Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Super Quick WIP Post..

..because I have been burning the midnight oil too much lately, and it's starting to catch up to me.  Plus, it seems, life has been full of appointments lately, and things that need done, on top of having a houseguest this week.  Albeit a very laid back, wonderful houseguest.. I just always stress about the cleaning, what to cook for dinner, are they having a good time.. that sort of thing.. so.. need more sleep!

Onto the WIPs.  Have added a block to my BOM collection..

..another one with the white/green dots background.  This one was the Riley Blake BOM April block.

I wish I had chosen a different fabric for the large yellow floral triangles, but oh well.. another live and learn moment. :)

And.. since I finished the owl so soon, and decided I had time to make something else for the blog hop in May, my MIL's quilt top has now been started.  Out of these fabrics..

..that I had been saving for her actually.. minus the weird brown one, plus a few others.  This is just the motivation I need to finally make her something.  I don't know how many months it has been since she asked me to. :/  But it WILL get done now. :)  And hopefully it turns out.. winging it without a pattern, but based loosely on the AMH feather block pattern.  LOOSELY being the key word there. :)  Here's another in progress photo..

If you look closely, there's a crossword fabric in there.. and some dots.  She loves dots and always has a book of crosswords out when we visit. :)

That's all I can show you of that one for now.  Just waiting for the background fabric to arrive so I can keep going and finish it for the hop!

Off to catch a few winks. Hope you're having a great week.



Nati said...

Lovely projects, look forward to seeing them finished at the hop. Visiting from Freshly Pieced!

Budsmam said...

I love your chevrons, very nice and calm. Your BOMs are so beautiful, fresh and spring like

Maria said...

Relax and enjoy your guest Kelli....
Lovely colorful blocks and I love what you are doing with your birdie fabrics....

beaquilter said...

Ive made a quilt in those fabrics :-) yours look cute

Love the BOMs! Pretty fabrics.

Lynette said...

ooo - I'm really liking the mix of the yellow and the green dot backgrounds together. :D And how fun to have that crossword fabric for her quilt.

Lovely work. Just enjoy the company. I am sure they are having a great time.

Carla said...

Very soft pretty chevrons. All your projects look beautiful.

Kelli said...

The new one for your MIL is going to look great!

Loving the way the Riley Blake BOMs are coming together! Hope you can enjoy the time with your houseguest :)

Linda said...

Your BOM blocks looks so fresh and clean, love them all. I hope you get some rest but enjoy your house guest too. Your MIL's quilt looks great. I know she will appreciate the crosswords fabric and dots. Great way to tell her you know what she likes...have fun.

I want those blocks! They are really great.

Studio V said...

I love the fabrics you chose for your blocks! Reminds me of summer!!

Hope you had a good nap!

Lisa Lisa said...

That was a super quick post? Goodness! Ha ha! Your blocks look awesome! Can't wait until we have all of our blocks done!

Renee said...

I made a quilt from that birdy fabric collection, but it is my least favorite quilt--so I like what you're doing with it a lot more! I do like your BOM blocks better on white, but I'm not much of a yellow person.

We are so much alike! I am hosting my parents this weekend, and have been cleaning, cooking, and making sure everything is in order for their arrival. I personally love your fabric choices for the large yellow floral, and I LOVE the fabrics you chose for your MIL's quilt. Can't wait to see more of it done! I got's work to do....as you know! ;-)

Wendy said...

You have been busy, I love the look of all your blocks, very bright and fresh. And your MIL's blocks are lovely too. xx

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