Monday, April 22, 2013

Opinions and Feedback Please!

I've been sewing like crazy today on my MIL's quilt that I'm making for her, and finishing in time for the "It's for the Birds" blog hop. 

I finally worked out the design of the quilt top after changing my mind a few times, and it includes this appliqued bird which I quilted on with a layer of batting underneath it.  

So my question is this.. should I give the bird an eye?

Here he is without an eye..

There's a little strip of batting under the branches, too.  The bird is made out of "crumbs" left over from another part of the quilt.

So I got out my grandmother's buttons..

and started searching through.. ended up dumping them out so I could see better, and look what I found?  

.an old bra clasp.. lots of button groups that were sewn together with string.. some on their original cards, and a wooden crochet hook..

They used to save everything!!  I really miss my grandma!  Anyway, I narrowed it down to a few choices..

bigger matching button

brown earthy colored button(excuse the white pin holding them on)

big white funky flowery button

more on the green side, flatter button

weird shaped metal button

..or just no button..?

Do you have a preference?  I can't decide yet.. Open to opinions! What do you think?

Someone asked me what kind of linen this was.. it's Robert Kauffman Quilter's Linen in straw dot.  It's been great to sew with.. I hadn't ever used linen before.  I like it!

I basically have the top all done, and the binding prepped, but this is all I'm going to show for now until the blog hop, b/c I need some help deciding.  Feedback on the bird appreciated!  I just need to get the backing fabric.  And decide whether I'm going to use a button or not for the eye before I quilt it.

I'd better run now.. dental appointment in the a.m. Ugh.  I have a near phobia of sharp dental things in my mouth so it will NOT be fun.. maybe I'll have some opinions to read here when I get out of there! Thanks for dropping by!!



Anonymous said...

Hi kelli i like the black eye but a bit bigger like the size of the aqua one,good luck.xx

Charlotte said...

Definitely yes to an eye, but how about embroidered?

I like the brown eye the best.

I like the second one :o) hugs

I like the brown button & I like the little bit of white from the pin head too. You could use white thread to add that little bit of perspective to give the look of reflected light. Well done using those little bits to create the bird - it's great!

Noela said...

I like the brown one and even like it with the white in the centre.( I know you said it is a pin but you could use a tiny bead.) Hugs.....

The brown earthy button looks best to me.

moira said...

i'd say either option #2 or #4 but defo add the eye

What a beautiful bird! I like it without a eye but if you really want one the brown is neat! Thanks for sharing.
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Mareenchen said...

Oh my, that's a tough one! I like it without an eye just as much as with the matchy one or the flat aqua one... Afraid I'm of no help. It's one darling bird either way, though!

Such a cute bird! I think I like the brown earthy button, but you have lots of options that would look good!

I vote for the second popped out at me without being over bearing

I like the brown earthy button! Such a cute birdy..

I like the brown with a touch of white (maybe the button and then a white colonial knot in the centre). I can't wait to see more of this quilt!

Diann said...

I vote for the brown earthy colored button.

Sarah_L_N said...

I like the brown earthy one too :)

Mhairi said...

Love the brown one. Or the first blue one. I really think it needs an eye. It looks lovely, I know your MIL will love it no matter what you decide.

He needs a french knot for an eye :)

My two cents - I like it with no eye, or the second photo, including the white center, maybe use a tiny white seed bead for the center? It adds depth and definition to the eye. Great job on the bird piecing!

Lisa Lisa said...

Wow! You asked for opinions and you got 'em! I like the brown one best! Def needs an eye!!! A bird's gotta see, ya know? ;)

I like the earthy brown one best. It's small so then it's not overbearing, but it still gives enough contrast so that you see it's an eye.

Charlene S said...

The tiny brown button makes the best impression on me.

When I seen the first picture without an eye, I thought a french knot would be a good eye, but when I seen the brown earthy colored button, that looked the best to me!

I like the first button but would move it a tiny little bit more to the front.

But I second the idea with embroydery too. Somehow I always catch some hair in buttons on sofapillows *ouch* and therefore avoid them on sofaquilts, too. Maybe that´s just me and I´m clumsy. :)

Hilachas said...

Kelli, I lke the brown/black button best. You could also embroider a little black eye.... It's lovely whatever you do.

Sewing Mom said...

I like the small brown, earthy button...I was actually thinking a seed bead would be great before you even shared the button options. =) Small is better, imo.

Sherry said...

I like the brown button the best. And having the white there makes the eye a little more "realistic".

The other buttons just seem to fade into the bird, IMHO.

Cool addition!

Renee said...

What a cute little bird! I vote the small brown button.

Hi Kelli. I would definitely choose the brown one.And maybe stitch it on with white or something to add sparkle? I really love your bird!

Googy Girl said...

i like the bird with an eye, and just to be different i really like the first button the deep blue/ green one

Carla said...

Well seeing you asked, I like the second pic with the tiny button ; )

I like the second button, the tiny dark one.
Such a charming project!

Love the scrappy bird made from ends of a project. My kind of bird. :) I also love the brown button. I liked the blue one until I saw the brown. I DO think it needs an eye or it will fly into a tree.

Back to folding brochures.....

Anonymous said...

love the first eye, and I agree that it needs an eye. Lovely fabrics and quilting!!!!

I think you should attach the bra clasp...............NOT! LOL How funny! I really like the second brown button for the eye. It adds contrast which I love. I can't wait to see this quilt Kelli!

I like the brown with the white centre :o)

Either option 1 or 2 with buttons.

quiltmania said...

The browny earthy button looks the most realistic.

I like the brown button best but maybe I would embroider the eye myzelf... :-)

Teresa said...

A definite yes to using an eye. I like # 2

Ir does need an eye - and #2 earthy brown works the best for me...but #1 is cool too!

~Laurie~ said...

I like the green flatter button - he definitely looks nicer with an eye :)

Jody said...

Like the brown one unless the rest of the quilt is funky, then the first one sewn on with dark brown thread.
Love the bird and branch!!

Christy said...

I like the second one too! Beautiful bird! I love making fabric from scraps - such an unusual look!

Nancy said...

You've probably already decided, Kelli, but I thought I'd stop by and give my opinion, too. I like the little bitty brown button. It seems just perfect to me. At first I thought, "Oh, not buttons. Use embroidery floss." But then I saw your buttons. Yeh, that little brown one works great. He's a beautiful little bird with all his fine scrappy "feathers."

Patti said...

Hi Kelli! Your bird is really fantastic, and I would chose the brown earthy eye too! Good luck with your decision!

sunny said...

Brown earthy button gets my vote!

Pat V. said...

I like the brown earthy button. What a great bird!

java diva said...

Well that' a lot of options! I think the very first eye you show just goes perfectly and really makes it pop!
I have been missing my granny myself this week. :/

Jeneta said...

Oh it's so cute! Definitely the small brown, earthy button for my household and I (we took a poll and there was a consensus!).

Tanya said...

I like the brown button. The bird looks great.

Claire said...

The brown eye - it looks like a real bird then. Very cute btw, well done.

Wendy said...

The bird is so gorgeous Kelli, it looks amazing made up of all the fabric pieces. I like the little brown eye too, hugs Wendy

Either no eye or the brown one with the pin in the middle! I too have a button collection from my grandma - same deal -- some grouped together with thread and all kinds of other interesting things!

Elisabetta said...

brown earthy colored button
but in my opinion it seems incomplete

Ann said...

I like the brown button or the green one. The bird looks wonderful.

Oh my gosh I love love the bird. It is incredible. The little brown is my pick.

SueAnn W said...

I like the small brown button..........:)

Anonymous said...

I like the brown eye myself... the white flower is a little creepy to my eye actually. But the bird is super cute with or without an eye!

Unknown said...

I liked the little blue button and when I saw the pin through it, I thought why not sew on the button then glue a little glass bead or pin end in the center.

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