Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Fun & Winners

The luck o' the Irish..

was with someone this weekend.. well actually just this morning, b/c we were gone out of town, and sick to boot, all weekend. :/

But we weathered that storm, and so last night, Mr. KG made traps with his dad to catch a leprechaun.. which had been our plan all along.. they just got delayed a bit over the weekend.

There are his three traps in the dining room, next to some gear things I got and haven't hung yet..  That trap in the middle is pretty sophisticated.. but the one on the right there.. I couldn't even figure out how to use it.. so it makes sense that the leprechaun would have to "get caught" in the one down there on the end.

Here is the leprechaun (found a Lego leprechaun man!) holding a sticky note with directions to the treasure.  I wish I had remembered to set it all up before it dinged into my mind at one a.m., as I had an appointment bright and early this a.m... grr.. ;)  Good thing I remembered at the last minute after they went to the trouble of making and setting the traps.

The trap that snared him..

..and the treasure hiding behind the couch.. I wasn't so creative so late at night with the treasure's hiding place was I.  Oh well.  Oh yah, and apparently the leprechaun that was caught at our house used to be homeless b/c he pushes his treasure around in a shopping basket.

(of course the treasure is all chocolate-hehe .. someone has to share with mommy and daddy..and a  small $ for his piggie bank to save. He is learning to save $)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Oh, yes, and the luck of the Irish was also with:

1.  Sunny
2.  Pia
3.  Kevin

Congrats!!  You've won my Blog Hop with Giveaways party so generously sponsored by Mad About Patchwork, Fat Quarter Shop, and Skye Reve Fabrics!!  I will be contacting you soon.

Hooray!  Hope you all had a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

fun post Kelli and congrats to your lucky winners.xx

Claire said...

oh that little green lego man is just too cute!

You are too much Kelli! Your son is going to appreciate all that you and your hubs do for him! That looks like too much fun, and I can't wait to see what becomes of the leprechaun trap! I can't believe I won?!?!?!?! Yahooooooooo!!!!!!!

Leanne M said...

That is such a great idea for St Patrick's Day. Will be filing that one away before my children get too old for such fun and frivolity. Congratulations to the lucky giveaway winners.

sunny said...

Cute post. I'm Irish, and I've never trapped a leprechaun before. How fun. Thanks so much for the prize!

Oh admit it, you were just sick after drinking all that Guinness ;o)

Congrats to Sunny, Pia and Kevin. Those are much better traps than we made.

Very cute! Glad the little guy got caught.

Tammy said...

Congratulatiosn to the winners. Thansk for hosting the giveaway. I love th idea of traps for the leprechaun. Very creative

Lisa Lisa said...

Cute leprechaun stuff! Congrats to the winners!

CeLynn said...

What a great way to make some precious memories! Not to mention all the quality fun time too :0)

Congrats to the three winners!

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