Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Scrappy Fabric-Making and a teeny tiny Pin Wheel

After I started making some "scrappy fabric" late last week, I found it to be addicting, and continued right over the weekend and am still "crumbin' away".. notice the tiny pin wheel on this chunk of fabric?  It is about 1.5 in. square and is made from the small triangle scraps trimmed from my x and + blocks. :o)  I like that a tiny pin wheel is hiding in the chaos of the scrappy fabric.

There are even a couple of Mod GeoCruiser handle bars in the one above, do you see them?  You will understand all about that on Thursday, when the Make it Right Challenge projects are up on the Art Gallery pinterest boards! :) 

Here are a couple of chunks that I haven't cut into blocks yet..

They have some HSTs in them that are made from the triangles trimmed off of the Mod GeoCruiser, too.. I'm glad I found a use for those tiny triangles.  And I'm glad there are no rules, and there's no measuring (or pinning!) needed when you make your own scrappy fabric!!

So far I have three 12.5 in blocks, one 8.5 in block, six 4.5 in blocks and a couple of 2.5 in blocks.

Even using all of these scraps, it doesn't seem like I've even made a dent in ONE section of my hanging scrap basket but the pile has gotten smaller, believe it or not! That scrap basket is like a clown car, you start taking out the scraps and they just keep coming and coming.

Much like my purse when A was about two years old and would want to take a hot wheel (which would end up in my purse)with him every time we left the house.  One day I decided to empty out my purse (a smallish purse, too!) and I'm not kidding, I ended up getting 25 hot wheels out of my purse.  I don't know where they came from but they kept coming out.. no wonder my shoulder was hurting lugging that purse around!  

I am sure I will have all of the "fabric" needed to make the blocks I need for the quilt that I have drawn out for them. Just out of that one little section of the basket!  The quilt is going to be  called Trash to Treasure, and it will be half cool and half silly, and be the perfect everyday couch quilt.  It may not be "perfect" perfection but it will be perfect for the role it will play in our family room. :o)  It will be a can with scraps flying out of it and dripping out of it. :o)  I don't think the word "scrap" will actually be on the quilt..

I will leave you with a photo of the blocks of scrappage that I have cut out so far pinned up next to the x and + blocks..

..and a couple of other photos..

Here are the tiny triangles and some other tiny pieces that I chained together the other day.. 14 feet of them. :o) Perfect activity if you want to spend some QT with your sewing machine but don't want to think much.. or at ALL. ;) See the tiny little pink/black&white one inch square on the end over on the lower left?  Four of those are what made up the tiny pin wheel.

Look! Sock Monkeys! :)

No Scrap left behind. 

Not one.  Not even if it's hideous.

Oh!  And look what came in the mail yesterday! Woohoo!  Another Right Angles panel, from Angela Walters, thanking me for participating in the Make it Right Challenge.  I was so excited! Thanks Angela! 

Now I'll have to think up another project to make with this one, and this time I can use whatever fabrics I want with it! (only Pure Elements solids were allowed with it in the challenge.)  When I originally ordered the first panel for the challenge, I couldn't find it anywhere, the only place I found it in stock was at The Intrepid Thread, and it was bundled with a FQ set. So the FQs have been just sitting there feeling left out! Not anymore! :)

Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to go over and follow Art Gallery Fabrics on Pinterest so you can see and vote for your favorite Make it Right Challenge projects on their boards on Thursday. :o)


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Melody said...

Just brilliant, Kelli. Your story about the cars in your purse made me smile. It used to happen to me and now I have grandsons it's happening all over again. I usually find the cars in my pockets.

Jeneta said...

LOVE your little pinwheel! Actually, there are so many things I love about this post - the photo of your fabric scraps, your grid paper sketch of your quilt (such a fabulous idea!), the photo of the blocks you have cut out so far (I just made a Bee block of the Japanese X and +!) and reading about all the cars you were lugging around in your purse (I totally related to that!!). I feel like working on my scraps too - I quite like being able to sew all the bits together while thinking about other things.

Nicole said...

The pinwheel is cute, Kelli! I too am trying to work my way through my scraps. I can't wait to see where you take this quilt!

HMMMMMMM..........methinks someone is becoming addicted to scraps like someone else I know! Isn't it fun?!?!?!?!?

The scraps together look fantastic! I need to do something with mine. I may think of something for the back of the Japanese x and + quilt as I seem to generate a lot of scraps!

Paula said...

I love the scrappy blocks!

And the back-seat of my car is the catch-all place for my great niece. When I take her home she gathers up three or four things to take with her (sometimes her things, sometimes my things), but when she gets home she (usually) leaves most of them in the car.

Loving the DIY fabric, looking forward to seeing the final reveal. Man, my mum was really mean though, she made me carry all my toys!

I love your scrap quilt idea and can't wait to see more!

Cat said...

WOW look at all those scraps made into something beautiful

Tammy said...

Absolutely beautiful scrappy fabric. Look at all those amazeing colors. So pretty. How come everyone else's scraps allways look better than ours.

Anonymous said...

What a fun way to use up some scraps :D I just keep giving mine away if I start to feel overwhelmed by it! (Just about every new quilter I know or person making something in a specific colour palette who wants some new fabrics to add gets offered a part of my scrap pile. It fits into one smallish drawer (maybe 1 square foot?) and I don't want it to outgrow the space!

Anthea said...

Kelli the cars story made my smile - my son did that with lego figures!
Great way to use up every tiny scrap, I am looking forward to seeing your progress with it all x

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