Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Family Treasure

Seeing all of the old family quilts while we were on vacation the last couple of weeks, made me even happier to come home to this family treasure. A tumbling blocks pattern made into stars.  I have a blurry pic of it posted under my favorite quilts tab but I thought that it's about time I tried to take a decent photo of it.  I still don't think my photo does it justice.

It was pieced, parts of it by hand, and parts of it by machine by Rosa B. Robertson, who was born in 1895 in Missouri, and lived until 1971 when she passed away near Kansas City, MO.  "Aunt Rose" was my grandmother's aunt.  Making her my great-great-aunt? I wish I could have known her...

I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.  Maybe that's when I became fascinated with quilting.. I don't remember how old I was but it was a folded up quilt top in my grandma's drawer. It was finally quilted by hand by my grandma and my mom and anyone else who happened to come over and help, maybe 20 years ago now?  Not so sure on the time.  I just remember them hand quilting it in my grandma's family room where she would have her quilt frames set up.  1x2's and clamps.  Thumb tacked to the frame.  Old school.

I don't know what fascinates me more about it.  I love the red.. I love that the top was pieced partly by hand and partly by machine, and that it was pieced four generations ago.. I love everything about it.  Most esp. all of the fabrics.  So amazing. 

They are all scraps I'm sure.. some of them look like they could have been work shirts, some pajamas maybe, some dresses.. who knows.

Everything from gingham to polka dots to.. this?  Who wore this, I wanna know! :) I kind of love it.

I wonder what decades they are all from.. I never get tired of looking at it.

It makes me think of Tula Pink's upcoming Diamonds in the Sky quilt pattern that will be coming out in a kit soon.  :) 

(It will be available at the Fat Quarter Shop Sept. 2013).  She had the original at Quilt Market and it is sooo gorgeous!!!

I'm proud of Aunt Rose, her artistic eye, and her industriousness in saving all of those scraps, cutting them and piecing them into something so gorgeous. 

I was so thankful and honored to have it come live at my house when my grandma gave it to me a couple of years before she passed. 

I should probably make a label to put on it so that future generations will know who pieced it etc.

And I love that my mom and my grandma stitched on it.  It's my favorite family treasure!!

Thanks for letting me share it with you!!!

Hope you're having a great week!!


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Anonymous said...

wow Kelli this quilt is awesome and i love that it has history,enjoy and thankyou for sharing.xx

Kelli, I see and understand why you love this quilt. I love it too. I'm so happy that you have it to enjoy.

Lisa Lisa said...

Great story! You def should make a label for it. Such an awesome quilt with great memories :)

Nedra said...

That really is a wonderful quilt, Kelli. Such a family treasure with so many generations contributing.
We have another connection. My mother's side of the family is from Lawrence, Kansas, not far from Kansas City, Mo. Both my parents graduated from KU

Jody said...

Thank you for sharing this treasure and its story! Definitely document the history on a label.

You have to make a label for it. It really is a treasure and its so great to see it with someone who fully appreciates it. hugs

Gene Black said...

I agree - That is one gorgeous quilt!

YES!! make a label and attach it post haste! Beautiful quilt -- it needs it's story.

Wow, Kelli! That is a wonderful treasure. Sew much to look at. Sew much to think about. I agree... Adding a label is a must! PS. That green pieced star... Looks like some hippie tie dye shirt! Love it!


I am so glad you shared it! It really does prove that every "modern" design has its roots in our shared quilting history. There is truly nothing like a scrappy quilt for making you ruminate for hours about where each and every piece came from. Love that. I am so glad your mom and grandma and others quilted it -eventually. :) It almost makes it even MORE authentic that it was a UFO for a while, too. :)

sunny said...

It truly is a treasure! Now go make that label. Today. Now.

Kelli, absolutely beautiful, plus a real story behind it! The material looks so good to be that old - of course, old clothes were probably made more sturdy bad in the day ;-) Awesome heirloom.

You are so blessed to have that family treasure.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! You have a wonderful family treasure. Thanks for sharing.

marilyn said...

that is a gorgeous quilt and you are quite the lucky one to get to own it. Yes, do put a label on it so future generations will know the story. I just love looking at the stars and the pattern of the tumblers. I should make something like that one day for my kids.

CeLynn said...

What a wonderful Treasure it is! Yes it Needs a label for sure! This looks remarkably close to the pattern by Tula Pink,funny how everything old sooner or later comes back around. Thank you so much for sharing :)

What an incredible family treasure. I love the story behind how it was made and finally finished. Thank you so much for sharing!

quiltmania said...

Aunt Rose's quilt is wonderful, you are so lucky to have it!

What a beautiful quilt, and a beautiful story to go with it! Thanks for sharing it!

Beautiful. So glad you have this and more glad you shared. Thanks!

Wow, Kelli, are you fortunate to have inherited this wonderful treasure! And I see it was put into the right hands because you will cherish and take care of it before you pass it on. Thanks for does, indeed look like the Diamonds in the Sky pattern.

Lovely quilt! I have the quilt my great grandmother made, and gave to my parents when they were married. I remember my great grandmother well (she died when I was 18). Special quilts from special people.

jen said...

What a gorgeous quilt Kelli and so personable!
Hope that everyone is doing well!

Stephie said...

Wow Kelli, how amazing! And you must make a label, then it'll have been stitched by four generations, how incredible will that be! Can't imagine what it's like to have such a treasure, lucky old you :)

Stephie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ann said...

What a wonderful story and quilt. You know so much about the creators of this family treasure. Please add a detailed label and enjoy it with your own family. This is how they learn to treasure the past.

Fabulous quilt! I love looking at the old fabrics and how they have inspired new fabrics. Is it just me or does that pink one remind you of pearl bracelets:)

What a great heirloom!

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