Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall is in the air..and so is a makeover. :)

You may have already seen a couple of pictures from this post on Instagram if you follow me over there.  (I'm newbie "Instagrammer".. so sporadic and always forgetting to hashtag things..hehe)  But anyway, every now and then I get the urge to spray paint something.  So a few days ago, I decided I needed a spray paint fix. (I say this all the time, God bless the man who came up with the brilliant idea to put paint in a pressurized can!)

We had this little bench in our backyard, off to the side, wasting away.. it's really not sturdy enough to sit on, and has seen better days for sure.. I started thinking that paint might turn it all around.


I've also had the urge to plant lately, too.. And figured the two projects could work together for the good of our front porch.

Some washing, sanding, an entire can of primer, and two cans of black paint later..


Our front door is black, which is why I chose black, I guess.  I'm so happy with how it turned out. It now has a new life and is no longer destined to rot in the far corner of our backyard.

Still working on the punctuation quilt for my nephew..

And started playing with some other fabrics that have been hanging around forever, sewing up another sketch I had drawn out on graph paper.  I love graph paper, too.  Not quite as much as spray paint, but almost. ;)  And ric-rac.. love ric-rac. And fussy cut robots.

Or robots in general.. esp. this one on my son's pencil.

 So far, the fussy cut robot is the only one that's made an appearance in this project, but lots of dots are in the mix. Dots. Will always love dots. :)

My pattern copies finally came, so spent some time folding up some and packaging some of them to send out.. So fun!

All ready to go..

But had to stop by the Lego air show before heading to the post office..  the Lego air show that has now moved into and taken over the living room.

Some day I will miss the days when toys have taken over the front room, so I'm trying to stay relaxed about it..even though my inlaws are coming to visit in two days!  He is very busy having a childhood and using his imagination so for now, I will just walk around the Legos (or step on them by accident--grr!) and savor it. :)

Oh, and Buster has been shedding like crazy!  Look at this bucket o' Buster hair! 

Such a sweet big hairy beast.  The other day he walked along with us while we walked A. to school, and a little girl who is about a year and a half saw him and pointed and said, "horse!" haha  Ahh, he loves a good brushing!

Well, that is what life has been like lately, just about every day. 

Gonna link up with Really Random Thursday.  Hope everyone's week is sailing along smoothly!



Hmm, some of this post makes me think you inhaled a bit too much of those paint fumes ;o) The projects are all looking great though, and congrats on the patterns arriving!

Black looks terrific on the bench with the grey pots. I love spray painting things too! Have a happy Friday!

GG said...

Really nice job on your bench/ plant stand.

java diva said...

LOL "horse!" OMG so cute! Thanks for sharing that! And every time I leave a comment I'm going to remind you to watch Arrested Development to see why I love "Buster" so much! ;)

Ha ha- I step on Legos all the time. Ouch! (The bench looks great)

Great job on the bench, Kelli! And the fussy cut robot.... C-U-T-E! Yes, enjoy the lego land living room while it lasts. And savor it! Our living room sure got ploughed a lot, back in the day. Guess the carpet had just the right acidity level to grow some really great crops of corn!

jen said...

Lol! A bucket o' Buster hair! That is great!
Love the bench!

tahoe34 said...

Love the bike quilt and immediately went to Craftsy to purchase it! My son is almost 23 and I still find air shows in the living room when he comes home to visit from college. They never outgrow the Lego thing, and I love every minute of it. When I see him assembling one today, it takes me right back to watching him when he was a little boy. Enjoy every minute of it!

Buster is such a good pup, no matter how much he sheds! Dolly sends hugs.

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