Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Inspiration behind Mod GeoCruiser

I've been meaning to do a post about my Make it Right Challenge entry with more photos and the inspiration behind it etc.  So this is the story..

I think it was in April when my friend Lisa, at Lisa Lisa & the Quilt Jam told me about the Make it Right Challenge using the Right Angles panel from Angela Walters' Textures line, I wasn't sure if I would enter.. I'm not such a work under pressure type person.  But the prizes were so great, I figured maybe I'd try it but only if I could come up with an idea that I loved, and if I couldn't then I just wouldn't enter.

I had a couple of ideas that I wasn't too sure about, but when I came up with this idea and drew it up on graph paper, I knew I wanted to sew it up and enter!  Even though I wasn't sure I could get it done in time.  

It took a while, and lots of work, with a trip to Quilt Market in between.. but I finished it.  I finished the top prior to leaving for Market, and quilted it the week after I got back and got it done with a couple of weeks to spare! Whew!  Imagine my surprise when I saw cruiser bikes decorating so many booths at Market!  I couldn't wait to get home and quilt it!

The name just came from the bike being very angular and geometric.

Mod GeoCruiser

The rules emphasized thinking outside of the box and finding new and different ways to use panel fabrics.  So I knew I wanted to make into something totally unexpected, something a panel might never be used for.  

I was inspired by my hub's love of cycling (he routinely goes on 25-50 mi rides) and my my own love of the beach cruiser.  I have spent my fair share of time loitering in bike shops with him, and any extra space in our garage is full of bike frames, bike parts, and other bike related things. I have learned to enjoy stopping at the bike shop "for just a minute" (while he ends up talking to the bike mechanic for an hour) by admiring all of the different beach cruisers.. different colors and patterns.. they're so fun! (In turn, he never complains about loitering in a quilt shop with me or about my stash of fabric that mysteriously keeps growing... The trade off is worth it!)

So I thought if I took one side of the panel and cut it into 2.5 in squares and reassembled them.. would make a really great pattern for a cruiser.

And every beach cruiser needs a basket with flowers in it.  This is where I used the other side of the panel with the larger squares on it.. That side became the pedals, handle bar grips, seat, and basket. Here are all of the fabrics that I used..Except I actually had to use two panels to get enough little squares for the bike and for the binding.

We were only allowed to use the panel and Pure Elements solids in our project.

I did some plaid quilting on it.. though my quilting still needs tons of practice, and I can never manage to get it basted out all smooth and tight.. still working on that.. but I think it turned out pretty good! 

I kind of love it and am so excited that it's doing well in the Challenge!  As in "way over the moon" excited.  I can picture it in so many different colors.. white background with really bright orange bike..  linen background with red pattern bike, and black polka dot tires and wild floral print for the flowers..

I heart it so much that I'm going to write it up into a pattern.

(That is my orange cruiser in the background above.) :)  This quilt is so personal it is going to stay right here and live at our house.  My son is already in love with it and was laying under it the whole time I was sewing the binding. I would totally ride this cruiser. :)

Voting is still going on, if you like the pattern and/or the completed quilt, please head over to Art Gallery Fabrics Pinterest boards by clicking HERE to vote by repinning it, and/or "liking" it.  

Also, just in case you would ever like to make your own version of the Mod GeoCruiser, keep an eye out for the pattern, and there might be some exciting news later in the summer. :)

I loved this challenge and I love that it pushed me to do something that was totally out there out of my comfort zone.  To take a panel as inspiration and my imagination and make something that's totally "me".  So much fun!!

Thanks for stopping in this weekend.. we are finally back home from our vacation and looking forward to sleeping in our own beds tonight, but we had a great time on our trip!  

Have a great rest of the weekend!  Maybe take the bike out for a cruise. :)



Carla said...

Loved it the minute I first saw it. Good job!

Cath said...

Well Done Kelli! it really is effective and I am quite taken with the plaid quilting. That must have taken you awhile to do.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

quiltmania said...

Thanks for the inspiring story. Makes me love it even more!

I really like how it turned out and the quilting is perfect for it!

Ellen said...

It is a fantastic quilt and I really loved to read about the story behind it.

Wow, what a fabulous quilt! I love how you used the panel! I just bought the panel from Angela when she spoke at our guild last week and was wondering what I could do with it! You did a GREAT job!

Michelle said...

You know I love it Kelli! Glad you made it home safely. Oh, hope you win ;)

Sue said...

Just love your Quilt !

Mara said...

Your quilt is doing so awesome in the Challenge, I am so happy for you, it really is thinking outside of the box.

Wendy said...

Your bike quilt is fantastic Kelli, you are so clever!! I love the basket and your quilting is lovely too.

I love it!

P.S. Still not sure what a cruiser is but I don't think that matters ;o)

Hennie said...

Lovely cruiser!!!
Hugs, Hennie

Very well done! Such a great job! Really like your cruiser!

Anita said...

What a great design, and the colours are really awesome.
Cheers, Anita.

Caitlin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caitlin said...

Love it and patiently waiting for the pattern to make my own.

Come on over and get your featured pic, you have been featured for this wonderful quilt post. Thanks so much for sharing your great talent!

Oh your hubby would love where I've just been on holiday - it's at the bottom of Mont Ventoux, one of the mountain stages on the Tour De France and it's heaving with cyclists trying to pretend they're in the yellow jersey :oD Mind you, I didn't see too many bikes like this going up the mountain ;o)

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