Monday, July 1, 2013

Fireworks, a baby quilt, and nail biting!

In an effort not to chew my nails off while waiting for the winners of the Make it Right Challenge to be announced, I thought I'd write a post about our weekend.

First up, I made a baby quilt.  Nothing super fancy, just a quick and functional baby quilt, but it was super fun to make, nonetheless.  

I first read about the quilty needs of children in Papua New Guinea here on Melody's blog, while I was on vacation at my parents' house, and just finally got my act together and sewed one up!

I have had a pretty big piece of this Guatemalan fabric for a long time, and I love it.  But didn't ever know what to do with it.. I thought it might make a cute and warm quilt for a little one, so I cut off a piece of it, and used some light green gingham to back it.

The light green gingham was one of A's old crib sheets that I had saved.  I know, I'm too sentimental to get rid of some things.. but I was happy to upcycle it to back something for another sweet little baby.  Now I feel less like a hoarder and more like I did the environment a favor. ha! That's what I tell myself anyway. ;) I hope the baby who receives this will grow up to be happy, healthy and most of all, warm on chilly nights.

I had a leftover piece of cotton batting that was the perfect size, and stitched it up envelope style, and then quilted along the lines in the print.

I even made a label by printing on fabric, a first for me, since the recipients request that the quilts be labeled.

If you'd like to make one, too, go check out Melody's post, and it will direct you to the right place. :)

In other news, last night was our neighborhood fireworks show, which always happens on the Sunday before the 4th of July.  It is well documented that I have no photographic talent, but somehow my camera, all on its own, without me doing anything to the settings managed to get a couple of really great shots in complete darkness.  Thank goodness it took matters into its own hands. :)

Happy 4th of July week!!


P.S.  ACK!! I won!!! So excited!!! Thanks for voting!!  And thanks to Art Gallery for hosting the challenge!  :)  Off to work on the cruiser pattern..  So fun!


What a lovely cause Kelli. Well done you for making such a cute little quilt. I like that fabric too! Good luck with the challenge. Not long to wait now! x

what a sweet baby quilt, and a wonderful act of giving! I'm sure that it will be treasured.

btw- that second photo is completely awesome!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

CeLynn said...

It is sure to be loved and cherished! Awesome photos of the fireworks,happy 4th week to you too :)

Jenelle said...

Yay Kelli! You won. :) Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Nice quilt for a great cause. What a great way to use you crafting talents. :-)

The baby quilt looks super to me!

Lisa Lisa said...

Love the little baby quilt! And you already know how excited I am that you won! I knew you would!!! Congratulations!

Nedra said...

Congratulations!!!! I knew your pattern was a winner :)

Congratulations on your victory! You deserved it!!!
Thank you for sharing the gorgeous pictures of the fire works! The baby quilt is a hit too...
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

What a cute quilt for a great cause! And I love the first fireworks photo. That's really awesome! Congrats on the Art Gallery win too!

Barbe said...

congrats on winning the challenge, your cruiser truly is unique and personal too which makes it special.

Wendy said...

Congratulations on your win Kelli, you certainly deserved it. Your quilt is gorgeous!! xx

A great quilt that will be greatly appreciated. Congratulations!!!

Mara said...

I don't know why you were biting your nails, Of course you would win, now the surprise was me winning something, totally in shock, I mean did the judges not see all of the other awesomeness out there. Love the fireworks pictures and a lovely baby quilt, I enjoy a good up-cycling.

Congrats on the win. WooHoo!!!!!!

That's fantastic that you are sharing your memories for another one in need. I love the quilt and I love cause!

Congrats on the win! It is a lovely piece and well deserved. :)

Bailey said...

Congrats! I am looking forward to the pattern. When i was in Italy, next to the hotel was a bike with a basket leaning up against the next building. It was there everyday and it looked just like your pattern!

Sarah said...

Your firework photos look great. Lucky how we just fluke good photos some times! Now I wish I'd kept my cot sheets. I gave all mine away when I sold my cot :( What a great way of reusing them. Some of mine were flannel too.

Congrats on winning!

Your baby quilt will be a wonderful gift and I love your firework photos :)

Anthea said...

Ah that's fantastic news about your win Kelli - well done!!
The fireworks were really for you... LOL x

Remington said...

Hi Kelli....I saw you post on Rem's blog....where did you see his pic on pinterest? Strange....who would have put it on there....would love to see it....thanks! Beth

Great cause, and great use for that fabric :o) I've just finished a quilt for Siblings Together - so many charities, so little time!

Congrats on the win!

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