Thursday, May 23, 2013

Make it Right Challenge Project

Still riding a bit of a Quilt Market high over here, but at the same time, frantically sewing to finish my project to enter into Art Gallery's Make it Right Challenge featuring the Angela Walters Textures Right Angle panel.

Today I finished quilting it, and now it just needs binding and pictures before I fill out the entry form and email the photos.  Here are a few sneak peeks. (Angela posted one on her blog today too.) I drew out something fun on graph paper about a month ago, and set out to make it, a first for me but so much fun.  (Just don't judge if my points are perfect, b/c well, they usually aren't) ;)

Any guesses yet?

It's a very unorthodox way to use a panel..I chopped it up basically and sewed it all back together.

I will post all about it soon.  I have seen a couple of quilts on Pinterest using the panels and they are all gorgeous!

Last but not least, I have a request..  I have a friend in Moore, OK whose house was heavily damaged in the tornado there, and while their family is okay, the nine year old daughter of their family friends did not survive the storm..such a devastating tragedy..  please keep them all in your prayers.  It would be so much appreciated.



Lisa Lisa said...

Chopped up fabric and sewed it all back together? I've never heard of such a thing!! Ha ha! It looks great! Can't wait to see it complete!

Hi Kelli, Okay...I am completely embarrassed that I didn't even ask your name at Market. But after reading Angela's post I clicked on your quilt and found you!! yay! Your challenge quilt was the first one that caught my eye. The colors are striking. You took the best photos at Market! and you got one of the cutest skirt in the world. I didn't get nearly that many photos and I haven't even posted the ones I took. I'm finally feeling back to normal after the weekend. Boy, what an experience, but so tiring. Looks like you and Beth had a great time.

Sorry to hear about your friend's friends. Did you know OKCMQG are running a quilt drive for Moore?

Kelli, I have been praying off and on all day, every day for the folks of Moore, OK. It breaks my heart that their community was so brutally devastated. I will continue to pray for them. If you have the girl's first name, it helps me focus more, but if not, they'll just be "the family". God will know who they are!

Can't wait for the big reveal! I was actually flying over the tornado in Moore, OK, and was diverted because of it. Prayers indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli...
I will pray for your friend's friend who lost a daughter...the saddest thing anyone could experience. I'm so sorry....

Maybe you could name your cut up quilt Moore for the twists and turns of the tornado. A memory quilt of sorts. I understand if I am out of line with this comment.

Love to you and prayers also~

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