Monday, May 27, 2013

Ric Rac Designs by Jodie~More Market Fun!

One of my favorite parts of going to Quilt Market was getting to meet Jodie from RicRac.  Remember Reubenita the Fashionista?  Well, that was Jodie's Reuben pattern, and that was when I was first exposed to Jodie's awesomeness. I was so excited to see the original Reuben, from the pattern cover. :)

She and her daughter traveled all the way from Australia to come to Quilt Market.  And they were so much fun to talk to..  telling us about the little quirks they find in our American culture and how they differ from those Down Under. Here they are setting up their booth.. just wait until you see it all done!

Before I go any further, I should say that I have drooled over this one particular google-famous selvage dress for a really really long time.. 

I had never put two and two together re: who made the dress, I have just always admired it.  Don't remember where I first saw it.. it might have even been this post on Jodie's blog back in 2008..I can't remember.. but I still didn't put it together that SHE was the one who made THE DRESS!! Such an amazing piece of artistry. 

Well, imagine my utter shock when I went back the next day to say hi to Jodie and her daughter (recognize the girl in the dress?) and saw it in the booth!!  In PERSON!  My jaw hit the floor!! I was so excited to see it in person, and to find out that it was Jodie who made it!  Truly one of the best moments of the trip!

Of course the rest of her booth, and seeing all of her other creatures in person was lots of fun too.  Her patterns are great, and easy to follow, and oh so sweet!! I kind of wanted to stay there and play all day. :)

Really, they are so sooo cute!!

So many to pick from!

I realize now that I never made Reubenita a boyfriend, like I had planned to, maybe I should work on that.

Or try a different one of Jodie's patterns.

It was such a pleasure to meet her in person and her booth was so colorful and adorable and amazing!!

Love, love!!

I heard from my blog friend Sharon at Lillabelle Lane that Jodie has made it home from Market safe and sound, and if you'd like to see how some of Jodie's patterns make up, you should visit Sharon's blog b/c she sews up lots of RicRac patterns into the cutest things!!!

You can also visit Jodie at her blog, Vintage RicRac.  I will leave you with one last pic of the dress, which contains donated selvages from all over the world. It really is so amazing.  *swoon* My picture doesn't do it justice at all!

Thanks for popping over for a read. :)  Have a great week!



Angela said...

What a fun booth to visit! I especially love the elephant:)

Angela said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa Lisa said...

How cool that you got to meet your blog friends, especially from Down Under! I LOVE that dress!! Maybe THAT's what I'll make with all my selvages. Hmmmm.....

Joy said...

Oh my gosh.. I saw that booth, i loved the dress!

Joy said...

Oh my gosh.. I saw that booth, i loved the dress!

What a fun post. I think you should make a "super Monkey" I have another planned :o) Thanks for sharing your market adventures. hugs

Wendy said...

Her booth looks gorgeous and the dress is amazing. Lots of cute patterns for you to choose from, I wonder what you will make?? Hugs Wendy

Raewyn said...

So much fun!! Yes I remember your Reubenista and how cool to see the original and all her playmates/pattern mates. And wow amazing to see the dress in person- it really was real!!

Melody said...

How fabulous to see our Aussie Jodie on your blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli,
Yes, Jodie's booth was lovely! The booth looks like a Story Book...where all the characters in the books are there for the meeting. So fun~

You are so right about that dress~ A whimsy of a fairtale dress! Love it too~ ♥♥♥

Equal opportunities for all, who says Reubenita's boyfriend has to be a donkey? I feel sure she wants to date that superhero monkey...

I am SO jealous! Yes, Reubenita needs a boyfriend and though Katy's comment made me laugh, I think it has to be a donkey as donkeys rock! ;)

That is an amazing dress! And the whole booth is just lovely! It sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

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