Sunday, July 7, 2013


Since the Make it Right Challenge, I've been working so hard to write Mod GeoCruiser into a pattern. (I don't know if the above photo will be the cover or not, I was just playing with it.)  And I have tons of new respect, in addition to the respect I had already, (Beth Helfter) for people who write patterns for a living!  I can't even count the hours it took, just to get it all written down and the diagrams drawn.  At times, I wondered what I'd gotten myself into!

My son even started to wonder if I'd abandoned him. Near the end, he was sticking to me like glue, making it even harder to get anything done, and telling me to stop working on the pattern. ;)  But, after I'd printed out a couple of pages to proofread, he finally jumped on board, making his own instructions. :D I kind of want to save this piece of paper forever. haha

I plan to make another Mod GeoC, to test out my pattern, and it's also off to two pattern testers, to see how it fares. I was working on it for several hours a day.. but since it's off to be tested now, I had the best carefree weekend! :D  So, someday soon it will be finished and available. Squeal!  Who would've thought!!  

I've never done anything like this before.. so it's all new to me.  Fingers crossed!

I still can't believe it won the Make it Right Challenge!!  Thank you, thank you to Art Gallery Fabrics and all of the other sponsors and to everyone who voted. Such an exciting experience.  I've even made some new blog friends through the experience.  I love making new blog friends. :)

Nedra, from Cactus Needle Quilts, and Triangles on a Roll was so sweet, she liked my quilt so much she sent me some products that will make the next one go together so much faster.  Since it has so many HSTs in it, I think this will not only make it faster but also easier and with less waste, not to mention more accurate b/c the lines are printed right there for you to sew on.  I'm all about that! I didn't even know about this product, did you?   Sometimes I think I must live under a rock.  Thanks Nedra! She even sent along a roll for 22.5 degree spikey triangles, and a ruler.  That might make a fun border.  

Also, Christa from Christa Quilts has been very encouraging.  Thanks for your support Christa!  She just got Angela Walters' complete Textures line into her online shop, including the panel. And not only does she have yardage but she also has a FQ set of these nine FQs.  They are so soft, and I love the colors.

Here's a link to her shop where you can find these yummy prints, and she's even blogging about it today.. you can read her blog post here. (and she may or may not have included a pic of my quilt--thanks Christa!!)

Aside from this and the two little baby quilts, not much else has been happening here, so I'm completely behind on the x&+ Bee, and am looking forward to making some of those blocks this week and getting caught up on that. They are fun blocks to make. Hope you have a great week, and it's not too hot where you are. (We just came off of a week of above 105F temps and now that it's in the 90's again, it almost feels downright springy compared to last week! Ugh!)  Unless you're in the southern Hemi in which case, and it feels weird to say this when it's been so hot here, I hope you're staying warm. ;)

Happy Monday!  :D


Congratulations on your so well deserved win!
A is already working on the new pattern company: Kelli&Son :)

Congrats on finishing up writing the pattern, Kelli! Glad to hear you got to take the weekend off. I love that you shared the picture where your son helped with the diagrams. That is sew sweet! Who knows? Maybe you have a future quilt designer there!


I am so so happy for you. I have seen your quilt lots of time. All that hard work has paid off. I love your sons doodle. You have come a long way.

Michelle said...

Congratulations Kelli! I guess my vote did count! LOL I can't wait to get the pattern and try my hand at some "modern" quilting ;)

It's nice to see that it was so well liked and worth all of your effort.

The artwork is definitely a keeper!

Mara said...

Love your sons drawing Step 1 Step S, I am so excited for you I bet it was really hard but so rewarding!

Sarah said...

I love your sons drawing and designing? How old is he? Very cute. Congratulations on your win.

Nedra said...

I'm working on the Cruiser pattern! And off to the quilt store to buy a few more fabrics for the handle bars and seat. So far, so good!

Woo Hoo on finishing the writing portion. I'll just not worry your little head about what comes next quite yet. :) LOVE Manly's directions. SO sweet.

Claire said...

Congratulations Kello, how very exciting to see your hard work pay off in such a way. Love tha tour son is also writing patterns, his is definitely a keeper!

So not much on then ;o)

Such a fabulous pattern!

I just adore your son's version - that's definitely a keeper. So cute!!!

Super dooper exciting news. HUGE congrats! With all that going on, it was probably lucky that you had your son around to help. ;)

Whew hew! Go Kelli! Go Kelli!

I know I'm a bit late with this - but MASSIVE congratulations Kelli - so completely well deserved. It's an amazing quilt.

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