Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dotty Chevron Euro Shams

Hi!! (hand waving)

It's been such a busy summer so far!  Our house has been in need of lots of TLC for a long time and we're finally getting around to some of it this last week in the form of painting. Hopefully we can keep the streak alive and get a couple of other things done while we're at it! 

Remember back in January, when I found some yummy yellow and gray fabrics and a Honey Honey project sheet from Kate Spain at my fave not so LQS and started collecting yellow and gray FQs? I'm still collecting them to someday make that quilt for the end of our bed.. but in the meantime, I found some yummy yellow and gray home dec fabrics at JoAnns for half off the other day.  So cheap!!  And one of them combines chevrons AND dots!!  Win/Win!  I used that one to make up some Euro shams this weekend for our bed.  

It's a Waverly print called Trend Spotter and it even comes in other colors.  It would be such a cool quilting fabric.. Oh, and I covered a canvas (that was from a botched former project) in some batting and home dec fabric with the staple gun and hung that over the bed.. Still contemplating what to do with the other two fabrics. happy to have finally found the right color of gray paint for the walls.. it's called Hazy Stratus, and it took a while but we finally found a gray that we like.  Not too blue, not dirty looking, just light and relaxing. Gray is a tricky paint color!! This is much much better than the icky country-ish green color that we've been living with since we moved to this house six years ago! Finally.. it feels like us. Ahhh..

Anyway, to make the shams, one should probably measure (I googled the size of a Euro shame and it said 26x26) .. but I just laid the fabric over my pillow, did a rough estimate and cut a square.  


Then I layered it with batting and muslin, and quilted it along the line of the yellow dots, and then on each side of the dark gray dots in between.  It turned out to be wonky chevron quilting, and I kind of like it.. here's the back after it was done being quilted.

I washed it at that point so it would be crinkly, you can't see the quilting so much on the front, but I like the crinkly-ness.

Then I laid out some white solid, and used the front to guide my cutting for the back, WOF x width of the front.

Then I unfolded it and cut along the center fold to get the two halves of the back. Then laid them out to figure out how big of a hem I wanted to put into each side.  I did an envelope closure.  Hemmed each opening side, and then pinned them right sides together to the front and sewed them up.

The moment of truth.. turning it..

..and making sure the corners turned.. with my wooden spoon and pencil to get them all the way turned. I don't have a fancy tool for that. ;)

And it fits!! Yay!!  

I love how they turned out. And they didn't take that long to do and were super easy!  And it only took one yard of fabric to make both of them.

Chevrons + Dots = Happy! :D

Now, if I could just get my hub to agree to hanging a little chandelier over the bed. haha!

Hope you're having a stellar and relaxing weekend.. off to keep the streak alive by decluttering and cleaning some more.


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Tami C said...

Looks really cute Kelli :-)

sunny said...

Great job! And I think a chandelier would look fantastic.

Lisa Lisa said...

Very nice! Doesn't it feel good to make your house feel like YOU? Love the gray with the yellow!

Its beautiful, it sets off perfectly with the dark wood, grey walls and white bedding! Stunning!

Stephie said...

It looks so calm and relaxing I don't think I'd want to get out of bed!

Beautiful! Combine the other two fabrics with the ones you have and make a quilted bed runner to lay over the end of your bed! I'm a decorator and I approve!

Unknown said...

Wow, these are BEAUTIFUL! You did a wonderful job!

quiltmania said...

Glad you are able to put your own stamp on your house. Looks Great!

It looks amazing! Love that fabric!

Jody said...

Looks great!! Love every aspect--and a chandelier would be the frosting on the cake!

Neato! Thanks for the great tutorial, and your design looks so chic and elegant on your bed!

Anonymous said...

Super cute pillows! I love the yellow, gray, and white fabric! I'm pinning these to my pillows board! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!

KSunshine said...

I hope you get that chadelier; you deserve it. You have inspired me to make some pillow for my sofa. Thanks for the directions.

Mara said...

Totally curious have you got your swag bag from AGF yet?

Mara said...

Oh and love the pillows!

These looks fab! But as a European, I feel the need to ask - WTH is a Euro Sham?!

Vera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vera said...

Really pretty! Love the grey wall as well.

Unknown said...

VERY nice! I love this overall look, Kel.

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