Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dusting off the Cobwebs..

Now, here's the story.. all about how.. my life got flip-turned.. upside down..  are you singing the Fresh Prince theme with me? ;) This will forever be the summer that got hi-jacked by the Mod GeoCruiser.  

The pattern has gone through about three different re-writings and versions, and is finally FINALLY turned into an easy to read pattern with lots of re-drawn diagrams, from what the first draft was.  Which was more like a novel.  ha!  From 16 pages to just SIX! :D  So much easier to read and follow, and more streamlined. This pattern writing stuff is HARD!!!!

Plus, when I started, I wasn't so up to date on computer programs, or our computer wasn't up to date, I should say.  Seems like we had the oldest version of everything.. not as computer savvy as I'd imagined I was.. so I've been on a crash course with that, too!

That's why my blog (and my house..and my life in general) has been gathering cobwebs the last few weeks.

I finally tested out the pattern myself, and it went together so fast, and easy. Especially using Triangles on a Roll to make all of the hsts!  By the way, Triangles on a Roll just recently rolled out their revamped and updated website.  I loved using their product.  Each roll makes 800, too, so the roll will last for several projects.

You just pin your two six inch wide strips together.. make sure you pin right sides together..or you'll have to take it apart and repin..woops!  Pin the paper on top, and follow the arrows, cut them apart and remove the papers.. :)

You can have a whole stack of them done in no time!  It made hsts, which are kind of a chore for me, fun to make.  And they are all exactly the same size.  Plus, I think I can cut the yardage requirement for the main bike fabric almost in half b/c there's not so much waste.

This one is made out of Riley Blake's new line Gracie Girl by Kassidy and Lori Holt.  It will be available very soon I think, if not already.  When I emailed Riley Blake asking about it, Jina Barney emailed me back and asked if she could take this quilt to Fabric Fest in Las Vegas in September to be in the Quilt Fashion Show. WHAT??  Someone pinch me!!!! Um.. SURE!  So this one was a little stressful to make.  I still wonder if I've made the right fabric choices, she was so nice and sent me the ones I wanted to make the quilt out of. I hope she will like it and still want to take it to LV.  And I hope my points match well enough, and it turns out cute and not hideous, and oh my goodness.. I can't believe it!

At first I thought, oh no.. maybe the gray numbers and pink numbers together have made it too busy, but it's kind of grown on me, and I love the cheery pink.  Then I thought, oh no, the white background is such a big swath of white, if I make the outer borders out of white too, that will be a TON of white..  so I've decided to border it with the green on the bottom and the bright pink around the side and top edges to kind of frame it out.  

I love all of the Gracie Girl prints, but most especially the clocks.  I think the clocks are going to be the backing of this one. These are just a few of the prints, there are three different colorways and additional prints.

So .. that's why I've been MIA and neglecting practically everything in my life lately..  But very SOON this pattern will be all done, available for download on Craftsy or Etsy, or also on the Triangles on a Roll website (I'm going to print out some paper ones too), school will be starting up again (A will be going all day this year) and I won't know what to do with myself!  I'm sure I'll be able to find something (sewing..) :)  And hopefully one day soon I'll catch up with my bee blocks.. I'm so far behind..  But then.. maybe I should do some laundry first.. :(  

OH, and I wanted to share Winter Creek Cloth's August news.. you can find it in their most recent newsletter but here's a bit of it.. They are participating in the Fab Shop Hop for August. You can read about it and find the link below.. Head over there if you feel like shopping or checking out their new Precuts section, where they will have custom bundled precuts.  Fun!

SALE, SALE, SALE!!! August 19-23! Mark your calendars or follow us on facebook or Instagram for a reminder. We will be participating in the Fab Shop August BLOWOUT SALE which means great prices on lots of new markdowns so be sure to come by and check out the SALE section between August 19th and 23rd. We will announce daily deals on our facebook page every day that week AND for our wonderful newsletter readers we have an additional goodie, enter the coupon code AUGSALE at checkout for an additional 10% off all sale items all week long! AUGUST 19-23 BLOWOUT SALE!!!
The Fab Shop Hop begins today, August 1. If you don't know what a Shop Hop is, it is an awesome event sponsored by the Fab Shop designed for you to hop around from shop to shop discovering new shops by finding a hidden bunny on each website. There are lots of great prizes to be won for finding bunnies. Go to for details and to sign up and begin hopping. Be sure to come by and find our bunny hiding in the new arrivals.


Congratulations on your pattern making achievement--it is a fantastic design.

Nedra said...

you know that I personally have been very grateful that you have paid so much attention to Mod GeoC :) It looks wonderful in Lori's fabrics, too.

Lisa Lisa said...

Kelli Q! You know I already LOVE your latest version of the Mod Geo Cruiser! I can't wait to make my own :) Super excited for you!

How exciting for you! You will be scooting on up in the quilt world with this one! Congrats!

Unknown said...

You ROCK!! I just love what you are doing! I couldn't be prouder. B-)

YAY!! It looks amazing. Great to hear that the pattern tweaks have been going well. AND... the Triangles on a Roll stuff looks awesome.

Maria said...

WOW what GREAT pattern. congrates on writing a tut.

Sew excited to hear that you are almost ready for the big reveal of the pattern! Your redo of this quilt top is beautiful... I love the pink and gray together! Thanks for sharing all the news. Good luck with the laundry!

Nice job on this version - such a fun fabric combination!

Wow! What an amazing design! Congratulations on an awesome pattern!

Michelle said...

Congratulations, that is wonderful! That bike looks fantastic! :-)

WTG Kelli! You persevered and got your pattern done! Congratulations...such a cute pattern too.........

Congrats, I'm sure it will love its holiday :o)

I wish my pattern even got down to 16, mine started at 80 odd (on Word, with large pics) and I've got it down to 30 in In Design...

CeLynn said...

Awesome job on the Geo Cruiser Kelli,I can't wait to see it in person ;)

What a lovely unique quilt!! I'll be sharing this one.

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