Thursday, May 30, 2013

Japanese x&+ Blocks

Since getting back from Portland, and finishing Mod GeoCruiser, I've finally been working on some Japanese x&+ Bee blocks.  Finally have the May blocks ready to mail off.  Now if I could only get my BOMs for May done before June 1st I would be back on schedule!

Here are the x&+ blocks that I have done so far:

These bee blocks are finally turning out the right size b/c I have FINALLY figured out the scant quarter inch seam!  Am I the last person on the planet to figure that out?  No wonder all of my blocks have always been smaller than they were supposed to be!  So relieved to catch on finally! ;)

I think this one should be an homage to the Centers for Disease Control, don't you? ;) hehe

Playing in my scraps for these blocks has been fun, but also mind blowing b/c I don't know HOW they multiply so fast.. they are so out of control right now..

It's driving me a little crazy, and ever since I made some crumb fabric for the bird on my MIL's "The Bird" quilt, I have been dying to make some more, so that's what I did this afternoon for about a half hour.  So fun!  Definitely will be doing more of this.  I'm envisioning a quilt called "Taking Out the Trash". Not trying to match or anything.. just grab and sew.

The time is getting closer for the Make it Right Challenge projects to go up on the Art Gallery Fabrics Pinterest boards.  If you're as excited as I am about seeing all of the projects, be sure you are following Art Gallery Fabrics on Pinterest.  You can follow them by clicking HERE. I caved the other day and posted a pic of my project on FB and Twitter if you want to see how it turned out. I have only shown little peeks on the blog but you can see the whole thing there.  But I will still wait to post the photos here until the contest goes live on June 7th.

Let's see..other randomness.. KG end of year program was last night.. I got emotional but didn't want to be the crazy bawling mom in the second row so choked back my tears the whole time and then ended up with a headache b/c of it.  Maybe I should have just let the dam burst!

You see, when I signed the consent form for chemo as a 19 year old, they told me the poss. side effects one of which was that I may never have kids..but that if they didn't treat me, I wouldn't be around to find out if I would or not.  So when I see him in moments like this, my heart overflows, and it all threatens to spill out of my eyeballs in the form of happy tears.  Joy.  Kindergarten went by so fast!!

Gonna link up with Really Random Thursday as this post is actually kind of random, and TGIFF, as I have finished my bee blocks for May! And Mod GeoCruiser (see FB or Twitter).  But I'll be posting all about it on June 7th. Oh, I'll be in Nashville, TN on June 7th.  Another random fact.  Visiting my bro and SIL and their new family member, Maude the Old English Sheepdog.  We are very excited to play with this big ball of fluff.

Thanks for dropping in to visit! Happy Thursday and if it's almost the weekend where you live, have a great weekend!


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Lisa Lisa said...

Your energy just wears me out, girl! Do you ever sleep? Love all of your bee blocks, but especially the CDC block :) About that scant 1/4" seam....I find it hard to scant :/ Is it just me?

What a great bunch of x & + blocks. I wanted to cry at my oldest daughter's kindergarten program too. In fact, I get choked up pretty often. It all goes by so fast so I want to cherish it all!

Unknown said...

Your blocks are wonderful. I save every scrap and my scrap bin looks like it just threw up on my floor. It's just overflows but I don't want to throw any of it away.

Anonymous said...

Kelli, first...congrats to you and your son and hubby on his KG graduation! That is so exciting. His first big accomplishment in school~!

I LOVE your X blocks and esp those fabrics! Really a favorite of mine! ♥♥♥

I have about 60 pounds of scraps...small scraps. I have no idea what to do with them. I could never use them all up!

Playing in scraps! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It's like a high to me! What a blessing you have in your life! Congrats on his kindergarten graduation! Enjoy the summer!

Liz said...

What a lovely post. I got choked up today watching my 3 yo show me her dance she learned at daycare. It was too cute. You have to love those moments. Nice blocks too BTW!

Such a lovely post! Thanks ever so much for helping me out with my block! Guess who has a 8' block now!!

Ally said...

I found you on Sew Many Ways. I'm new to quilting so thanks for the inspiration. I am now following you!

your blocks are so fun and colorful! I understand about the scraps. I feel certain that mind reproduce in my cabinet!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Carla said...

I want that dog! Your x and + are wonderful. I love those blocks every time I see them.

Sara said...

You proved them wrong with having that handsome son of yours! Terrific story! God is good!

Love,love,love that fluffy doggie lol

Aoife said...

I love the x and + blocks. I can't decide if the orange and teal or the mosnters and text is my favourite! Sewing up some crazy fabric from my scraps is kind of a brilliant idea. I'm going to keep that in mind :)

Your blocks look just fabulous - great colors on each of them!!

I am sure that there were a lot of moms in the same state you were at graduation. You certainly appreciate the moment more than others.

Hey Kelli,
I am loving these blocks. Especially the monsters one. Too cute! I figured out the scant 1/4" not that long ago, lifesaver.

Britt G. said...

I really love the Xand+ block design. I seem to see them everywhere now - they look like great blocks to use scraps with. In fact I recognize quite a few of the fabrics in your blocks that are sitting in my own scrap containers. :)

quiltmania said...

Each Bee Block looks so different, wonderful use of your scraps! Maude is almost as adorable as Buster. And your son finished kindergarten, where does the time go?

Ha, love the alien laden X and + block, and the latest pic of Maude is fab!

Beautiful blocks, and good luck with those scraps - but don't leave them alone, they'll mess around and reproduce!!

Whoop whoop!!

Love your bee blocks! The grab and sew idea is brilliant too! Thanks for linking up :)

Leonie said...

Oh Kelli - I could almost feel your joy burst out for your boy :) What an awesome moment :) and the blocks are great!

What a great post!! I love your +/x blocks, especially the CDC one! Maude is so cute!!!

Your blocks are BEAUTIFUL!! And I really like the grab and sew idea for your "Take Out the Trash" quilt. FAB IDEA!! Off topic: Do you have any suggestions for me? I'm a new sewer/quilter and I'd like to upgrade from my el-cheapo Singer sewing machine to something that's a bit smoother and has a larger throat for me to do some home quilting. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

CurlyGirlMom, you are a no reply blogger! And I don't see an email address on your profile, either, so if you don't mind can you leave it here or email it to me? Thx! :)

Love your x+ blocks.. Those are high on my to-do list. You just made me tear up when reading about chemo and your son. SO bummed we didn't meet in Portland.

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