Sunday, May 19, 2013

More fun at Quilt Market

The Hotness of Quilt Market.. and the Quilting Hottie button... who knew that passing out these buttons would be so much fun?!

Tula Pink, Tula's mom (I like to affectionately refer to her as "Mrs. Pink"--she was uber cool & so nice!), Angela Walters, Valori Wells, Scott Hansen, Rob Appell, were all wearing Hottie buttons.. everyone we met was so sweet and down to earth, and fun! It couldn't have been a better experience!  I wish I could have been there today for the show and for take down tonight. (Had to leave the show a little early Saturday, take the light rail to the airport and fly home last night..when you're flying standby for free you have to grab the flight that is open-ugh.) *sniff* But I really can't complain.

Beth was originally going to bring only 200 but I surprised her and ordered 400 more.. so glad I did! We started the show with 600 buttons and passed out almost ALL of them! (It wasn't a gimmick for QM either.. Beth has been passing them out for years at her trunk shows and lectures.) :)

In fact, Angela Walters WANTED a Hottie button, b/c she saw it on her friend.. so she came over to the booth, which was conveniently located right across from the Handi Quilter booth, where she did a demo, to get one. :)

Her demo was interesting and kind of made me want to try out one of those big beastly machines. :) It inspired me to try a little FMQ practice after I got home on my machine.. and I wasn't as intimidated.  Thanks Angela!  I might actually move on from straight lines yet!

I didn't realize that Valori Wells' family owns the Stitchin' Post in Sisters, OR until I listened to her School House presentation.  I visited there about ten years ago, and that is where I bought my first FQ set! So I think I can blame her for my fabric obsession. ;)  hehe  She was so sweet when I gave her a hottie button.. see the booth in the background on the left, the brown one?  Ours was about three over to the left from that.  Handi Quilter was right out in front of us, in an island booth. Valori's booth was gorgeous.

We had the rather "loud" booth in an otherwise sea of neutral colors, lots of brown, burlap, wool, etc.  Which is great.  They had GORgeous things, but.. which one of these is not like the others? haha It wasn't planned to be that way, but there it was.  The pennants I made came in handy!

We had soo much fun!!

I sure would have liked to give Hottie buttons to Amy Butler and David Butler, too, but missed them on the first day.  Didn't see them again after that.  Did see David at Amy's School House though, the day before Market opened.. he was about to talk about his new line.. I would say he's def. a Quilting Hottie..

Here is a pic of his display..

Katie Pedersen, of Sew Katie Did and co-author of the book Quilting Modern with Jacquie Gehring (Tallgrass Prairie Studio) came by the booth..

..and we were giving her a button and admiring her patchwork skirt that her friend made for her.. it was sooo cute!

She was so sweet, we had no idea who she was as her name tag was flipped around, and Beth asked her if she had a shop, and she said she was an author. Further into the conversation she said that she co-wrote a book with Jacquie Gehring, and they were doing a book signing down the aisle in ten minutes and we should come, WHAT?  Okay!!! Beth stayed in the booth, but they were so sweet, they gave me a signed copy for her, too! Thanks Katie!  And Jacquie was soo nice, I LOVE her.  I still can't get over her gun quilt and when I mentioned it, she told me it was recently in the Wall Street Journal! They were soo sweet. Here is Katie telling Jacquie that she recruited me from down the aisle to come to the signing. :)

I had the time of my life.. the most fun any mom can have when she "runs away from home with her girlfriends" for almost a week! :) I have so many pics it's unreal.. it was so much fun to just wander and take photos of all of the booths.  

I will close with a couple of photos of display quilts that were amazing.

I have a couple of fun ideas for future posts but feel like I need to get permission first to post the photos. :)  I'll work on it.  Until then, I'll be working on my Make it Right Challenge project and hoping that I get it done on time to enter.  

Thanks for reading, hope you've had a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by. I am home, having Market withdrawals now.. :/ Have a great week!



Lisa Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! You even got a couple of my Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild friends in your pic of Angela's demo (standing on either side of Tula)! I'll send them a link to your blog post :) I'm so glad you had a good time! Thanks for sharing your pics :)

quiltmania said...

Glad you had such a wonderful time. Sorry I didn't get by your booth, the two days we had on the floor were just so jam packed. We were probably in line together to get the quilting modern book, and didn't know it. Lol.

Raewyn said...

Wow - sounds like your time away was jam-packed with fun and adventure!! (hehe I just see Quiltmania's comment used the word jam-packed also!! I"ll leave mine in!).

Anonymous said...

Lisa sent me over to check out the picture of me and my new best bud, Tula Pink! Just kidding. :) Thanks for sharing this pic... what a great memento. We all look so serious!

It all sounds fantastic - wish I could have been there - but loving all the photos!

Just awesome Kelli! Looks like so much fun! Can't wait until I can 'run away' ;)

You had a great time and I love all the stories you had to tell. You must be on cloud nine. I know how it is flying stand by - one time I had to wait 10 hours at the airport. It isn't like it use to be. Usually the last fight of the day works, but I can't complain.

Patti said...

Sounds like you had a great time, Kelli! Thanks for sharing some photos with us!

WOW! I'm just about speechless. What fun, and great photos! We want MORE. LOL.

It looks like an amazing trip, and it's always good when you have the 'hot' freebies that everyone wants - free advertising :oD

Too funny about Katie Pederson!

java diva said...

What a great post! I saw your pin on IG and the poster said the grandma she saw it on didn't even realize it said hottie! She had been wearing it all that time clueless. I wonder what exactly she thought it said?? Quilting Hootie?? LOL

Wendy said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful time. It's been fun reading about and seeing the quilt market through your eyes :) hugs Wendy

LuAnn said...

Quilt Market looks like so much fun. Glad you enjoyed it!

Umm....I still have my pin and wear it everywhere (including to the kids' school and grocery store) lol and David deserves a quilting hottie billboard!!!!

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