Friday, March 22, 2013

Broadway Quilts, Market, Sheepdogs, and Quilt Shows.

Last weekend, prior to the whole family coming down with the worst case of allergies mixed with colds ever, we were able to do a couple of fun things.  On our way to my inlaws in Santa Rosa, we stopped, as always at Broadway Quilts. *swoon*  I could really just live there.

This time, I was talking to Lisa, who works there, about Beth going to quilt market for the first time, and the owner of BQ, Gery, is going to be there too, so we were chatting all about it, and then when I went to pay for my three little fq's, Gery handed me an envelope with my name on it..  ??  First and last.  They don't know my last name there.  And how do they even know I was coming in?  I live two hours away.  It was all very surreal.. I opened it up and it was a gift cert. from BETH, who had known I was on my way to the inlaws, and called ahead and got me a gifty for helping her with market.  BEST. SURPRISE. EVER.

Then Lisa admitted to me that she had literally just been talking to Beth on the phone before I came in.. so SNEAKY.  Here is Lisa from BQ with her BOM that she's teaching.  She is soo nice!

This is Gery, helping lots of customers.. I will be looking for her in Portland..

I say this all the time, but really, if you're ever in Sonoma, you have to stop at BQ!!  You will feel like the mother ship has called you home.

See that quilt in the above photo.. the one on the back wall there?  I got that pattern, along with a Comma jelly roll.. thank you, thank you, Beth!!  I'll be making it, sometime this summer.  Some other things to take care of first.  It's called Finnelopy by Valori Wells.

My hub doesn't even mind loitering in BQ. That's how cool it is.  

There was also a little quilt show down the street that we stopped in to see.  Buster would appreciate this one.  So cute!

Lisa from BQ made this one.  Yummy dresdens. I love it!

This one was from the late 1800's.  I love it!  It was my favorite.. because of the history.. the little squares were about one inch.  So cool!

We also went to the Sonoma Wine  Country Sheepdog Trial or something like that.. where people compete with their border collies herding sheep.  My FIL is really interested in that sort of thing. It was gorgeous out there.  People come from all over to compete.  I think the judge was from Ireland this year.  And I got to play with the zoom on my camera.

It was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery.. we didn't stay too long.  We did stay long enough for the raffle, though, in which we won a toy for Buster. :)  

The dogs actually have to heard the little group of sheep through various gates, etc.  And the handler guides the dog with a whistle, or voice commands.  Smart dogs.

Anyway, not much sewing going on.. we all ended up getting sick, and then just when we thought we were better, we weren't and A. came down with an ear infection and has missed five out of the last seven days of school. :/  Today is the first day I can actually breathe, hub is not quite there yet, and A. is on antibiotics, so hopefully  we're on the upswing.  It may all be partially due to this, this beautiful view out our bedroom window of what covers the pergola over our patio.  Every year when it blooms, along with everything else blowing in the air, our allergies get soo bad!  To the point that we are thinking of having it removed.  It is so overgrown that the stalks of it are actually cracking the wood on the pergola and the roots are messing with the sprinklers.

It's a love hate relationship!! Ugh!

I haven't been sewing, except for  these tiny pics of blocks that I printed out on transfer paper, transferred to muslin and sewed onto this shirt that I made for Beth.  Maybe that counts? ;) She finally got her booth assignment.  It's really happening!

I need to get to work on my March BOMs.  I'm so behind!  

Happy Weekend!


What a lovely post, Kelli.....well except for the being sick part. And such a sweet friend to have a gift card waiting for you! Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt. :)

What a fun trip!! The shop looks amazing and I loved seeing the herding.

The love/hate plant is just gorgeous. I can see the problem ;-(

Hope all are better there soon.

quiltmania said...

A gift certificate to spend in such a beautiful store! You are one lucky quilter. Glad you are all starting to feel better.

So sorry you all aren't feeling well. :-/ I always love seeing your blog posts full of great photos. LOVE the quilts from the show! So glad you actually got a nice surprise without knowing anything about it! Those are the best! Feel better!

Pokey said...

I'm sorry to hear about your allergies, I do know the feeling! Your health improving would be worth the cutting down of the beautiful blooms, though.

The BQ shop is inspiring, your photos sure put us there. I would like to visit there, along with the sheep herding dogs place, we are doggy lovers, too ~

Barb said...

What fabulous pictures and inspiration...

Lisa Lisa said...

I bet I could spend the entire weekend in that shop! What a charming place! I think I need to take a trip to Sonoma :) I love, love, love that Dresden quilt! And the shirt that you made for quilt market :) Hope your family gets to feeling better soon!

fenna said...

Wow the sheep herding pictures remind me of the movie Babe that we watched as kids! Fun!

Patti said...

Surprises are just the most fun, especially if they involve fabric! Hope everyone is finally on the mend!

CeLynn said...

From the looks of the shop,I could spend hours there myself! So sweet that Beth had such a great surprise waiting for you :0) Friends are the best!

Hope you all get well soon!

sunny said...

Great post! How fun to have a GC waiting for you at the register. sorry you've all been sick, and I hope you're better in no time!

Got to love sneaky gifts! Did you get to take home a sheep for Buster? ;o)

What a great surprise! I hope you feel better soon! Boo for allergies, too bad you can´t enjoy the blossoms in spring. We had snow again last night and everything is white so no flowers for us yet. Looks like a white easter this year.

My mother would love this site. I am more a papercraft and painter...want a be quilter :) Love the site, saw you via Blog Hop Sunday. from

Hey. You linked up to my sunday try it out blog hop. so I'm your newest follower. and I see your dog's name is Buster. Mine too. How awesome.

would love for you to follow me back.

Wow, you've been busy! That quilt shop looks like a dream :D

Wow, you've been busy! That quilt shop looks like a dream :D

Wow, a trip and a gift. How special and surprising. I can't even imagine going to a store with height like that for showcasing. Wow. Great photos. Loved the lambies.

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