Thursday, June 20, 2013

A finished quilt top..just in time!

Our trip is almost over!!

Two weeks ago, we flew to Nashville, last week we drove with my parents from TN to Southwest MO, and tomorrow we're driving up to KC, MO to visit for a couple of days before flying home to CA.  It's been a great summer trip so far, complete with a little sewing thrown in on my mom's 1961 Singer Slant-o-Matic 503. (the Rocketeer)

I managed to whip up a quilt top, queen size, for my mom to use on her bed. Here it is spread out over a full size bed.  Maybe next time I visit, we can get it quilted.

It all started when I felt the urge to play with her vintage 1961 Slant-o-Matic, aka, the Rocketeer. :D Hers is the 503a, I believe.  

Check out this old Singer ad that I found. ha!

So I took the stack of rectangles..

..that I found in the scrap drawer..

..and just started sewing. And before long, they were one big, long string.  Rolled around an old spool of thread.

Sewn into horizontal rows of three..

..with six inch rows of sashing in between each one.  A scrappy, utilitarian quilt it will be when it's done.  So fun to just play with scraps with no pressure or plans and see where they take you. Fun vacation sewing! Feels good to make something useful out of something that was otherwise just hanging out in the drawer. :D

Our trip is almost over, and it's kind of bittersweet.  We've had such a good time visiting my family, but it will be nice to get back home.  We are seriously having Buster and Daddy withdrawals.  My hub didn't get to come this trip due to his work schedule. :(  I will leave you with the latest, cutest pic of Maude the Old English Sheep-puppy.  So glad we got to meet her in person in TN! :D Look at those fluffy feet, and giant black button nose, and mussed up hair. So cute.

Have a great weekend, and the next time we talk it will be from *Home Sweet Home* in Calif. :) Thanks for coming along on my vacation!


p.s. One week left to vote in the Make it Right Challenge, if you already voted for Mod GeoCruiser, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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Melody said...

Fabulous quilt and gorgeous puppy pic.

Nedra said...

Look at that Slant O' Magic machine! Great googly moogly! I'm having visions of Back To The Future. How nice you could do some quilting on your vaca.
Have safe travels home.

what a lovely has been a long time since I took a road trip in the USA.....I do drive to see my kids once a year about 600miles but long long ago in my youth I drove 2000 miles across country! Ah...youth......your scrappy quilt is perfect!

Carla said...

Very fun looking sewing machine! Enjoy the last few days of your holiday. Hope you can get your top quilted. That puppy is just too adorable .

so pretty! that's a lot of traveling but fun I'm sure! love the quilt!

I love it! It's fun to sew on old machines isn't it? I have a Singer Touchtronic 2001 (circa 1978 I believe). It's in my basement, but I use it when my regular machine is in the shop :)

Glad to see you had a great time sewing while on holiday. Must have been quite relaxing. And don't forget the best part of going on vacation --- is getting back home!

I absolutely love your 'scrappy' me, those are the best kind. I'm sure your mom will love it forever, it will be so fun to see it after it's quilted. Have a good rest of your trip. :)

Scrappy quilts are just so awesome, and anytime you get to play on a sewing machine like that is totally awesome!! You should hop over and link up to Needle and Thread Thursday if you get a chance. It's my new link party for quilting/sewing!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Stephie said...

Just love that red dress in the Singer ad!! And your quilt top's pretty ace too :) Safe journey home.

bestjlb said...

Looks like you've had a fun, busy and productive visit! I'm in Bowling Green, Kentucky, just an hour north of Nashville, so we've been neighbors for the last little bit!
Love your vacation quilt-scrappy is best-and I have already voted for your Mod GeoCruiser!
Have fun and safe travels! Oh, love that fuzzy pup, too!

Anthea said...

I have enjoyed your vacation Kelli, great job on the quilt top!!

Thanks so much for linking this awesome project to Needle and Thread Thursday!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Your photos are wonderful! That machine looks great and I love the way you made a quilt out of rectangles that were just lying about in a draw. And the puppy is adorable! Safe trip home :)

OMG!! I think my mother had that machine!!!

Maudeis too cute! I am a sucker for a sweet pup, face.

Cat said...

this to me is honest true patchwork!
love it

Bess said...

I love the yellow in between the rectangles. I think I'm going to need to do a butter yellow quilt next, it's the new neutral! I have my first sewing machine in my mum's basement, a manual Singer - you've inspired me to get it up and running!

Heidi said...

Great quilt, it really came together well! And even better since you shared its process.

oh, how fun! and your choice of the yellow is perfect. it adds to the retro feel! this looks like it could have been made 30 or more years ago. =)
thanks for the photo of the machine. it. is. awesome! love it.

did you see what i found in my grandma's sewing case? posted it thursday.

bye-bye, nashville. my family lived there for 15 years, i went to high school there. love that town! miss it.

Oh I love tat sewing machine! Great quilt!

A lovely quilt, I'm sure many memories will be revisited with the fabrics used. I can't get over your Mom's machine, a true piece of art.
Maude is marvelous, such a sweetheart!
Have a safe trip home :)

java diva said...

I just saw that machine at an estate sale! Dirt cheap too. I considered it but passed because it had wheels or cartridges that went with it I think for different stitches. I think. I am too scared to use old machines. :(

Well I do hope you wore a dress like that when you were sewing on it!

I love Maude...

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