Monday, June 17, 2013

Still on Vacation; Visiting the Family Scrap Drawer

Since my last post was about the vintage family quilts, I thought I would post about the family scrap drawer this time.. My mom saves EV.ERY.THING. :) So she has this drawer with different sizes of squares already cut, big and small, and rectangles.  She also still has her 1960's cabinet Singer sewing machine.

This is the machine I learned to sew on. :)

So when I saw all of the scraps in the drawer, from the 80's and 90's, and a few from the 60's and 70's when my mom used to sew a lot of clothes..

..I thought it'd be fun to sew some of them together.. so I took this stack of rectangles and just started sewing them end to end. For lack of a better plan.

And before long I was swimming in a long string of rectangles..

But finally I had sewn them all together, end to end, and I'm pretty sure they would have reached all the way around the house!

I had to roll them around an old spool of thread to keep them organized and from knotting up..

My mom and I layed them out on her bed last night and cut them to length to make a queen size scrap quilt.

Now they are waiting to be sewn together in groups of three, two of them are done, and there will be eight.

They will be sewn alternately with rows of yellow in between.. kind of like this..

So hopefully before we have to leave, it will be a queen size quilt top.

Still having a good time, may get to go and visit my cousin and her family on her farm, near here later this evening.  Word has it that they have a baby calf that they are bottle feeding right now. *swoon*..  I think A would really like that.. and if not I will I'm sure.  I am missing my big furry beast of a dog right about now! Having Buster withdrawals.

Hope you all have a great week ahead!!!  Thanks for coming by!



Oh - what fun to be sewing with your Mum! Looks like quite a project with all those memory filled scraps! What a fabulous sewing machine - it has a definite look of the times!

Jody said...

Love the machine! And the fact you just dove in and started sewing with no specific plan and are ending up with quilt tops! Great!!!

Loved to see your family quilts (wish we had a quilt history here!) and your Mom´s scraps! Prescious memories.

Lisa Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! How fun is that!?! Can't wait to see the finished top :) That sewing machine is awesome!

Nita said...

What a treasure that quilt will be!

i love it! and it makes me feel like i can just keep a pile of stuff for later. the girls may want to use it someday. i keep old clothing items of theirs with the hopes of a quilt someday when they're grown.

Anthea said...

What a fabulous way to use all the rectangles Kelli, just wonderful, and the yellow will just right between those fabrics... so clever!!
The sewing machine of your Mum's has a 'Jetson' look, goes to show the age of it, my Mum's is around that age too

Oh My Gosh! Your mother has a 'rocketeer' sewing machine. That is a great machine. I'm hoping to get one, one of these days. Glad you are getting some sewing in. Hope the calf was as cute as it sounds. I used to love playing with the calves at my grandfathers place.

Out of chaos you bring order :)

Way to help her scrap bust lol

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