Friday, May 17, 2013

Quilt Market Photos..

It officially opened today.. Day 1 of Market, but day 3 for us.  Beth got lots of good feedback on her School House presentation from people who came by the booth, and we passed out brochures, and cards and buttons, and then this evening, Kathy drove us to her house for dinner. She cooked us such a wonderful dinner, and her and her husband are just so sweet!  Hard to believe we only just met her on Wednesday!

Then.. it had to happen sometime as we're not getting that much sleep and have been on our feet for the better part of three days, but we finally lost it and spent about 30 min laughing uncontrollably while trying to talk to each other when we got back to our hotel room. Yes, we are grown women. haha  

Here are some pics of the day..

Michael Miller had this gigantic swan paddle boat in the booth..

..and I loved these lines..

Jodie from RicRac is here from Australia (I told her Hi for your Sharon!) and she brought her amazing selvage dress!!  I was so excited to see it in person.  I have drooled over it online for a long time now, and it is just so amazing.

I think I just might do a whole post on her booth b/c there were so many cute things in it and she is such a lovely person. (and her daughter too!) :) But seeing the selvage dress in person was def. a highlight of the trip!!

Bikes seemed to show up a lot.. which is kind of funny.. b/c I've had them on the mind a lot lately too.. you'll understand why eventually. ;)

Here are some more colorful and fun booths..

..lots of tissue flowers at Kanvas Studio..

Another bicycle.. :)

Henry Glass was all about going places.

This one was fun..

Tula Pink's booth.. again.. the amazingness of the butterfly quilt is unbelievable. She was signing books today and was so kind and accommodating, and witty, and fun with everyone she met.

This booth was sooo pretty!!

Everything in this booth is made out of batting, even the reindeer!

Here from Osaka..

Heather Bailey..

Off to sleep before another long day tomorrow.. I have to leave tomorrow to fly home, before the day is over.  Fortunately the light rail runs right past the convention center and straight to the airport, so I can leave from there.. This has been the most fun!  I hope Beth has lots of sales orders tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for her.

Thanks for checking in..


I LOVE seeing everything. How cool that you got to see Jodies dress in person. I live a few hours away and have never had the pleasure to see it in person. Thanks for saying Hi for me :o) Looking forward to your next post. hugs

Thanks for sharing these photos. They make me want to be there. I love that Mod girls, mod guys and urbanista collections.

Jody said...

Thank you for sharing a glimpse of market with us!

The looks amazing, super jealous! you'll have to explain that swan when you get back too!

Anita said...

I enjoyed this post. Thank you. :) I didn't know about RicRac so I am going to google her as I loved those stuffed animals.

For Anita

Looks like a lot of fun, I am drooling over some of the new collections being shown.

jodie said...

hahah, so funny when you said Hi to me from Sharon...My brain almost exploded.
market was so much fun, and I totally understand that crazy exhausted laughter you mention . the whole thing is so exhaustingciting that we kind of lose our minds.

jodie said...

oops that was me but my log-in thing has gone crazy

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