I love Todd's blog too, and his Scrappy Speckle quilt is awesome! Look at you! Following two guys that quilt! LOL

CeLynn said...

Todd's quilt is simply amazing! I was sad not to win these lovelies,but at the same time happy for your win ;)

Such a cute way to display them too! I say use admire the pretties in the wee cart and replace them with some new pretties to admire,and so on...

Lisa Lisa said...

That fabric is so pretty! Lucky you! Just checked out Todd's blog...that quilt of his is pretty amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so beautiful fabrics and the cart is just too cute!

Raewyn said...

Lovely win - and gorgeous little shopping trolley - I need one now; imagine what I would save on groceries lol!

Maria said...

Lovely win Kelli and they look so cute in the wee shopping trolly.

linda said...

love the cute cart .........popping over to takr a look at Todd and Heidi

So handy of the wee leprechaun leaving that behind ;o) Enjoy using them :o)

What a ridiculously cute way to show these fabrics! I love it! I agree with the comment above, take out the fabric to use them but replace with others!

How cute. And that new dog is super beautiful.

Tiffany said...

That shopping cart is adorable. As are the fabrics, of course. :)

Brandie said...

I love those colors they look beautiful together. I can't wait to see what they turn into.

Kate Brown said...

Congrats on winning the beautiful fabric and the shopping cart is just too cute! I would leave the fabric in the cart till I decided the perfect thing to make with them, then I would replace them with the next batch of fabric love that you need to contemplate for awhile ;)

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