Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bazaaro World Version of Tula Pink's School House.. aka Did Angela Walters really sing the National Anthem?

I heart Tula Pink & Angela Walters! (and not just b/c they have both pre-approved the posting of all of the following photos; click here for info about Tula's book, and here for info about Angela's new fabric line, Legacy)

But when I got home and looked through my QM photos again, I got to thinking.. what would Tula Pink's School House presentation look like on Bazaaro Planet in Bazaaro World? this alternate quilting universe...

I think that Angela would definitely be upset when Tula called her up to talk about her awesome quilting and maybe even give her the silent treatment.  Why?  For interrupting her nap of course!  Because in Bazaaro World, naps rock!!! (They rock here too, most esp. if you're a mom!)

But AW is cool, even in another universe, so she would quickly get over it and regale us with a rousing rendition of the National Anthem. :D

And Tula would burst into laughter upon hearing AW sing and excuse me but shouldn't she have her hand over her heart? ..And one should never chuckle during the Nation Anthem.. not even in an alternate universe.

Not to be outdone, Tula would dim the lights and give us an emotional performance of Ave Maria. Paired with the beauty of her quilts, we would all be in tears.

Then b/c you can do anything you want in Bazaaro World and we are a captive audience, she would turn the lights back up and give her life long dream of Stand-Up Comedy a try.  We could all use a laugh, and Tula has a great sense of humor in all worlds!

Who knew there would be hecklers there??  Bazaar ones of course... Tula would not be happy about this!

The comedy would go on for a bit b/c there are so many bazaar things to make fun of in Bazaaro World..

Don't heckle her again, ma'am don't do it!!  She's gonna throw the book!!! ...or.. spit on you?? That would definitely win the Bazaaro Mirror Ball Trophy.

I think at that point, Angela would have to intervene in order to keep the show rollin'. (as Tula tells the heckler to meet her in the alley after it's over.)

..And just when Tula finally calms down, Angela suddenly lets us  have it for asking too many questions.. 

..Then --another stunner-- she admits that she really hates quilting..

..esp. talking about it, and sometimes, when she's head-bangingly bored, she quilts with her eyes closed for kicks. (and it STILL turns out amazing!)

Tula is appalled at Angela's admission.. and we are all in disbelief! What is going on?  Where ARE we?! How did we get here?

But...even in Bazaaro World, I'm sure this imaginary School House would end with Tula telling us all to "sit back down, please, no standing ovations, you're embarrasing me!!"  And Angela would admit that it was all a hoax and she really loves quilting after all.. and we would all leave happy.

Because they are that sweet.  And THAT talented. :o)  

Now THAT would be one OUT OF THE BOX roller coaster School House!!!  :o)  

But you know what?  Of course I made all of that up and both of them couldn't be more lovely, gifted, fun, gorgeous geniuses.."genii"?..Quilting Hotties.. who teach and mentor and entertain, and share their talents and artistry with us. Oh yah, and they are really great sports!!  When I emailed them the preview of this post and asked if they wouldn't mind if I posted all of these pics they both got back to me within the hour, thought it hilarious and said go for it.. thanks guys!! :D

It was one of the highlights of the trip to PDX getting to meet them both and Tula and Angela, I apologize for failing miserably to get a fabulous photo during School House!  I am obviously the worst photographer ever with the worst timing!  But I do like that my accidental photos show that you are real people with real expressions who are passionate about what you do! :o)

And Tula, thank you for signing a copy of your book for my friend Lisa, who had an opportunity to go to QM and help out but couldn't due to conflicting travel plans.. 

Lisa was soooo sad and disappointed to not be able to go, (she may or may not have cried..just saying) and Tula personalized this to Lisa, after I told her the story..  She could have easily just written "to Lisa" but she went above and beyond.. and Lisa was over the MOON!

Really, if any of you ever have the opportunity to go and help out at Quilt Market (or sneak in or mail yourself there in a crate) you should jump on it.  You will feel like the mother-ship has called you home. :D  I said it before, and I'll say it again, if I had been a trekkie, and this had been a Star Trek convention, I would have been in costume. Not even joking.

Okay, I promise to stop the QM posts sooner or later as you are all probably sick of them by now. Who am I kidding?  You probably stopped reading QM posts long ago, and I am just writing to myself. ;)

If you did stop by for a read, thanks a million!  And I will blog about things other than QM from now on. :D  If you made it all the way to the end of the post, you may or may not receive a mirror ball trophy in the mail. ;)



OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-K Someone's been sniffing too much basting spray, or fabric or something? That, or someone received high honors in high school for original oratory? Perhaps someone has told a few stories to a particular little boy that just graduated KG??? LOL YOU! ARE! HILARIOUS! LOL

Haha! (How sweet of you to email the girls first. Laughing and reading I admit I was slightly worried about them.)

I enjoy reading stories about Quilt Market because the chances that I´ll go there are minimal (no matter where it is - it´s always on the other side of the world boohoo) so the summaries and pics at blogs are as close as I will prob. ever get :) and I loved your special story!!!

Jody said...

Great post--I was entertained to the end!!!

Thanks for the giggles! I wish i could write stories like that!

Thanks for the sillies, looks like you had a great time and it's good of you to let us in vicariously :)

Quietly calls for the men in white coats with those lovely jackets that let you hug yourself... ;o)

mascanlon said...

Such a fun way to start my AM. A little messy though since I was drinking coffee and the first joke caught me by surprise. I do hope to get a chance to hit market someday but for now I enjoy working a couple of shows a year with the amazing Julie of @jaybirdquilts, good buddy of Angela and Tula, in fact I think she is behind one of the quilts being held up!

quiltmania said...

Lol! Glad you had so much fun at Market. Really, you can keep blogging about it, I don't mind. Maybe you'll convince a few others that by hook or by crook, they have to go!

Oh please don't stop writing about QM - today's post was hysterical!!! Good with fabric as well as words!! Thanks for painting such a fun picture with your words and pictures :)

Marcia W. said...

Please do not alter your writing. I've hunted and hunted for a place to find the book --- and right there you gave me the location. Golden! I did read all the way to the last hillarious sentence -- then reread the whole post again. So, you can bet that I'm expecting that deco light you promise in this post! ... or at least something as awesome as the light.

Marcia W. said...

Thanks for the Quilt Market recaps that I enjoy reading so very much - seriously.

I read every bit of it...thanks for the laugh!!

Nita said... which Trekki character would you dress up as, anyway? Inquiring minds want to know!

Nicky said...

Angela told me to read this (on her blog - not me personally) - what a hoot! Think I need your alternative world at times - just to lighten the mood!

Danielle said...

Thanks for the laughs! Funniest blog post I've read in ages!

Marcia W. said...

What do I need to do in order to receive a mirror ball trophy? seriously please

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