Saturday, August 10, 2013

We have a loose tooth in the house!!

Remember a few months ago, several maybe..time sure flies.. when I let my freak flag fly and made the ugliest money-puking tooth fairy monster ever for my little boy? (Proof that I should never try to make a stuffed animal without a pattern, or at least a plan. ha! I should def. stick to quilting!)

Complete with a black eye? (using some of my late grandmother's buttons from her button jar..)

Inspired by this book?

I thought it deserved another post in celebration.. b/c we have a loose tooth in the house!  I was starting to wonder when it would finally happen, since many of his KG classmates last year had lost several teeth already.  Yet when he walked up to me in the kitchen and quietly said, "Mom, I didn't tell you when we were upstairs.. but.. I have a loose tooth," I kind of felt emotional.  Much the same as when I discovered he had cut his first tooth at 6 mo. old.  On Easter Sunday. I remember it vividly. Yay!..wait..what's that lump in my throat? Sniff, sniff. 

(the tooth there on the left..the first one to come in..will be the first one to come out..)

Don't get me wrong, I was super excited for him, it's a big milestone after all, and I gave him a kiss.. but as soon as I kissed him, I had the unexpected urge to turn around and cry a little.  Very soon he'll have big, giant slightly-too-big-for-his-face-big-boy-teeth, meaning he's officially a "big boy". Time just flies by so fast, and this whole motherhood thing is full of one bittersweet moment after another it seems... Mixed with lots of laugh out loud moments of course.

I had to laugh when I found this photo.. I had forgotten about his note that he wrote to stick in its mouth asking for WAY too much tooth fairy money.  He was asking me the other day where the paper was that he put in the monster's mouth.. and I had forgotten all about that!

Honestly, it looks like a little kid made it.. to be in a horror film.. not my best "wingin' it" work. Quilting..I should stick to quilting..haha

He told me tonight when I was reading to him that he wanted to use the monster for all of his teeth that he loses. He loves it.  *swoon* We'll see if he still wants to use the monster when he finds out it doesn't puke $100 bills. haha

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and wipe a tear from the corner of my eye.. I might just be a blubbering mess when the tooth actually falls OUT!  ;)




Well, you know, if you don't ask, you don't get, and the tooth fairy might have connections ;o)

Sweet story, Kelli! I think your monster, er I mean, tooth fairy is charming! Congrats on being the mother of a "big boy now". Thanks for sharing! I especially enjoyed the note. Not only because of the '2 $100', but because of the printing style. I remember those days!

I am right there with you! My little guy lost his first tooth a month or two back and I'm still a bit sad about it - especially now his top front teeth are wobbly. It is very bittersweet as they grow up!

Love your kidlet's note - too funny!!!

Carla said...

I think your wee monster is kind of cute : ) If your son loves it--mission accomplished.

Kelli - I FREAKING LOVE THIS! Omg, I have to make a little mouthy monster when my daughters teeth start falling out.!

quiltmania said...

Awww, what a sweet story. Enjoy all the precious moments with your son, before he is to "big" to share them with you.

Mara said...

So sweet, 2 $100 bills, lol, my son found where I kept his lost teeth and he requested that more money be put under his pillow, since he found his teeth again, kids, they sure learn the power of money fast.

Include some Monopoly money. They have $100 bills (the only kind I can afford to keep around). Just wait till your first one graduates COLLEGE! Oh my, they grow up FAST!!!! He lost a tooth while waiting in line to get into a Chinese buffet restaurant. It didn't slow his appetite down any.

Aahhh you've got me choked up! Don't they just grow too fast?!

I love the subtitle of that book. I'd have bought it just for that.

G still has yet to lose a tooth as well, and she is starting to be distressed about it. As the whole loose teeth and gapey smiles thing kind of skeeves me out, I am totally fine with her keeping the baby teeth for forever. The older two have learned to not even tell me they lost a tooth at this point.

Hope the TF is good to him - but probably she won't live up to those expectations!

I totally get sentimental and choked up like that over the same things! Your monster is adorable. :)

I still think you should market the tooth monster! I like the way your little guy things.....are his teeth made of pearls????

Jane said...

I want a Tooth Monster Fairy! He is amazing! Of course, your little man loves him!

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