Friday, September 6, 2013

Finally Finally FINALLY done!!!

I know, I keep blogging about this quilt and pattern.... but the pattern is DONE!!! All the way finally done!  I finished it a few nights ago, and published it on Craftsy, and was waiting to blog about it on the same day as my two friends who are finishing up making theirs (they tested the pattern for me) but I'm dying to share it with you now. So.. I might be sharing their quilts with you in a few days.. They are each so different and unique.  That's what is so fun about this pattern.  It can be made in so many fun color/fabric combos.  As a teaser, Nedra's is all solids, and Lisa's is being made out of Madhuri. :) Here is the pattern cover.

So many fun things have happened b/c of this quilt!  The cover quilt is out of Gracie Girl, and b/c of that, Riley Blake is taking it to Fabric Fest next week! Eek. 
Is anyone going?  I wish I could go!  Also, Jina Barney from Riley Blake asked if she could hang onto the quilt until Houston Market so they can have it in their booth. WHAT?  Someone pinch me please! 

It will also be on the Triangles on a Roll website, which is also where I got the great HST papers that I used, and if everything goes as planned, the Riley Blake website!  ???  Okay, really.. pinch me.  I just drew a sketch on some graph paper hoping to win a prize in the Make it Right Challenge, that's all I ever thought.. and maybe I might put it on Craftsy and be over the moon if someone else made one.  So this is all kind of unbelievable to me! But so exciting!

For now, the pattern is available on Craftsy and can be downloaded as a PDF.  I will put some paper ones on Etsy when I get them.  It has seven diagrams, and easy to follow bullet points after each diagram.  And once the cutting is done, it goes together like a puzzle.  It's so fun to watch it come together. :)  Here's a pic of the pattern cover in progress.. it took a really long time.

But I'm really happy with the finished pattern. You'd never know it started as a 20 bazillion page novel that would have put even the most avid quilter to sleep.  Beth was proof reading it for me, when she sent me back a note that said, "this step is more like a commencement speech, needs to be condensed." hahaha!  I love her. She really is not one to mince words.  Nedra also helped me a TON with proof reading.  I couldn't have done it without them!

Pat Roche quilted it, (because nothing I machine quilt would be worthy of hanging in a booth anywhere-lol) and it turned out soo good.  She quilted wavy lines in the background behind the bike so it looks like it's moving. And flowers for the spokes of the wheels. 

And lots of different patterns in the negative space.  And around the flowers in the basket, she quilted floral patterns.  I love it!  

I wish I had gotten some more pics of the quilting in the negative space at the top of the quilt, but this is it for pics of the quilting.  I was in a bit of a rush.. Pat overnighted the quilt back to me, and I put on the binding, took a few pics outside, and then overnighted it to Riley Blake so it would make it there in time to go to Fabric Fest.  It was a little stressful.

Thank goodness for friends who showed up on a moment's notice at the park to help hold it up in hopes of getting a decent photo for the cover.  (She also brought her hubby to help!) :)  In the end, so the sun wouldn't make shadows on it, they just stood up on a picnic table. :) The playground was pretty shady, and I liked the one with the bright colors in the sun, and the blue sky above.  

If you give the pattern a go, I hope you will send me a pic of your version. :)

I have one more graph paper drawing that I drew out on the same day as I drew out the bike when I was trying to come up with a Make it Right Challenge design.. I think I'm going to try making that quilt next. :)

Thanks for reading along! Feels so good to have a Friday Finish! Happy Weekend!! :D  



Well, that is very very cute! Can't wait to see the other versions.

Elizabeth said...

The colors! The quilting! The bike design! All fabulous!

Glad you got it all wrapped up! I soooo want the Madhuri one to have elephants in the basket... :oD

CeLynn said...

Go You,Kelli! Congratulations on a awesome down to the wire quilt finish! Can hardly wait to see it up close and personal at FF,eek!

Congrats Kelli. That is so super cool! Very fun quilt - and so different too - love it!

RobinSue said...

That's amazing! I would be thrilled to receive such a wonderful quilt. Congrats on all the wonderful things that are happening related to this beautiful quilt!

sunny said...

And I can say "I knew her back when she was just starting out" and now she's famous!!!!!! Congrats on everything!

Raewyn said...

hehe, I'm with Sunny :-) Gorgeous pattern - congratulations!! And yes, I love the quilting too. Looking forward to seeing the other versions as well.

Oh My this is a darling quilt - LOVE it!!! Will go perfectly with my new bike. DROOL
Love Leanne

I love love LOVE this pattern!

quiltmania said...

How Exciting! I will look for it in Houston, I can hardly wait to see it in person.

Lisa Lisa said...

I'm so excited to be part of this!!! My Madhuri version doesn't have elephants in the basket, but it's still pretty awesome....because it's Madhuri! :D I'm so very happy for you, but you already know that :)

Congratulations! I am proud of you, Kelli! Love the quilting. It is amazing! My fav part is the flowers around the basket. Looking forward to seeing your next project, too!

Carla said...

Congrats on your success! How wonderful and fun for you.

Susan said...

Congrats Kelli, wow and to say I have swapped with you. lol It is a very cool pattern.

Congrats on your first awesome pattern!!

Amazing work! Love your beautiful quilting!Thanks so much for sharing! Would love to have you visit my blog sometime.
Have a fabulous weekend!
Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

Anthea said...

Hi Kelli! Congratulations on your quilt design, it's really gorgeous, and yes yours has been quilted so well, I love the flowers in the basket... Well Done!

Great pattern, I will add it to my wish list :)

You SHOULD be excited about all the wonderful things that are happening to/and because of this quilt. Well deserved. Enjoy it, then, start a new project.

Great story about how the quilt came to be! And it's pretty cool in your park pictures. I actually am at Fabric Fest so I will keep an eye out for it!!!

Jeneta said...

It's fantastic! I love all four versions from you, Lisa and Nedra. Well done - I can only imagine how busy (and stressful!) it was getting it done, but I can imagine the wonderful feeling of having brought so much quilty happiness to so many people!

I love this and I do enjoy a well written commencement speech as well! Grabbing your pattern now! :)

So happy for you Kelli! What an exciting adventure. It really is a fabulous quilt. Such an accomplishment! Congrats, you deserve it:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your success. The quilt is fabulous....just love it. Thanks for sharing stopping by from Stitch by Stitch. Marie (

Amanda said...

Love love love this! Oh my goodness! Love! Seriously, a bicycle quilt. I have to make this.
And the floral quilting by the basket is great.

Kelli this is really awesome! I love the fabric you choose and the design is I've the top! You did a fantastic job. Congratulations on all the Riley Blake kudos, etc. how very exciting for you!

Karen on Keuka

Vikki B said...

What a fantastic quilt! I am going to have to add the pattern to my Craftsy list and make one of these! Congrats on having it shown in the Riley Blake booth.

This is so fabulous Kelli! Isn't it amazing how sometimes everything falls into place. Congratulations on all of the accolades. You and this quilt deserve it!

I'm so glad you shared at Needle and Thread Thursday!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

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