Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Vacation~Visiting Old Family Quilts

We have been on vacation visiting my bro & SIL in Nashville, TN and while there, I noticed these beauties which belong to my SIL.  I love old family quilts that are passed from generation to generation..

This double wedding ring was so cool with all of its scraps--so much work in has a couple of rust stains, and the binding is a bit tattered.

We have been gone a week, and I am missing my scrap bin right about now.. Look at these baskets.. with the blanket stitching around the edges of the flowers and the embroidery on them.  And all of the hand quilting..

So cool!  Turquoise and red even, check out that sashing.. :)

Mr. Sonny got his best night's sleep with his Mickey Mouse under this quilt.. Sometimes when he's sleeping I catch a glimpse of the tiny thing he used to be.. growing up so fast.. :/  I love all of the prints in this quilt!

After four days, we left Nashville  and headed to Joplin, MO and are now visiting my parents for about a week, before we head to KC, MO for three days to visit my other brother and his family before heading home.  At my parents house, I am reminded of my grandmas and great-grandmas around every turn.

Mr. Sonny is sleeping under this log cabin, which was falling apart so bad that my mom rescued it and turned it into two pieces.  A lap quilt and a mat for the top of the dryer..

Happy Launderizing..

This quilt is on one of the extra beds..

Everything is so scrappy.. they used to sew all of their clothes, and then use up whatever they had left in quilts out of necessity.. I love that nothing went to waste, and that they made such beautiful things with very little.  Quilting history fascinates me.  And all of the hand quilting is beautiful.

I am sleeping under this beauty.. so gorgeous.. love all of the old scraps. Another scrappy double wedding ring..

And then I hunted this down in my mom's linen closet to have another look at it.  My great grandmother on my dad's side made it so so long ago, she always called it a Little Dutch Girl quilt, another name for Sunbonnet Sue. :D  Sunbonnet Sue isn't my favorite pattern in the world, but this one I love because of where it came from.. 

and I love all of the fabrics in the dresses, and the variations of the embroidery on the bonnets.

Some just have bows, some have only a band, and this one has some extra flowers. :D

Here's the hand quilting from the back.. 

*swoon* I love old family quilts.. I always wonder what was going on in the lives of the women when they were sewn together/quilted, and where all of the fabrics came from, or what they might have been in their former life.

Thanks for dropping in!!  We are having a fun summer vacation and family visit.  I will be ready to attack some more scraps when I get home for sure!

Oh, and we got to meet and visit with Maude the Old English Sheep-puppy.. she's five months old now and she is the sweetest, softest, fluffiest girl!  (it made me really miss Buster!!!)

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!!



Scrappy vintage yumminess!!!!

What a joy to be surrounded by all those beautiful quilts. I love the mint green fabric with the squares. I am hand quilting at the moment, it is relaxing but I won't want anyone taking a photo of my stitches.

Bev C said...

Hello Kelli,

Love the quilts, having them as family treasure's just adds to the delight. There is something special about the designs and fabrics used and all the hand quilting.

Happy days.

Oh Kelli they are gems, wonderful memories in fabric of the past. I love vintage scrap quilts. They speak to me. Your family has some beauties there.

sunny said...

Loved seeing all the old family quilts. Someday I should do a post about dh's 2 quilts! Hope you're having a grand time....

Lisa Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! Love all of those quilts!!! So much love and comfort for everyone. I didn't realize that you came from such a long history of quilting! So very special :)

quiltmania said...

What wonderful treasures!

Thanks for sharing these old treasures, it's great to see where the inspiration for today's creations comes from.

Nancy said...

Thank goodness these quilts are still with family instead of at a thrift store or auction! What treasures they are, Kelli.

I have several old family quilts, all of which are scrappy, and I love them dearly.

Of the ones you shared in this post, I especially like the flower baskets with their gorgeous bright flowers trimmed in black. It looks like all the flowers are plain fabrics and the baskets are prints. I also like the Sunbonnet Sues. It was fun to see the back of the quilt. And I love the blocks that I think modern quilters call Granny Squares(?). That 1940s green is so beautiful! Of course I like the others, too. Treasure to be cherished.

Michelle said...

Kelli so glad you are having fun visiting family. Love, love, love all the old quilts. Stay safe :-)

This post is the best one I've read in awhile! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous quilts...I wish I could collect all the gorgeous old quilts and make new homes for them when they aren't being loved. So glad these are appreciated!!

I love reading about old quilts and their stories. You are so lucky to be surrounded buy all the history and love. Thanks for sharing!

Fiona said...

so lovely to see those much loved and used family quilts...

What a great treasure of quilty memories your family has! All beautiful and obviously well loved and cared for. How fortunate!

what a stunning group of family quilts- Those ladies sure knew what they were doing- such wonderful quilts made with the littlest of scraps. Thanks for sharing..
Warmest regards,

how blessed you are to have heirloom family quiltls! i only know of one that exists because my family just weren't quilters. and my aunt has that quilt. she took it from my gma's to have it restored after she threw it in the washing machine and well, . . . you can guess what happened to it.

the wedding ring quilt! it's got to be my favorite vintage pattern. when i saw your first one i was all excited because someone was making one, but a vintage family one is great too. i have a quasi-goal of making one for each of my kids when they get married. all 7 of them! we'll see. i'm a long way off from that in my skill set. thanks so much for sharing! i'm glad someone has family quilts. =)

Wonderful stitches of your past! Love that you got to have them in your hands, I just did a post on about a family quilt that came home. If you want to peek at it

Thanks for sharing those treasures!!!!

Jody said...

You are so blessed to have these in your family--ours have disappeared :( Thanks for sharing your treasures.

Jan Baker said...

It's so wonderful to visit family and so funny how you need another week to relax when you get back.

What a lot of quilty heritage! Loving the pic of Maude :oD

Anthea said...

Kelli, this has been such a beautiful post to read! And I've enjoyed reading all the Comments too... Thanks for great pics and all the stories, what a quilt haven! You are right, even though a quilt might not be to a persons taste, it should be well-preserved anyway, for its history and place in the family x

Looks like you and the lil' guy are having a great vacation! Love all of those vintage quilts. Make sure to make a list of the makers, and any history you know of the quilts, and take a photo of each so the lil' guy will have a history when he gets older.

I love all those old quilts. A pity the log cabin was destroyed. It is so colourful. Have a nice vacation.

I love all the old family quilts. My family was blessed enough to only have one,from my great grandmother. It's a patchwork quilt made from many kinds of material, some with nylon and polyester!! (It's not my favorite quilt, surely.) I don't know how far away it is from any of your destinations, but any plans to stop at MSQC in Hamilton, MO? It's on my bucket list!

Michelle said...

Those are so pretty! I love the baskets, and the one with the light green setting squares (don't know the name of that block, but I sure like it!)

There's nothing like quilts made by your relatives. These are pretty and knowing they were made by family makes them even lovelier

Melody said...

The most gorgeous quilts in this post.

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