Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ollie the Owl

Remember how Donktober last year over at Missy Mac Creations inspired me to break out the Reuben by RicRac pattern that I had and give it a go?  And thus Reubenita the Donkey was born?

Well, when I saw the blog hop coming up over at SewWeQuilt called 'It's for the Birds', I remembered that I also had this pattern.  For a quirky stuffed owl.

Meet Olive the Owl.  This might be the perfect time to break out this one and try it, too.

Here are a couple pictures of Olives that were made by the pattern maker that I found HERE, at her Etsy Shop. It's a Freddie's Friends pattern.

Pretty cute.  Might make a good birthday present for a little one year old that I know...

So what do you think?  I've narrowed it down to either Olive or a lap size quilt top using some fabric I have with some bird print in it..  But Ollie is kind of intriguing. Trying to figure out what fabrics to use for her...

Here's the blog hop button if any of you would like to check it out.

I'm going to have to start on her soon so she'll be done before the hop as it's right before Quilt Market.  

**edit**She has been started.  Cutting her out right now.. using some Mary Engelbreit fq's that I had leftover from making SWOON. Mostly the light colors..

Stay tuned for the blog hop in May where she will make her debut. ha! I'll also let you know how it was to work with the pattern, and in the meantime, I may post some sneak peek pics.**

Oh, that's another thing.. I thought joining in the hop would distract me from my uber excitement and zillions of questions that I keep emailing Beth with about Quilt Market. I don't want her to decide that I'm loony and uninvite me before I even get there. ha! 

Speaking of Beth, check out her new pattern Taking Names (remember all of the swap blocks that I kept posting pics of?) ..the pattern is done and will be available for purchase very soon, if not already. So cool.

I can see a couple of secondary arrangements that I'd like to try in there, too.  So many possibilities. 

Now that the BOMs are caught up, I need to go and figure out what fabrics to use for Ollie so I can give you the bird in a few weeks. ahahaa JUST KIDDING. Not THAT bird. The cute softie one in the pattern. :) (that joke was for the birds!)

Happy Thursday!

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hey there. I'm nominating you for the Liebster award. b/c you made an owl book and I love and collect owls.

Leonie said...

Ohh good luck with the owl! I'm sure it will be a cutie patootie!

Oh I hope you pick Ollie, I'd love to see what fabrics you would use and how you find the pattern to work with

Lisa Lisa said...

I love owls but I like quilts more than stuffed things so I think you should make the quilt with bird fabric....since you asked :)

Paulette said...

Oh my gosh, that owl is SO cute!!

Raewyn said...

Have fun with the cute wee owl!!!

Oh thank GOD you found a project so you can stop with the INCESSANT EMAILING!!!!!!

You know I am totally kidding.

Erm, your owl does have a slight appearance of wearing loads of rubber rings, cute idea though (I might have to imagine she's going swimming...)

You're kinda cracking me up with the bird jokes. I forgot I get to meet you in May!

I'm in aviary overload! LOL Olive is gonna be too cute! But, moreover, Taking Names is too awesome! I love how graphic this layout is, and it makes me want to try different layouts as well!

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